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Everyday Qigong Practice

by Richard Bertschinger & Harriet E J Lewars

This useful handbook teaches simple Qigong exercises that can be easily practised in the home every day. It offers guidance for introductory exercises that are easy to learn and very effective, including Early...

The Reiki Magic Guide to Self-Attunement

by Brett Bevell

Reiki tradition dictates that you must be initiated-or attuned-by a Reiki master before properly practicing this healing art of energy flow. Now, in this revolutionary guide, Reiki Master Brett Bevell breaks...

The Mothman Prophecies

by John A. Keel

West Virginia, 1966. For thirteen months the town of Point Pleasant is gripped by a real-life nightmare that culminates in a strategy that makes headlines around the world. Strange occurrences and sightings,...

Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide to Living a Fully Engaged Life

by Robert Bessler

We are currently living in one of the greatest times of human growth, potential and change. "Expansion Mastery" is designed to offer a way for people to reawaken to the vastness of their potential and to live...

The Thought That Changed My Life Forever: How One Inspiration Can Unleash Your True Potential and Transform the World

by Christian Guenette & Gillian L Roberts

"The Thought That Changed My Life Forever" is an inspirational gem highlighting the art and science of changing your mind, with a unique approach that will please both science and spirituality enthusiasts alike!...

Imperfect Forgiveness: The Miracle of Releasing Hurt Bit By Bit

by Alice Wheaton

The goal of life is to be happy and it is difficult to experience joy and happiness if our spirit is compromised with anger and resentment. There are four kinds of forgiveness and when you are accomplished with...

Your Spiritual Power: A Collection of Inspirational Writings

by Ernest Holmes

Ernest Holmes, well known for founding the Church of Religious Science (now called “Centers for Spiritual Living”) and for his magnum opus The Science of Mind, published many smaller papers and treatises...

Discover How to Control Ideas, Decisions and Affirmations

by Perry Ritthaler

This e-book is full of beautiful color illustrations of animals and landscapes. "Discover How to Control Ideas, Decisions and Affirmations" is a training manual which can help you move your life in a steadily...

Let's Make Fun of the French

by Andrews McMeel Publishing LLC

Comically satirical, this book pricks and nicks the customs, mores, and traditions of French culture that makes the French, well, the French (not to mention easy to mock). If you find the je ne sais quoi of...

The Ox is Slow but the Earth is Patient

by Mick Malthouse & David Buttifant

The two men responsible for Collingwood's recent success dig to the core of what success - in sport and life in general - is all about in an inspirational book that transcends Australian Football.

The Little Book of Everyday Miracles

by Sharon Snir

The perfect book for anyone wanting to experience or share a little of life's magic

Double Your Mind Power: Improve Concentration and Confidence With Power Within You

by Michelle Steven

Everybody wants to be successful. We all want to be the person that gets noticed, and goes through life being strong and confident, no matter what comes their way.

This book will help you improve your way of...

Come Walk With Me I Have So Much To Tell You

by Wade Yarchan

A follow up to Life Lessons The Journey.

Come Walk With Me is about living life to the fullest. Without regrets. Never taking negative emotions from one relationship to the next.

This book is filled with quotes,...

The Therapist's Notebook for Integrating Spirituality in Counseling I: Homework, Handouts, and Activities for Use in Psychotherapy

by Karen B. Helmeke & Catherine Ford Sori

Learn to initiate the integration of your clients' spirituality as an effective practical intervention.

A client's spiritual and religious beliefs can be an effective springboard for productive therapy. How...

The Psychiatry of Stroke

by D. Peter Birkett

Treating stroke requires attention not only to patients' physical needs, but to their psychiatric needs as well. Unfortunately, there has been a considerable lack of literature that tackles this important facet...

Sunrise Meditations

by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

 ‘There are spiritual foods just as there are material foods; in the same way that you eat bread and drink water each day to feed your physical body, you must nourish yourself with the sun – its warmth,...

Cosmic Balance

by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

 On September 23rd, the Sun enters the sign of Libra (Scales or Balance), and this is the autumn equinox. After the ascending phase, from Aries to Virgo, comes the descending phase, from Libra to Pisces. Libra...

Book by Book

by Michael Dirda

A Pulitzer Prize–winning critic’s often surprising meditation on those places where life and books intersect and what might be learned from both

Once out of school, most of us read for pleasure.Yet there...

What Are You Hungry For?

by Lynn Ginsburg & Mary Taylor

Women have many secrets. But a woman's secret relationship with food and her body can overshadow other aspects of her life, filling her with obsession, shame and fear. Many women waste countless years focusing...

In the Devil's Snare: The Salem Witchcraft Crisis of 1692

by Mary Beth Norton

Award-winning historian Mary Beth Norton reexamines the Salem witch trials in this startlingly original, meticulously researched, and utterly riveting study.

In 1692 the people of Massachusetts were living in...