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Beyond The Obvious

by Christine Page

Intuition is our wise, compassionate friend who helps us to clarify decisions, to avoid unpleasant situations and to access the deeper levels of awareness. But beyond this, the intuition awakens us to ourselves,...

60 Ways To Change Your Life

by Lynda Field

This little book will inspire you to embrace change and face life with a positive attitude. It will help you take control of your destiny and change your life for the better - forever.

The Little Book Of Woman Power

by Lynda Field

Woman Power is about taking a little time to focus on you; it is about feeling sexy and clever, sensitive and strong.

Whether you are a busy mother, a career woman, or both, Woman Power will help you succeed...

60 Ways To Feel Amazing

by Lynda Field

Life is a precious gift, miraculous and amazing but we are not always able to appreciate this miracle fully. When we face obstacles and difficulties our lives can become such a struggle that we lose touch with...

The Wheel Of The Wiccan Year

by Gail Duff

Thousands more people today are discovering how the nature-based beliefs of Wicca can help them to connect with the natural world and with a sense of their spiritual heritage. The eight Wiccan festivals mark...

Salutation To The Sun

by Rita Beintema

The Salutation to the Sun dates back to Vedic times and is therefore three to six thousand years old; although the exact date remains unknown. In ancient India yoga exercises, breathing techniques and body contol...

The Pendulum Book

by Jack F Chandu

The science of using a pendulum or a divining road, also known as dowsing, consists of obtaining information from or through the subconscious, by subconsciously making a pendulum or divining rod move. From finding...

Seeing The Wider Picture

by Charlotte Parnell

Meditation is often seen by those who do not practise it as something mysterious, something foreign, even something 'hippy', yet many of us have experienced a meditative state without even realising it.


The Complete Guide To The Kabbalah

by Will Parfitt

The Kabbalah is a practical system for understanding ourselves and our relationship with the world. At the heart of the Western Mystery Tradition, it is based upon a 'map' called the Tree of Life.

The Complete...

Intuition And Beyond

by Sharon Klinger

Would you like to create more abundance in your life and experience financial freedom? Have better success in choosing the right business and personal relationships? Reach a higher expression of your creativity...

Radionics & The Subtle Anatomy Of Man

by David V Tansley

Radionics is defined as a method of diagnosis and therapy which is primarily concerned with the utilization of subtle force fields and energies, for the purpose of investigating and combating the causes of disease...

Teen Angel

by Glennyce S. Eckersley

There is clearly a growing interest among teenagers in all things magical and difficult to explain. The theme of good and evil is prominent, as is the need to feel a being of some kind is watching out for you...


by Jeff Mayo

Here is a book for beginners wanting simple instructions on how to interpret a chart, as well as for old hands seeking fresh perspectives, it offers a unique system of self-discovery.

Traditionally, astrological...


by Mary-Alice Jafolla & Richard Jafolla

Here is a book for people at the very end of their tethers and desperate. From positive thinking to positive prayer, they feel they have tried everything yet remain tortured by a situation which has resisted...

The Future Of Buddhism

by Sogyal Rinpoche

In this fascinating collection of articles, Sogyal Rinpoche, author of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, draws on his experience of twenty-five years of teaching in the West. In The Future of Buddhism, he...

A Handbook Of Angels

by H C Moolenburgh

In 1981 a sermon was given in Leiden in which the minister called angels, 'a forgotten group'. This book is an attempt to recall a forgotten group into the memory of everyone.

We read so much these days about...

Saved By The Angels

by Glennyce S. Eckersley

Saved by the Angels gives warm and uplifting true stories of the extraordinary things that can happen to people (or their friends and relatives) if they have a near-death experience. This might include seeing...

Vaccination And Immunisation

by Leon Chaitow

Vaccinations and immunisation procedures as safe and effective as we are told. They offer some protection, but far less that is generally supposed, and at a cost in terms of short and long term hazards. In this...

We Are One Another

by Arthur Guirdham

This book describes how a group of people, who had lived and suffered together in the 13th century, re-assembled in the 20th century in a limited area in the west of England.

Independently of each other these...

Ladder To The Moon

by Allegra Taylor

In many parts of the world there is a gathering groundswell of women seeking to reclaim their own direct experience of spiritual vision. The Goddess has become one of the most potent images of our time. Women...