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The Discovery That Brings You to What You Want!

by Christopher Alan Anderson

In this article, the author makes the distinction between what we want coming to us as to us moving towards what we want. He also articulates that center/source point from which we can and must move forward...

Homosexuality Is Not a Sexuality

by Christopher Alan Anderson

In this article, the author defines sexuality (as that procreant relationship between a man and a woman) and, in so doing, finds that many of our ideologies, including homosexuality, are not sexed in their nature....

Men and Women of the Universe, Unite!

by Christopher Alan Anderson

In this take off from the Workers of the World, Unite!, a la Marx and Engels (The Communist Manifesto), the author looks at what that saying would be given the metaphysical reality of man and woman balance....

The Monetary/Socialist Complex

by Christopher Alan Anderson

In this article, the author expounds upon the monetary/socialist complex using the great writing "Money" The Greatest Hoax on Earth by Merrill M.E. Jenkins Sr., 1971. Author Bio: Christopher Alan Anderson (1950...

Commentary on Dante's the Divine Comedy, Paradiso, Canto XXXIII

by Christopher Alan Anderson

The author looks at Dante's The Divine Comedy, especially the spiritual/eternal connection he holds in his heart with Beatrice. Author Bio: Christopher Alan Anderson (1950 - ) received the basis of his education...

The Cosmogony of Eternal Design

by Christopher Alan Anderson

This article arose out of the debate between Intelligent Design and Evolution. The author suggests an eternal design/order that is procreant in its nature and simply is what it is. Author Bio: Christopher Alan...

Proposition 8: The Marriage Amendment

by Christopher Alan Anderson

The author's discourse and analysis of California's Proposition 8: The Marriage Amendment. In this article, the author suggests that marriage is actually a spiritual/metaphysical embodiment that both sides of...

Freedom from Depression

by Christopher Alan Anderson

Depression may be the scourge of our times. It eats away at us from the inside. It is relentless. What can one do? This is the question the author addresses in this article, suggesting that there is hope for...

'My' Peace 'i' Give Unto You

by Christopher Alan Anderson

What is this peace that can be given unto us? In a world that seemingly is at war within itself, if we could just find peace, i.e., spiritual peace. But that may demand we enter a deeper placement within ourselves,...

Spiritual Healing Through Eternal Life

by Christopher Alan Anderson

Spiritual healing is the healing of one's eternal soul. In this article, the author expresses how spiritual healing comes about, that is to say, what is the basis that makes for its realization? Author Bio:...

Spiritual Procreation: Faith Is the Substance

by Christopher Alan Anderson

What is the actual basis of faith? Must not it be that which is real to life? In this article, the author suggests that real (eternal) faith is not and cannot be separated from the life process itself. Author...

Our Love Is Eternal Love

by Christopher Alan Anderson

Love bridges the chasm" as it has been said. In this article, the author looks at procreant love (between a man and a woman) as the one and only love that bridges the chasm between temporal and eternal, and,...

Purity: The Reconfiguration of Our Souls

by Christopher Alan Anderson

In this article, the author looks at the necessity of purity for the reconfiguration of one's soul. The author is suggesting that illumination, in whatever its form, does not, and can not, arise from that which...

The Spiritual Components in the Lives of Men and Women

by Christopher Alan Anderson

Oftentimes, when people hear about the idea of man and woman balance they think of either the physical/sexual domain or the economic/political domain. But what about the spiritual? What are the spiritual natures...

The Romantic and Teleological Nature of the Universe

by Christopher Alan Anderson

What if the teleological (purposive) nature of the universe was romantic? In this article the author discusses this exact issue and its implications on our understanding and experience of love. Author Bio: Christopher...

Encounters with Babaji: Master of the Himalayas

by Renata Caddy

Related with simplicity and sincerity, the anecdotes in this firsthand account detail author Renata Caddy's experiences with Babaji, an eternal being and figure in Indian spirituality. Through personal stories...

Everyday Magic: Discover Your Natural Powers of Intuition

by Vivianne Crowley

Vivianne Crowley presents an accessible introduction to magic in the modern world, exploring how you can integrate magic into your everyday life. Vivianne shows that contemporary self-help methods are rooted...

Your Dark Side: How to Turn Your Inner Negativity Into Positive Energy

by Vivianne Crowley

Everyone can present themselves as kind, decent and good-natured people to the world, but beneath the surface there is a dark side in everyone. This emerges when we least expect it, and releases our shameful...

Moon Lore

by Reverand Timothy Harley

Divided into four parts, Reverand Timothy Harley investigates Moon spots: 'it is mythological and mirthsome', Moon Worship: 'to show that anthropomorphism and sexuality have been the principle factors in that...

The Book of Witches

by Oliver Madox Hueffer

The Book of Witches is not an 'exhaustive treatise on witches and witchcraft' but rather 'a picture from which a general impression may be gained'. Oliver Madox Hueffer shows where witches have comes from and...