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A Heart of Stillness: A Complete Guide to Learning the Art of Meditation

by David A. Cooper

A comprehensive, nonsectarian guidebook to the basic principles and practices of meditation. By showing the way to what mystics have experienced for thousands of years, David Cooper's accessible, clear advice...

Seduction by the Stars: An Astrologcal Guide To Love, Lust, And Intimate Relationships

by Geraldine Rose & Ren Lexander

Offers suggestions for individuals to make themselves irresistible to any of the twelve sun signs.

Saving the White Lions: One Woman's Battle for Africa's Most Sacred Animal

by Linda Tucker & Andrew Harvey

In this captivating, suspenseful memoir, white lion conservationist Linda Tucker describes her perilous struggle to protect the sacred white lion from the merciless and mafia-like trophy-hunting industry, armed...

The Group

by Rebecca Carswell & Mirja Heide

Manifesting is a highly popular topic and it has been explored in numerous books. This is the first book to look at the power of 'group manifesting.' Four unique authors combine their individuality to create...

The New Generation Witches: Teenage Witchcraft in Contemporary Culture

by Hannah E. Johnston & Peg Aloi

The New Generation Witches is the first published anthology to investigate the recent rise of the teenage Witchcraft phenomenon in both Britain and North America. Scholars from Theology, Cultural Studies, Sociology,...

Shaman in Disguise

by Wendy Taylor

Extraordinary true story of a woman living the ultimate life style who wakes up one morning to find she can see into the future, she is also aware of dramatic events happening simultaneously miles away. For...

Shadows In The Night: Memoirs Of A Ghost

by Diana Jarvis

A compelling witty and thought provoking exposé of real life ghost hunts by a seasoned investigative medium.

Crystal Healing for Animals

by Martin Scott & Gael Mariani

Discover how the healing power of crystals can be used to enhance the wellbeing and happiness of the animals in your care

Take a guided tour of thirty of the most commonly used and effective healing crystal and...

Seventy Thousand Veils: The Miracle Of

by Claire Porter

Seventy Thousand Veils is an in depth guide to the topic of universal energy and helps readers forge a more meaningful connection with the world. It sheds light on dowsing, crop circles, ley lines, holy relics,...

Every Little Thing Matters

by Stephen Oakes

Stephen Oakes has been studying and helping others with Energy Work for many years. He came to realise that despite the sophistication of our modern world there is little practical knowledge about the workings...

Benevolent Virus

by Frances O'Brien

How do you live once you know what it's like to die? Fictional tale based on near death experiences.

Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth

by Thich Nhat Hanh, Joanna Macy & Wendell Berry

Showing the deep connection between our present ecological crisis and our lack of awareness of the sacred nature of creation, this series of essays from spiritual and environmental leaders around the world shows...

Foal and the Angels

by Foal

Foal and the Angels is about a journey to understand the great wisdom hidden behind life. Through a series of dreams and insightful messages that provide Foal with some pretty intensive lessons, the mystery...

By Example:  Twelve Personal Missions That Will Maximize Your Human Potential

by Travis Slone & Hugh Anstett

The great Seneca once warned, "If we do not to which port we are sailing, no wind will be favorable to us." This wise quote speaks to the importance of developing purpose, direction, and motivation not from...

A Glimpse of Light: The Basics of the Wisdom of Kabbalah

by Michael Laitman

A Glimpse of Light offers contemplations from the ocean of wisdom contained in the wisdom of Kabbalah, touching upon topics such as pleasure, ego, love, men and women, education, Nature, The Book of Zohar, and...

The Power of I Will

by C W Eddy

There once was a time in the history of mankind when knowledge was passed on by pictures or by oral tradition. There have been periods when the common man was kept away from truth and enlightenment by cultural...

My Story to Yours: A Guided Memoir for Writing Your Recovery Journey

by Karen Casey

Reflecting on and telling our stories is a time-honored tradition in recovery circles--whether in silent meditation, speaking out at meetings, or between sponsors and their sponsees. Recounting our experience...

Ghosthunting Virginia

by Michael J. Varhola

Virginia and the District of Columbia are fertile ground for serious and casual ghosthunters alike and have no shortage of venues for paranormal investigation — if visitors know where to look. Author Michael...

Mindfulness and Meditation for Dummies, Two eBook Bundle with Bonus Mini eBook: Mindfulness for Dummies, Meditation for Dummies, and 50 Ways to a Bett

by Shamash Alidina

Two complete eBooks for one low price AND a bonus mini edition! Created and compiled by the publisher, this bundle brings together two enlightening titles and a bonus “mini” edition of 50 Ways to a Better...

Dreaming Down Heaven

by Gini Gentry

Dreaming Down Heaven mixes magic with wisdom and a perfect pinch of humor to serve up the reluctant spiritual quest of Gigi Lenox-a once together woman in major crisis. Imagine Carrie Bradshaw meets Carlos Castaneda...