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The Song of Life Healing Matrix

by Kim Michaels

Every day we experience situations where we are exposed to uncertainties, mental or emotional disturbances, positive or negative stress. Everything we go through leaves a mark on our personal story. Some are...

UFOs, JFK, and Elvis: Conspiracies You Don't Have to Be Crazy to Believe

by Richard Belzer

"I'm not asking you to believe every conspiracy theory you'll find in this book. . . . I didn't write this book to give you all the answers. The Warren Commission did that, and the answers were all wrong. I...

Second Ring of Power

by Carlos Castaneda


Back from the abyss, Castaneda encounter his greatest test on the journey towards impeccability and freedom: to outwit and overpower the sorcery of Doña Soledad, herself transformed from...

Eagle's Gift

by Carlos Castaneda

Carlos Castaneda takes the reader into the very heart of sorcery, challenging both imagination and reason, shaking the very foundations of our belief in what is "natural" and "logical." His landscape is full...

Body of Wisdom: Women's Spiritual Power and How it Serves

by Hilary Hart

Bringing together the dreams and experiences of women across the world with today's most visionary spiritual teachers.

Pagan Portal-Zen Druidry: Living a Natural Life, With Full Awareness

by Joanna van der Hoeven

Zen teachings and Druidry combine to create a peaceful life path that is completely dedicated to the here and now.

The Eyes of Curi Osity

by Larry Stigsell

Hey you.......Yes you. It was your eyes of Curi Osity that brought you to this book right now at this very moment. Author Larry Stigsell decided he wanted to write a book that would turn the lives of everyone...

Ghosthunting Maryland

by Michael J. Varhola, Michael H. Varhola & John B. Kachuba

All the sites in the book have been chosen with an eye toward several criteria, including how accessible they are to the public, how evocative experience a trip to them is likely to produce, and the extent...

A Grim Almanac of Leicestershire

by Nicola Sly

A Grim Almanac of Leicestershire is a day-by-day catalogue of 366 macabre moments from the county's past. Featured here are such diverse tales as mining disasters, freak weather conditions, industrial catastrophes,...

Haunted Bolton

by Stuart Hilton & Michelle Cardno

Discover the spooky side of Bolton with this terrifying collection of true-life tales from across the town.

Interview with an Angel

by Stevan J. Thayer

A research psychologist and a minister team up to share an angel's messages about life and death, religion, the afterlife, extraterrestrials, and much more.

From the Paperback edition.

The Woman in the Shaman's Body: Reclaiming the Feminine in Religion and Medicine

by Barbara Phd Tedlock

A distinguished anthropologist–who is also an initiated shaman–reveals the long-hidden female roots of the world’s oldest form of religion and medicine. Here is a fascinating expedition into this ancient...

The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want

by Deepak Chopra

The author of the acclaimed New York Times bestsellers The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and Ageless Body, Timeless Mind now presents a guide to using spiritual alchemy for awakening the magic in everyday...

Calling to the White Tribe: Rebirthing Indigenous, Earth-Saving Wisdom

by Ed McGaa

As the emerging Truth exposes our Religious, Political and Social institutions, can 'Modern Humanity' answer the ancestral calling in time?

Letters Across Time: A Journey of Enlightenment

by Stephen Chong

This book changes is full of wisdom and gentle grace...your pathway to a richer, more fulfilling life.

Spells in the City: Witchcraft for the Modern World

by Tudorbeth

There are few subjects that have attracted, in equal measure, as much prejudice and misconception as witchcraft. Yet in truth the Craft is simple and, literally, down to earth. It has a reverence for nature...

Simply Spiritual: Small to Medium! the Life of a Psychic

by Jacqui Rogers

All too often we feel very small, as if our lives are insignificant compared to the vastness of the universe, especially when we suffer the grief of losing a loved one. But in this, Jacqueline Rogers' uplifting...

Extraordinary Things Happen to Ordinary People: The Amazing Life of a Psychic

by Chris Guyon

Sometimes we all feel that we are just faces in a crowd. Ordinary people. We'll never be celebrities or prodigies, nor rich and famous. But Chris Guyon teaches us that everyone is special, a spiritual being...

Gem's story - a spiritual journey

by Joost Boekhoven

Two people search for the meaning of life. They find more than they expect...

How to Soothe a Virgo: Real Life Guidance on How to Get Along and Be Friends with the 6th Sign of the Zodiac