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How to Get and Stay Motivated: A Complete Guide to Finding Your True Purpose and Goals in Life

by Victoria JD Michael

Do you have the feeling that there is more to life? Do you feel that you are lacking something vital in your life, something that is keeping you from feeling happy and fulfilled?

Do you have dreams but they...

Italian Superstitions

by Andrea Malossini

We are all superstitious, even those who affirm the opposite. Superstition is natural, it resides in all of us: it represents the human answer to rare, singular, and mysterious phenomena. All that cannot be...

Watercolor: Paintings of Contemporary Artists

by Sujean Rim & Leslie Dutcher

Watercolor is taking the art, fashion, and home décor worlds by storm. The result is an explosion of amazing new work by contemporary artists. This volume surveys the current revival of this loveliest of mediums,...

Tempted, Tested, True: A Proven Path to Overcoming Soul-Robbing Choices

by Arnie Cole & Michael Ross

Back to the Bible leaders reveal a proven path to breaking free from what holds believers back, making lasting changes, and winning the battle against temptation.

Becoming Masters of Light: Co-Creating the New Age of Enlightenment

by Darrin William Owens

Darrin's latest book addresses the coming and going of 2012. What has this shift meant for our planet? We are now in the New Golden Age of Enlightenment. What's next? As a psychic intuitive and spiritual teacher,...

The 100 Best Volunteer Vacations to Enrich Your Life

by Pam Grout

Travel industry experts report that more and more people are combining vacations with volunteer work—the growing phenomenon called "voluntourism." Professionals predict this will be a key growth area for years...

1 Way

by Zoli Csomoss


This book began as a re-write of the Alcoholics Anonymous "Big Book: that book is old and the laguage needed to be renewed It then became the story of how one person had taken the steps, One Way....

Sacred Jewels of Yoga: Wisdom from India's Beloved Scriptures, Teachers, Masters, and Monks

by Dave DeLuca

In this remarkable anthology, acclaimed Vedanta teacher Dave DeLuca presents 166 sacred passages from some of India's most revered yoga scriptures - the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutras, the Bhakti...

Sacred Selfishness: A Guide to Living a Life of Substance

by PhD Bud Harris

A guide to living a life of self-realization, meaning, and love through valuing oneself.

Handbook of the New Thought: How the Power of Thought Can Change Your Life and Heal the Body, Mind and Spirit

by Horatio W. Dresser & William F. Shannon

HANDBOOK OF THE NEW THOUGHT is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the law of attraction, affirmations, meditation, mental healing of the body, and mind treatment. It is perfect for anyone who wants...

Numbers and You: A Numerology Guide for Everyday Living

by Lloyd Strayhorn

If you can count on your fingers you can use numerology. Learn how to harness the power of numbers with this unique guide, and reveal the secrets of your personality, which lottery numbers you should choose,...

LIVE The Truth In Your Heart: Make a Bold Move Toward Living Your Purpose

by Linda Taylor

Linda Taylor knows what it is like to find yourself in a place that was created for you and not by you. She understands what it is like to have a pull on your heart that is so strong you are compelled to embrace...

Tarot for Grownups

by Raine Amythyst

"Tarot for Grownups" addresses issues and life from an adult perspective with unabashed candor and a healthy dose of sarcasm.

Hidden Beauty of the Commonplace: A nature mystic's reflections upon the true meaning of freedom

by Pegler Philip

Life - lit up by love and shaped by wisdom - is a clear and natural expression of true freedom.

Face It: A Visual Reference for Multi-ethnic Facial Modeling

by Patricia Beckmann Wells

Face It  presents practical hands-on techniques, 3D modeling and sculpting tools with Maya and ZBrush production pipelines, uniquely focused on the facial modeling of 7 ethnicity models, featuring over 100...

‘You are Gods’

by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

 ‘Jesus was the most revolutionary of God’s messengers. He was the first to defy all the ancient customs and his audacity in claiming that he was the son of God and that all human beings are equally sons...

True Life in God: Divine Dialogue

by Vassula Rydén

Is there life after death? Are we living in the last days? Is there a heaven and hell?

Does everything happen for a reason? If God is good, why does he allow suffering?

Following a profound spiritual experience...

American Indian Healing Arts: Herbs, Rituals, and Remedies for Every Season of Life

by E. Barrie Kavasch & Karen Baar

American Indian Healing Arts is a magical blend of plant lore, history, and living tradition that draws on a lifetime of study with native healers by herbalist and ethnobotanist E. Barrie Kavasch.

Here are the...

God's Guide to Food, Fitness and Faith for Women: 33 Biblical Principles for Better Health

by Freeman

Now better than ever, this follow-up to one of our best-selling titles is refreshed, and perfect for women striving for an overall sense of health (Mind, Body, Spirit). Easy to follow principles will help women...

Separate Reality: Conversations With Don Juan

by Carlos Castaneda

"A man of knowledge is free...he has no honor, no dignity, no family, no home, no country, but only life to be lived." --don Juan

In 1961 a young anthropologist subjected himself to an extraordinary apprenticeship...