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The Water Of Life

by John W Armstrong

In this revolutionary treatise, J W Armstrong puts the compelling case that all diseases (except those caused by traumatism or structural disorders) can be cured by one simple means: urine therapy. The therapy...

A Home Course In Nutrition

by Eric F W Powell

This book provides lessons in nutrition which are intended as a helpful and practical guide to proper feeding, and cover the whole of the necessary matters connected with the subject. Food on the mind has not...

Fighting The Black Beast

by Michael L Walton

Sadly, no one can wave a magic wand over your head and remove your depression and when caught in a downward spiral of negativity the victim of this very common disorder may consider suicide as the only answer....

The Gospel of Sustainability: Media, Market, and LOHAS

by Monica M. Emerich

From organic produce and clothing to socially conscious investing and eco-tourism, the lifestyles of health and sustainability, or LOHAS, movement encompasses diverse products and practices intended to contribute...

Believing In Faeries

by Marcia Zina Mager

Other books about faeries are just that - books about faeries, filled with myths and stories. This book is uniquely different. It is a modern day instruction manual directly from the mystical realm itself; a...

In Limbo 'till Void

by Ed Riviera


Life, our presence on earth, it's purpose, is everybody's question and many have views, guessing what it's all about and some have had near death experiences, others talk of reincarnation and quite...

Radionics Interface With The Ether-Fields

by David V Tansley

This book explores the interface that exists between the human energy field and the Universal Field of energy in which we live. It shows how these fields can be utilised for distant diagnosis and treatment.


The Spirits Are Always With Me

by Jane Shutt

Jane Shutt is a down-to-earth Yorkshire woman who leads an extraordinary life as one of Britain's leading shamanic healers. Shamanism is an ancient spiritual path that exists all around the world; and a shaman...

As Chance Would Have It

by H C Moolenburgh

Coincidences happen to everyone on a regular basis. Usually we shrug them off and forget them.

However, when we start to catalogue coincidences we are in for a surprise. They begin to grow more frequent and,...

The Road Home

by Sister Stanislaus Kennedy

Sister Stanislaus Kennedy, or Sister Stan as she is affectionately known, has been described as a visionary and social innovator. Now, in The Road Home she looks back on her life - from her early years growing...

Mood Enhancing Plants

by Chrissie Wildwood

Chrissie Wildwood is an international aromatherapy educator and best-selling author of fourteen books on aromatherapy, herbal medicine and other natural therapies.

Here she has written a unique book to delight...

I Fly Out With Bright Feathers

by Allegra Taylor

Allegra Taylor has journeyed throughout the world in a quest to understand how healing works. She chronicles her own gradual acquisition of healing skills as she explores a whole range methods and ideas.


Rituals For An Enchanted Life

by Lynn Williams

Many people are searching for ways to bring richness and meaning back into their lives. Rituals provide powerful tools for doing this, and for facilitating personal transformation and spiritual development....

The Crystal Healer

by Marianna Sheldrake

At last - a book that explains the mysteries of Crystal Healing in a language that anyone can understand. Marianna Sheldrake has been healing with crystals for over twenty years. Now she shares her understanding...

Stillness Through My Prayers

by Sister Stanislaus Kennedy

Stillness: A deep silence and quiet calm, bringing feelings of peace, solace, contentment and serenity.

You may need this book if you have ever felt afraid, unsure, anxious or uncertain...

You may need this book...

Moments of Stillness

by Sister Stanislaus Kennedy

In her long-awaited new book, Sister Stan draws upon her memories of childhood and the special moments of awareness and mystery which have nourished and enriched her life.

As she offers simple reflections to...

One Man's Odyssey

by Ian Pearce

Dr Ian Pearce is one of the foremost cancer specialists and is best known for his unorthodox treatment and pioneering work.

Author of The Gate of Healing, Dr Pearce now writes an account of his personal spiritual...

Disease Signs In The Iris

by Theodor Kriege & A.W. Priest

Disease Signs in the Iris is intended for those who already have knowledge of the basic principles of irisdiagnosis. Part 1 is a translation from the German of the original work on iris interpretation by Theodor...

Gardening The Soul

by Sister Stanislaus Kennedy

Sister Stan, as she is affectionately known, was brought up on a farm in Dingle, County Kerry, one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland. It was there that she learnt to appreciate the earth, its stillness...

The Little Book Of Pocket Spells

by Akasha Moon

The witches of today are babes, not hags, using spells instead of chardonnay to deal with life's ups and downs. To that end, The Little Book of Pocket Spells offers all sorts of practical tips for bringing those...