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Out of the Garden: Women Writers on the Bible

by Celina Spiegel & Christina Buchmann

"By turns witty, erudite, probingly serious and sparklingly irreverent, these essays refresh our readings of the Bible, and deepen our vision of foundational feminist figures. A wonderfully thought-provoking...

Soul Windows....Secrets from the Divine

by Susan Z Rich

Description: "Why is this happening to me in my life now?"

As an intuitive counselor, holistic therapist, motivational speaker and author, Susan Z Rich was asked this universal question many times. One day she...

Alien Contact and Diplomacy: Get it Right or We Suffer

by Simon Drake

Aliens could use Facebook to mass communicate with us rather than trust our politicians. Earth may be regarded, by races billions of years old and billions of years old, as either an oddity, a zoo, or something...

How To Train The Champion In You: 8 Simple Changes

by David Lukasiak

How To Train The Champion In You. It is about-The problems we all face-being thankful-you have great potential-attitude of gratitude-nothing is impossible-your dream and vision can come to pass-making 8 simple...

Resisting Elegy: Essays on Grief and Recovery

by Joel Peckham

In this thoughtful collection of narratives, author Joel Peckham explores the transformative power of emotional and physical pain from the vantage point of a husband and parent who lost his wife and a child...

Goth Magick: An Enchanted Grim

by Brenda Knight

The Modern Art of Dark Magick

At night it's easy to see yourself as you really are: artistic, elegant, romantic, Goth. You're part of something that's beyond all the clichéd answers manufactured by mainstream...

Stillness: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness

by Charles Ridley

Charles Ridley is known for having refined a version of biodynamic craniosacral work that is nonmedical and nonmechanical. In Stillness, he clarifies the three fundamental types of this work — biomechanical,...

Travels in Consciousness

by David Hey


Travels in Consciousness speaks to our urgent need to achieve higher levels of consciousness as individuals, organizations and societies. Our level of consciousness determines the energy field in...

Luck: Understanding Luck and Improving the Odds

by Barrie Dolnick & Anthony H. Davidson

Have you ever noticed that you talk about luck every day of your life? Luck is your silent companion, sometimes bringing awesome parking spaces, a chance meeting with a new love interest, or a small windfall....

The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight: Revised and Updated: The Fate of the World and What We Can Do Before It's Too Late

by Thom Hartmann

While everything appears to be collapsing around us -- ecodamage, genetic engineering, virulent diseases, the end of cheap oil, water shortages, global famine, wars -- we can still do something about it and...

The 99th Monkey: A Spiritual Journalist's Misadventures with Gurus, Messiahs, Sex, Psychedelics, and Other Consciousness-Raising Experiments

by Eliezer Sobel

Suffused with a unique brand of irreverent humor, this account recalls the autobiographical explorations of the most significant alternative communities, ashrams, gurus, shamans, and consciousness-raising seminars...

Real Nightmares (Book 5): Fiends That Want Your Blood

by Brad Steiger

Fangs, slashing knives, and almost being eaten alive. Confronted by the unimaginable, how would you cope? Paranormal researcher extraordinaire Brad Steiger, an author of thousands of books and articles on the...

Real Nightmares (Book 4): Things That Prowl and Growl in the Night

by Brad Steiger

Zombies, vampires, werewolves, and nasty ghosts that roam at night. Paranormal researcher extraordinaire Brad Steiger, an author of thousands of books and articles on the mysterious and unknown, gathers some...

Real Nightmares (Book 3): Things That Go Bump in the Night

by Brad Steiger

Demon possession, men in black, the devil baby, ethereal abduction, what's under the bed?!?—and you thought you couldn't sleep. Paranormal researcher extraordinaire Brad Steiger, an author of thousands of books...

Real Nightmares (Book 2): True Unexplained Phenomena and Tales of the Unknown

by Brad Steiger

Do you think that you have bad dreams? Well, these people have lived them! Secret government experiments, soulless monsters, a haunted mansion, and more are covered by paranormal researcher extraordinaire Brad...

Real Nightmares (Book 1): True and Truly Scary Unexplained Phenomena

by Brad Steiger

What's your worst nightmare? Is it that ghost lurking next door? The cabal conspiring to rule the world? Those monsters slithering under your bed? The extraterrestrial visitors lurking among us? Paranormal researcher...

The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings

by Brad Steiger

With 250 entries, this updated filmography and resource is the encyclopedic guide to all things lycanthropic and a fascinating compendium of comparative mythology and folklore. Delving into the 15th century...

Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds

by Brad Steiger & Sherry Hansen Hansen Steiger

Taken from first-person accounts and historical documents, this book chronicles more than 300 examples of alien encounters, conspiracy theories, and the influence of extraterrestrials on human events throughout...

Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places

by Brad Steiger

In addition to rounding up the usual suspects, including the Bell Witch, Borley Rectory, the monster of Glarris Castle, and Gef, the mongoose/poltergeist on the Isle of Man, this book includes much that is new...

The Book of Floating: Exploring the Private Sea

by Michael Hutchison & Lee Perry

A thorough and absorbing summary of the healing and therapeutic uses of the floatation tank invented by the author.