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Real Nightmares (Book 4): Things That Prowl and Growl in the Night

by Brad Steiger

Zombies, vampires, werewolves, and nasty ghosts that roam at night. Paranormal researcher extraordinaire Brad Steiger, an author of thousands of books and articles on the mysterious and unknown, gathers some...

Real Nightmares (Book 3): Things That Go Bump in the Night

by Brad Steiger

Demon possession, men in black, the devil baby, ethereal abduction, what's under the bed?!?—and you thought you couldn't sleep. Paranormal researcher extraordinaire Brad Steiger, an author of thousands of books...

Real Nightmares (Book 2): True Unexplained Phenomena and Tales of the Unknown

by Brad Steiger

Do you think that you have bad dreams? Well, these people have lived them! Secret government experiments, soulless monsters, a haunted mansion, and more are covered by paranormal researcher extraordinaire Brad...

Real Nightmares (Book 1): True and Truly Scary Unexplained Phenomena

by Brad Steiger

What's your worst nightmare? Is it that ghost lurking next door? The cabal conspiring to rule the world? Those monsters slithering under your bed? The extraterrestrial visitors lurking among us? Paranormal researcher...

The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings

by Brad Steiger

With 250 entries, this updated filmography and resource is the encyclopedic guide to all things lycanthropic and a fascinating compendium of comparative mythology and folklore. Delving into the 15th century...

Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds

by Brad Steiger & Sherry Hansen Hansen Steiger

Taken from first-person accounts and historical documents, this book chronicles more than 300 examples of alien encounters, conspiracy theories, and the influence of extraterrestrials on human events throughout...

Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places

by Brad Steiger

In addition to rounding up the usual suspects, including the Bell Witch, Borley Rectory, the monster of Glarris Castle, and Gef, the mongoose/poltergeist on the Isle of Man, this book includes much that is new...

The Book of Floating: Exploring the Private Sea

by Michael Hutchison & Lee Perry

A thorough and absorbing summary of the healing and therapeutic uses of the floatation tank invented by the author.

Life in the Labyrinth

by E. J. J. Gold & Linda Corriveau

Collected lectures on shamanism, multi-dimensional reality, time travel, voyaging beyond the ordinary, and exploration of expanded consciousness spaces.

Just Because Club: Your Personal Metaphysical Fitness Trainer

by Claude Needham

Both traditional and innovative spiritual seekers can find something of use in this training program that contains more than 100 metaphysical exercises. The powerful series of awareness exercises are for individual...

American Book of the Dead

by E. J. J. Gold, Claudio Naranjo & Dr. John C. C. Lilly

With over 120,000 copies sold, this unique contemporary work brings the timeless Tibetan Bardo teaching into current American culture and language, with 49 days of readings for someone who has died or who is...

Spiritual Snake Oil: Fads & Fallacies in Pop Culture

by S.C. C. Hitchcock

"Spiritual Snake Oil" shows that the same fallacies that plague religious apologetics also infect virtually all "new age" and "spiritual" writing. Author Chris Edwards does this by dissecting the arguments and...

Etheric Anatomy: The Three Selves and Astral Travel

by Victor H. H. Anderson & Cora Anderson

This collection of rare writings by Feri teachers Victor and Cora Anderson discusses subjects such as the Triune soul, etheric sight, the human aura, and astral projection (OOBE). Also included are Feri prayers...

Pagan Religions: A Handbook for Diversity Training

by Kerr Cuhulain

Revised and expanded, this comprehensive manual clearly interprets neo-Pagan religious beliefs and practices for non-Pagans, such as professionals in law enforcement, education, social services, and the media....

Cannabis and the Soma Solution

by Chris Bennett

Seeking to identify the plant origins of the early sacramental beverages Soma and Haoma, this study draws a connection between the psychoactive properties of these drinks and the widespread use of cannabis among Indo-Europeans...

Anatomyzing Divinity: Studies in Science, Esotericism and Political Theology

by James L. L. Kelley

This three-part analysis of modernity assesses the impact that Western thought and philosophy has had on the modern world. Pulling from the fringe of academia, the study focuses on the ancient wisdom of China,...

Living the Spiritual Principles of Health and Well-Being

by Paul Kaye, John-Roger & Philip Barr

Looking at health from a holistic, multidimensional perspective, this reference seeks to provide a spiritual foundation for well-being that supplements traditional medical- and alternative-healing models. By...

Serving & Giving: Gateways to Higher Consciousness

by John-Roger & Paul Kaye

Looking at the act of giving as a way to bring greater happiness into the life of the giver as well as the receiver, this insightful exploration challenges contemporary concepts of service. Offering simple and...

The Search for Spirituality: Our Global Quest for a Spiritual Life

by Ursula King

Full of vision, hope, and inspiration, this profound and passionate manifesto provides a fascinating overview of the incredibly rich and diverse spiritual landscapes of the world—feeding a deep longing for...

The Angelic Way: Angels through the Ages and Their Meaning for Us

by Rami Shapiro

Examining angels as metaphors—not only of God reaching out to humankind but also of humankind reaching out to God—this comprehensive study illuminates the philosophical, psychological, and spiritual implications...