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Perfect Health--Revised and Updated: The Complete Mind Body Guide

by Deepak Md Chopra

A decade ago, Deepak Chopra, M.D., wrote Perfect Health, the first practical guide to harnessing the healing power of the mind, which became a national bestseller. The book described how breakthroughs in physics...

No More Letting Go: The Spirituality of Taking Action Against Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

by Debra Jay

“Detachment” has been the standard message of most addiction literature for the last twenty years. The conventional wisdom offered to an addict’s loved ones has been to let the addict “hit bottom”...

Truths from the Self

by Stormy Alexandria Smoleny

Truths from the Self is an insightful guide to discovering the ever-changing wisdom of the present moment and its application to every facet of our lives. Moving us beyond fixed beliefs and rigid value systems,...

The Asian Animal Zodiac

by Ruth Sun & Norma Sun

In much the same way that Westerners analyze their personalities and predict their futures by studying the positions of the stars under which they were born, Asians use the ancient animal zodiac to explain individual...

Love Dharma: Relationship Wisdom from Enlightened Buddhist Women

by Geri Larkin

Love Dharma offers compassionate guidance and advice, looking at contemporary relationship dilemmas from a Buddhist perspective as expressed in traditional stories of enlightened Buddhist women who lived and...

The Original I Ching: An Authentic Translation of the Book of Changes

by Margaret Pearson

First among the ancient classics, the I Ching or Book of Changes is one of the world's most influential books, comparable to the Bible, the Koran, and the Upanishads.

The I Ching's purpose is universal: to provide...

The Goose Is Out: Zen in Action

by Osho & Osho Foundation

That which is never lost cannot be found, and to search for it is absurd. But the moment this absurdity is understood all seeking stops by itself and that which is never lost is found!

That is why I say: Seek...

Secret and Suppressed: Banned Ideas and Hidden History

by Jim Keith

The influential compilation of suppressed conspiracies.


by l Mahoney

A tale of trust, betrayal and letting go Everyone has a story. Rachel thought she knew hers. She was the sensible daughter of the local larrikin-hard working, passionate, principled - in control of her destiny....

Complete Dream Dictionary: A Bedside Guide to Knowing What Your Dreams Mean

by Trish MacGregor & Rob MacGregor

If you've ever wondered why nightmarish spiders spook you or why you have such vivid dreams of losing your teeth, read on. Filled with detailed background information and an alphabetical listing of symbols,...

What Your Birthday Reveals about Your Sex Life

by Phyllis Vega

Birthdays hold the keys to the best sex you'll ever have--if only you knew how to read the signs. In this book, noted astrologer and author Phyllis Vega draws on the predictive powers of astrology and the ancient...

Confessions of an Alien Hunter: A Scientist's Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

by Seth Shostak

Aliens are big in America. Whether they’ve arrived via rocket, flying saucer, or plain old teleportation, they’ve been invading, infiltrating, or inspiring us for decades, and they’ve fascinated moviegoers...

Atlantis Rising: The Struggle of Darkness and Light

by Patricia Cori

The second book in the Sirian Revelations Trilogy explores the wisdom ancient Atlantis can offer contemporary seekers.

The lost continent of Atlantis has existed in the collective consciousness of humankind for...

Don't Just Sit There, Do Something!

by Gabriel Constans

In Don't Just Sit There, we have the privilege of listening to inspiring people as they tell us what they have endured and how. These are lessons on living that come direct from experience, lessons we all need....

Chasing Miracles: The Crowley Family Journey of Strength, Hope, and Joy

by John Crowley & Aileen Crowley

When John and Aileen Crowley learned that their two youngest children had a rare and little understood genetic disorder, they didn't hope for miracles: they made them happen.

In 1998, 15-month-old Megan and 4-month-old...

Healing Magic

by Robin Rose Bennett

Healing Magic: A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living Learn how to reconnect with the Earth, engage mystery, rebirth moon magic and women's wisdom, prepare herbal infusions and baths, work with the Medicine...

The Essentials of Vedic Astrology

by Komilla Sutton & Nicholas Campion

Vedic astrology arises out of ancient cosmology and is intimately linked to spiritual practices. This comprehensive guide demystifies many of the ancient techniques, and introduces the deeper spirituality of...

Horary Astrology Re-Examined

by Barbara Dunn

This is a detailed and highly informative book, demonstrating clearly and unambiguously that traditional methods are applicable to all astrology. Barbara Dunn examines the methods by which astrologers of the...

He-Motions: Even Strong Men Struggle

by T. Jakes

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Winning Points with the Woman in Your Life One Touchdown at a Time

by Jaci Rae


As the new star quarterback steps...