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Shamanic Egyptian Astrology: Your Planetary Relationship to the Gods

by Linda Star Wolf & Ruby Falconer

ASTROLOGY / NEW AGE ""Shamanic Egyptian Astrology is a new creative way of looking at and applying astrology. It is unique in that it brings together Egyptian and Western astrology. What I especially like is...

The Six Healing Sounds: Taoist Techniques for Balancing Chi

by Mantak Chia

HEALTH / MARTIAL ARTS Thousands of years ago Taoist masters discovered that a healthy organ vibrates at a particular frequency. They found six sounds with the correct frequencies to keep each organ in optimal...

Transcending the Speed of Light: Consciousness, Quantum Physics, and the Fifth Dimension

by Marc Seifer, Ph.D. & Stanley Krippner

SCIENCE / NEW THOUGHT ""Marc Seifer has made the difficult easy to understand as he covers such broad topics as cosmological coincidences, new theories on gravity, and higher states of consciousness. This book...

Mother of Light:The Book of Fire Vol 1 The Bardo

by Junipur

Explosive, controversial, Mother of Light: The Book of Fire is not like any spiritual diary you've ever read. With searing intensity, the author - writing under the pen name, Junipur - takes us over unknown...

The Shamanic Wisdom of the Huichol: Medicine Teachings for Modern Times

by Tom Soloway Pinkson, Ph.D.

SHAMANISM / INDIGENOUS CULTURES ""Pinkson is one of those rare individuals who walks his talk, whose life is built on helping others, loving and forgiving, and a determination to trust and listen to the inner...

Morphic Resonance: The Nature of Formative Causation

by Rupert Sheldrake

NEW SCIENCE / BIOLOGY ""Books of this importance and elegance come along rarely. Those who read this new edition of A New Science of Life may do so with the satisfaction of seeing science history in the making.""...

Psychomagic: The Transformative Power of Shamanic Psychotherapy

by Alejandro Jodorowsky

SPIRITUALITY / PSYCHOTHERAPY ""Jodorowsky is a brilliant, wise, gentle, and cunning wizard with tremendous depth of imagination and crystalline insight into the human condition"" --Daniel Pinchbeck, author of...

The Crazy Wisdom of Ganesh Baba: Psychedelic Sadhana, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini, and the Cosmic Energy in Man

by Eve Baumohl Neuhaus

SPIRITUALITY / NEW AGE ""True to the wishes of her teacher, Eve Baumohl Neuhaus skillfully offers a glimpse into the life and profound teachings of Ganesh Baba. In so doing, she enriches the spiritual literature...

The Other Side of Death

by Jan Price

"I saw and felt the most beautiful luminous blue. I was serene, tranquil, free, and could happily have stayed there forever."

Jan Price was destined not to linger in paradise but to return to the physical world...

The Secrets of Wilder - A Story of Inner Silence, Ecstasy and Enlightenment

by Yogani

This modern story inspired the extensive practical writings on self-directed spiritual practice that eventually became the Advanced Yoga Practices system. Join John Wilder on his journey through deep meditation,...

Wanted Undead or Alive

by Jonathan Maberry

Discover the nature of Evil. . . and how to kick its butt!

These days you can't swing an undead lycanthrope without hitting a Minion of Evil. They're everywhere--TV, film, the basement. . .right behind you! It's...

The Jesus Koans

by Kim Michaels

This is a gem of a book that will not fail to entertain, uplift and inspire. Short, snappy and sometimes humorous zen-like koans that give profound insights into the true, inner, mystical teachings of Jesus-and...

Fall in Love with Your Life: 365 Love Notes to Romance the Self-Critic Within

by Maria Carter

The quality of your life depends on YOU! Win over your toughest critic:  your Self-Critic is the culprit who causes overwhelm, self-sabotage, hesitation, and holding back ... It's the loud inner voice of your...

How to Find Happiness

by Swami Satchidananda & Peter Max

"In Yoga, you don't need to get something to make yourself happy. You are only to realize that you already are happiness personified." Swami Satchidananda explores the core teaching of Yoga that our natural...

Pathways to Peace

by Swami Satchidananda & Peter Max

Fundamental teachings on attaining peace- both personal and global. Excerpted from Swami Satchidananda's books Beyond Words, To Know Yourself, and The Golden Present- 28 chapters on vital topics including How...

Satchidananda Sutras

by Swami Satchidananda & Peter Max

Subtitled "Jewels from the Teachings of Swami Satchidananda," this booklet collects hundreds of this great Yoga Master's seminal teachings in pithy aphorisms in his own words like "You are happiness personified"...

Overcoming Obstacles

by Swami Satchidananda

"One's whole life is an obstacle course. The more obstacles you overcome, the bigger the prize. If you avoid the obstacles, then there is no prize. Without those obstacles, you would never discover your capabilities....

The Key to Peace

by Swami Satchidananda

One of Swami Satchidananda's greatest, compact works, Key to Peace shows clearly that peace is what really matters in life and explains how to be in that peace always by not disturbing our real nature. When...

Gems of Wisdom

by Swami Satchidananda

Short, inspiring passages excerpted from other books of Swami Satchidananda, including Beyond Words, To Know Yourself, and The Golden Present. Topics include Discipline, Faith, God, Happiness, Health & Healing,...

The 2012 Collection

by Daniel Pinchbeck & Ken Jordan

Now in the years beyond 2012-discover the true meaning behind the hype that captivated the world.

It should be no surprise to us now, but the pomp surrounding the coming of the year 2012 that grasped the human...