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The Best Possible You: Your step by step guide to unlocking the awesome power that is your intuition

by Michael Doiley

For over twenty years, Michael Doiley has been empowering others to live the life of their dreams. His website and this book, guide the reader in becoming the joyous 'author' of his/her...

"Know Thyself": Jnana Yoga

by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

‘“Know thyself!” All science and all wisdom lies in knowing ourselves, in finding ourselves, in the fusion of our lower self with our higher self. The symbol of the initiate who has succeeded in this...

"Know Thyself": Jnana Yoga

by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

‘“Know thyself” was the maxim inscribed on the pediment of the temple at Delphi. What is this ‘self’ that we have to know? Is it a question of knowing our own vices and virtues, our strengths and weaknesses?...

Making the Gods Work for You: The Astrological Language of the Psyche

by Caroline Casey

Making the Gods Work for You presents internationally renowned author Caroline W. Casey's remarkable doctrine of Visionary Activist Astrology. In this reverently irreverent mystery school disguised as a book...

The Hoffman Process: The World-Famous Technique That Empowers You to Forgive Your Past, Heal Your Pre sent, and Transform Your Future

by Tim Laurence & Joan Borysenko

For more than 35 years, the Hoffman Process has been recognized as one of the most potent transformational processes; however, the 8-day residential program is out of reach for most people. Now, Tim Laurence...

The Late Great United States: What Bible Prophecy Reveals About America's Last Days

by Mark Hitchcock

Is it possible the United States, a superpower without peer in history, might not be a key player as the world makes its way down the road to the Battle of Armageddon?

This is the central question explored by...

Wisdom Keys for Releasing Your Creative Potential

by Dr. Jasmine Renner

Wisdom Keys for Unlocking Your Creative Potential was birthed out of my journey and quest for wisdom. In the process, I gained knowledge and understanding and was unleashed into my creative potential. This book...

Revelations of Your Self-Help Book Secrets: Neuroscience and Psychology of the Self-Help Literature as it Reveals the Challenge of Understanding Thoug

by Lancaster Adams


Lancaster Adams is a medical doctor, surgeon, scientist and medical missionary. He describes his quest to comprehend the underlying science of a disturbing dream, one with a premonition he had just...

Feng Shui Style: The Asian Art of Gracious Living

by Stephen Skinner & Graham Price

Feng Shui Style is a striking design book from Stephen Skinner, the man instrumental in focusing Western attention on the ancient art of feng shui. Discussing various common themes of feng shui—such as water,...

The Storms Can't Hurt the Sky: The Buddhist Path through Divorce

by Gabriel Cohen

Personal, practical, down-to-earth-and the first book on the subject of using Buddhist insights to heal the anger and grief of romantic break-ups

Crafting a Magical Life: Manifesting Your Heart's Desire Through Creative Projects

by Carol Holaday

Filled with straightforward, accessible information that can be used in everyday life with dramatic, positive results, this compendium of craft ideas provides clear instructions for constructing 20 practical,...

The Findhorn Garden Story: Inspired Color Photos Reveal the Magic

by The Findhorn Community

Newly updated to showcase color photographs, this spiritual classic presents the history and philosophy of Scotland’s Findhorn Community. Findhorn was founded more than 40 years ago in far northeast Scotland...

The Healing of Individuals, Families & Nations: Transgenerational Healing & Family Constellations Book 1

by John Payne

Sheds new light on the relationships between victims and perpetrators, be they from governments and regimes, wars, sexual abuse or crime.

You Are the Change: Find Your Own Spirituality Make Your Life Count

by Thomas Hutegger

Find true happiness by developing a personal spirituality

The Blueprint of Oneness

by Ashmarae McNamara & Saint Germain

Inspiring and interactive, this manual demonstrates how to effortlessly release negative belief patterns and to respond positively to any situation by following the guidance of Ascended Master, Saint Germain....

Crystal Wands: For Healing, Massage Therapy and Reflexology

by Ewald Kliegel

Supported by easy-to-understand descriptions and illustrations, this compendium demonstrates the effects and uses of crystal wands as a major therapeutic tool for well-being and good health. From simple-to-perform...

Purifying Crystals: How to Clear, Charge and Purify Your Healing Crystals

by Michael Gienger

The essential prerequisite for working with crystals successfully is to understand the most effective methods for cleansing, purifying, and recharging them, as thoroughly discussed and evaluated in this conveniently...

The Complete Guide to Crystal Astrology: 360 Crystals and Sabian Symbols for Personal Health, Astrology and Numerology

by Marina Costelloe

A veritable crystal dictionary, this guide enables readers to reveal their life paths and hidden abilities by understanding the power of crystals. Readers will discover which of the 360 crystal elements...

The Healing Crystals First Aid Manual: A Practical A to Z of Common Ailments and Illnesses and How They Can Be Best Treated with Crystal Therapy

by Michael Gienger

From acne and cataracts to sprains and vomiting, this reference lists more than 100 medical conditions and describes the physical symptoms, psychological ramifications, and correct healing gemstones for each....

Ascension Through Orbs

by Diana Cooper & Kathy Crosswell

Featuring a wealth of additional material, this book explains the meaning and the importance of orbs—the physical presence of angels found in digital photographs—in a wider and more advanced context. With...