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Your Deepest Intent: Letters from the Infinite

by Rev. Deborah L. Johnson

Deep in your soul lies something beyond all desires and motivations. It is your truest intent. Do you know what yours is at any moment in time? According to Rev. Deborah L. Johnson, this is your most important...

Blessed Health: The African-American Woman's Guide to Physical and

by Dr. Melody T. McCloud & Angela Ebron

Blessed Health offers African-American women the medical information and inspirational motivation they need to achieve total health -- a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Many black women will go to church all...

Unconditional Forgiveness: A Simple and Proven Method to Forgive Everyone and Everything

by Mary Hayes Grieco

Includes a preview of The New Kitchen Mystic, the next book Mary Hayes Grieco.

Forgiveness is about more than just letting go. It’s about healing wounds and wiping away scars. It’s about feeling better—physically...

Kundalini Rising

by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa & Dorothy Walters

You have within you a latent energy waiting to transform your life. Known as "kundalini," this legendary power is believed to catalyze spiritual evolution. But is kundalini real? And if so, how can we engage...

Astrology on the Cusp

by Sally Cragin

Is your birthday between two different signs? Discover new insights into yourself and others with this first-ever guide to cusp astrology.

We’ve all heard the term “born on the cusp”—but what does it...

The Good Energy Book

by Tess Whitehurst

This gem of a book teaches you how to become a fountain of good energy. Discover how to maintain positive energy in your home — and establish lifelong habits and perspectives that will bring happiness and...

Vampires Through the Ages

by Brian Righi

Interred in shadows no more, the lore, legends, and history of vampires are illuminated in this captivating exploration of one of the world’s most infamous monsters. 

From desolate burial grounds of Eastern...

365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency

by Melissa Alvarez

The soul’s vibrational rate, our spiritual frequency, has a huge impact on our lives. As it increases, so does our capacity to calm the mind, connect with angels and spirit guides, find joy and enlightenment,...

Natural Witchery

by Ellen Dugan

A natural Witch has an appreciation of nature and an awareness of the magickal energies present in all things. This kinship with the unseen world is at the heart of Witchcraft. It is also the foundation of all...

Prosperity Spells: 50 Incantations and Potions for Financial and Personal Success

by Editors of Adams Media

A little magick can go a long way. Whether you're looking to stretch your last dollar or finally get that promotion (and pay raise), Prosperity Spells offers a selection of potions and incantations for financial...


by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Birds are all around us--building nests for their eggs, perching on a nearby tree branch, floating freely on a breath of wind. But do you ever feel like a bird might be trying to connect with you--or even tell...

Why Not?: Fifteen Reasons to Live

by Ray Robertson

A long leering look at the meaning of life, with a voice like Nick Hornby’s and smarts all its own.

Myths of the Asanas: The Ancient Origins of Yoga

by Alanna Kaivalya & Arjuna van der Kooij

Millions of yoga students around the world attend class regularly to reap the physical benefits of yoga, assuming the different poses and frequently calling them by their sanskrit names. While many probably...

Be the Miracle: 50 Lessons for Making the Impossible Possible

by Regina Brett

Want to live your dreams--or even surpass them? Want the world to change for the better? Want to see a miracle? What are we waiting for? Why not be the miracle?

That's the challenge Regina Brett sets forth in...

The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy

by Gregg Braden

Seventeen hundred years ago, key elements of our ancient heritage were lost, relegated to the esoteric traditions of mystery schools and sacred orders. Among the most empowering of the forgotten elements are...

Journaling Through

by Angela Caughlin

We have approximately 60,000 thoughts a day, many of which are repetitious. When we think a thought, we make a molecule. We have a thinking body. Thoughts are not only contained in our minds, but they are also...

Big Mind Big Heart

by Denni Genpo Merzel

This book presents a highly original and accessible pathway to self-discovery and personal liberation. Since 1999 the Big Mind process has been experienced by many thousands of people in seminars across America....

Gemini: Your Star Sign Story

by Reina James

Things we like about you, Gemini: You're clever Adaptable Chatty Fun And a few things we're not so sure about: You can be fickle Superficial Unreliable Hard to pin down Here's a tale to inspire you...

Two Strangers - One Soul

by Bob Norton

The book recounts the awakening and journey of the Narrator who seeks to make sense of the questions and enigmas, which perplex us and cause more and more anxieties. The Narrator comes across a chance acquaintance....

The Parable of His-Story

by Nick Taylor

If History is written by the victors then this is His-Story, as corrected by the losers. The Parable of His-Story is a telling of the age where men have been in charge. Inspired by ideas of feminism and spirituality,...