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Soul to Soul Meditations: Daily Reflections for Spiritual Growth

by Gary Zukav

In Soul to Soul, Gary Zukav addressed some of the most fundamental questions about the human spirit -- from "Why is life so difficult?" to "How can I learn to trust?" -- with meaningful answers of universal...

Mysticism: A Study in the Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness

by Evelyn Underhill

Classic introduction to mysticism and mystical consciousness: awakening of the self, purification, voices and visions, ecstasy and rapture, dark night of the soul, much more.

Nostradamus and His Prophecies

by Edgar Leoni

Complete, definitive study: biography, historical background, and parallel texts in English and French of all the prophecies, most of the famous — and infamous — interpretations, and much more.

The History of the Devil: With 350 Illustrations

by Paul Carus

This treasury of facts and lore on the philosophy and practice of evil traces the concept of Satan from ancient to modern times. A collection of 350 rare and compelling images illuminate the text.

The Werewolf in Lore and Legend

by Montague Summers

The first definitive work on werewolfery incorporates an extensive range of historical documentation and folklore. Written in a Gothic style by a venerable author of occult studies, it's rich in fascinating...

The Malleus Maleficarum of Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger

by Montague Summers

Full text of most important witchhunter's "bible," used by both Catholics and Protestants. First published in 1486, the book includes everything known at the time about cults, illicit sex, dealings with the...

Poems, Parables and Drawings

by Kahlil Gibran & Alice Raphael

Elegant but inexpensive, this clothbound volume includes complete texts and drawings of The Madman and The Forerunner, plus 20 additional illustrations and a perceptive essay by art historian Alice Raphael.

Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind

by Richard Maurice Bucke

This pioneering study in mysticism explores the phenomenon of transcendent realization, or illumination. Its numerous case studies offer intriguing, real-life particulars of individuals who experienced personal...

The Arcana of Freemasonry: A History of Masonic Symbolism

by Albert Churchward

Egyptian hieroglyphics, Mayan carvings, and Greek mathematical notations figure prominently in this spellbinding true story. Its illustrated insights reveal messages hidden in works of art, architecture, geometry,...

The Darkness Looking Back

by Andrea Jutson

A gripping murder mystery that asks: who will listen to the dead? Across Auckland, deliveries are failing to reach their targets - because the intended recipients are dead. What starts as a grisly murder without...

Adventures in Paranormal Investigation

by Joe Nickell

Paranormal investigator Joe Nickell is equally at home when recreating the mysterious Nasca lines at a remote site in Kentucky as he is in his research lab at the office of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry....

The Wizard and the Witch: Seven Decades of Counterculture, Magick & Paganism

by John C. Sulak, Oberon Zell & Morning Glory Zell

Oberon and Morning Glory Zell are true pioneers of Paganism—in fact, they are responsible for popularizing the term Pagan! Here, presented in a unique oral history format, are the stories of their singular...

The Essential Enochian Grimoire: An Introduction to Angel Magick from Dr. John Dee to the Golden Dawn

by Aaron Leitch

Aaron Leitch, author of The Angelical Language, Volume I and The Angelical Language, Volume II, has created the first how-to Enochian magick grimoire. This practical instruction manual outlines Enochian cosmology,...

Forgotten Burial: A Cry for Justice from Beyond the Grave

by Jodi Foster

When Jodi Foster returned to her California hometown with her young daughter, she never could have imagined the terror and confusion she experienced in the nights that followed. On top of her terrifyingly real...

A Witch's World of Magick: Expanding Your Practice with Techniques & Traditions from Diverse Cultures

by Melanie Marquis

This sparkling, in-depth examination of theories and techniques from around the world will help you reach higher levels of magickal insight and success. Each chapter features examples of tried-and-true magickal...

Karmic Choices: How Making the Right Decisions Can Create Enduring Joy

by Djuna Wojton

Karmic Choices gives you the tools to get unstuck by designing an exciting, interesting, and productive life. With exercises, questionnaires, and Djuna Wojton's three-step karmic formula, this book will help...

Heal Yourself with Angels: Meditations, Prayers, and Guidance

by Patricia Papps

Contact the angels who can heal your life and the world. Illuminate your spirit while bringing peace to your soul and calmness to your mind. Learn which angels to contact for specific problems, such as depression,...

Green Witchcraft: Folk Magic, Fairy Lore & Herb Craft

by Ann Moura

Learn the basics of Witchcraft from a third-generation Witch raised in a family tradition. Positive, practical, and easy to use, Green Witchcraft brings together the best of both modern Wicca and the author’s...

Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression

by Michael Newton

Dr. Michael Newton is world-famous for his spiritual regression techniques that take hypnotic subjects back to their time in the spirit world. His two best-selling books of client case studies, Journey of Souls...

The Magical Power of the Saints: Evocation and Candle Rituals

by Ray T., Rev Malbrough

Learn how to do powerful, practical magic when you use candles and call on the saints in Reverend Ray T. Malbrough's The Magical Power of the Saints.

This book can be your personal guide to help you call on...