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Star Shrines and Earthworks of the Desert Southwest

by Gary David

Over a period of centuries the Ancient Ones of the American Southwest constructed a pattern of sandstone villages that precisely matches key constellations in the sky. This book plunges you into the mysteries...

Chocolate for a Teen's Spirit

by Kay Allenbaugh

Sweet and Spirited

Heartwarming, haunting, and often hilarious, the delicious stories in Chocolate for a Teen's Spirit touch on the things all young women face as they move into adulthood and search for spiritual...

Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance

by David Christopher Lewis

“Advanced Studies of the Human Aura” shows that the aura is more than just a colorful energy field around all living things. It can be a powerful resonator for both personal and global transformation....

A Minute For Your Health

by Jena Rausch & HILTON HUDSON

Easy-to-read tips on health topics and understanding the powerful relationship between mind, body, and spirit. There is no magic pill for youth, longevity, or a disease-free life. There is a prescription, however,...

Be Your Own Guru

by Betty Bethards

Be Your Own Guru explains that running after gurus is not what this age calls for. It is time for us to get our personal act together and be actively involved to create a world that works. "Self responsibility"...

There Is No Death

by Betty Bethards

There is No Death treats delicate subject with uncommon wisdom and compassion that: ° Explains what happens when we die ° Helps us to understand levels of reality beyond our own ° Shows us how to help...

Seven Steps to Developing Your Intuitive Powers

by Betty Bethards

Here's what you'll learn in just seven steps: 1. Tapping your hotline to the Devine. 2. Self Love. 3. Releasing the past and facing fears. 4. Life cycles. 5. Creating and receiving prosperity. 6. Relationships....

Astrology, Psychology & the Four Elements: An Energy Approach to Astrology & Its Use in the Counseling Arts

by Arroyo Stephen

A modern classic and international best-seller that revolutionized modern understanding of astrology, this book is truly a pioneering work that established a new science of astrological psychology. It clearly...

Stephen Arroyo's Chart Interpretation Handbook: Guidelines for Understanding the Essentials of the Birth Chart

by Arroyo Stephen

This book focuses on precise, in-depth language that shows the reader how to think astrologically in a way that never loses sight of the basic principles and reliable meanings being considered. Those trying...

Astrology, Karma & Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart

by Arroyo Stephen & Ryneal Pacia

This widely praised and internationally acclaimed classic on the spiritual aspects of astrology, a continual best-seller since publication, has now been translated into more than 20 languages, including Chinese,...

Astrology, A Cosmic Science: The Classic Work on Spiritual Astrology

by Hickey Isabel M. & Arroyo Stephen

New edition of the classic. Isabel Hickey's classic, comprehensive text of spiritual astrology is now in a new edition. This handy reference book provides a strong foundation for the beginner, as well as new...

Choose Them Wisely

by Mike Dooley

Living the life of your dreams isn't just about dreaming. It's also about living: following your impulses, turning over every stone, and stepping out into the world so that the wind can catch your sails. To...

Why I am so very unFrench, and other essays

by Jacques Bouveresse

For those like myself, who found the politico-philosophical terrorism beginning its reign at the beginning of the 1960s intolerable, analytic philosophy in contrast could not but offer the comforting image of...

What About ?


I asked "Why am I here?" The Universe replied "Happiness." I said "What happiness?" The Universe replied "Your happiness and the happiness of others." So I searched for the means to achieve happiness for myself...

Use the Cosmic 2x4 to Hit a Home Run: 5 Spiritual Steps to Overcome Adversity

by Judy Mattivi Morley

The wisdom gained by Judy Morley in her encounter with a life-threatening condition is valuable regardless of whether or not you're facing a crisis. 

"Filled with stories, exercises, and practical advice, this...

Celtic Angels

by Theresa Cheung

In this unique book, best-selling angel author Theresa Cheung takes readers on a guided tour of Irish spirituality with the focus firmly on the nation's deep-rooted belief in angels. Punctuated throughout with...

A Religion of One's Own: A Guide to Creating a Personal Spirituality in a Secular World

by Thomas Moore

The New York Times bestselling author and trusted spiritual adviser offers a follow-up to his classic Care of the Soul


Something essential is missing from modern life. Many who’ve turned away from religious...

A Newcomer's Guide to the Afterlife: On the Other Side Known Commonly as The Little Book

by Daniel Quinn

The guide of choice for anyone who plans to die someday--are YOU ready for the AFTERLIFE?

To find out, take this simple quiz:

1.  Like Earth, the Afterlife has celebrities, outcasts, deadheads, losers, and busybodies.  ...

Discover Atlantis

by Diana Cooper

During its 1500-year Golden Age, Atlantis was at the height of its spiritual strength. Its inhabitants enjoyed incredible gifts including healing, levitation, clairvoyance and telepathy.Now, for the first time,...

The Power of Three: Discovering What Really Matters in Life

by Norman Drummond

Good things come in threes.All too often we end up tearing ourselves apart, losing our way: mind, body and spirit work against each other, rather than together. We know in our hearts that this is not how life...