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The Chair

by Richard Garcia

Noted prose poet and celebrated Latino author Richard Garcia’s sixth collection is rich in fabulist traditions—lyrical, accessible, and highly imaginative.

The Boy Who Died and Came Back: Adventures of a Dream Archaeologist in the Multiverse

by Robert Moss

Join Robert Moss for an unforgettable journey that will expand your sense of reality and confirm that there is life beyond death and in other dimensions of the multiverse.

Dream Magic

by Sirona Knight

Magic Can Make Your Dreams Come True!

What do you want to do tonight as you close your eyes and enter the magical world of dreams? Walk with the Faery Folk? Summon your soul mate? Ask the Goddess to grant you...

Cloud Nine: A Dreamer's Dictionary

by Sandra A. Thomson

Dreams -- windows into an inner world of hidden emotion and desire. Only by understanding our dreams can we fully know ourselves. And by recognizing the revealing subconscious meanings of our dreams and using...

Understand Your Dreams: 1500 Basic Dream Images and How to Interpret Them

by Alice Anne Parker

Learn to decipher your dreams using the author's proven techniques for dream remembrance and interpretation and a dictionary of over 2,500 dream images.

Dreaming the Soul Back Home: Shamanic Dreaming for Healing and Becoming Whole

by Robert Moss

In this extraordinary book, shamanic dream teacher Robert Moss shows us how to become shamans of our own souls and healers of our own lives.

Active Dreaming: Journeying Beyond Self-Limitation to a Life of Wild Freedom

by Robert Moss

Robert Moss has advanced our understanding of dreams with his visionary and down-to-earth synthesis of contemporary dreamwork and venerable shamanic methods.

Dreams and their Symbolism

by Henry Havelock Ellis

This book deals with the stuff that dreams are made of and the symbolism of dreams.“Our dreams begin to seem to us an allied subject of study, inasmuch as they reveal within ourselves a means of entering sympathetically...

Mysterious Realities

by Robert Moss

  • Robert Moss’s books on dreaming have sold more than 60,000 copies to date
  • Moss’s blog post on dreams as a kind of “parallel life” was shared 10,000 times within 24 hours
  • Moss’s focus on alternate realities...

  • The Secret History of Dreaming

    by Robert Moss

    Dreaming is vital to the human story. It is essential to our survival and evolution, to creative endeavors in every field, and, quite simply, to getting us through our daily lives. All of us dream. Now Robert...


    by Robert Moss

    A world-renowned authority on the history, uses, and power of dreaming, Robert Moss guides neophyte and experienced adventurers alike to open their own dreamgates. Through these gates await otherwise inaccessible...

    Summary: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

    by Jessica Bridge & Marie Kondo

    The #1 Bestselling Summary of Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Learn how to apply the main ideas and principles from the original book in a quick, easy read!

    The #1 New York Times best-selling...

    Exploring Spiritually Transformative Experiences

    by Yvonne Kason

    The synthesis of almost forty years of research on spiritually transformative experiences.

    Dr. Yvonne Kason first coined the phrase “spiritually transformative experiences” (STEs) in 1994, a term widely used...

    Synchronicity and Dreaming

    by Richard J King

    This is a book based upon the author's own experiences of synchronistic events and dreams over seventy years, from which he carved out his own path, philosophy, self-reliance and responsibility. This led him...

    Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted; Or, What's in a Dream / A Scientific and Practical Exposition

    by Gustavus Hindman Miller

    A good way to find out what your dreams mean. 

    Excellent resource on dream interpretation!


    The Language of Dreams

    by C. L. Hale & Cindy Loggins Hale

     From ancient times, people all around the world have considered dreams to be messages or instruction from an inner or higher power. Many people even today believe dreams carry messages to the dreamer. ...

    The Complete Dream Book of Love and Relationships

    by Gillian Holloway Holloway

    What do your dreams really mean...for your love life?

    The Complete Dream Book of Love and Relationships is a groundbreaking guidebook for using what's already in your head to understand your heart. Respected...

    Blueberry Dreams

    by Calvin Earl Dallas

    Dreams are at the forefront of the imagination; they are the pentacle of life resources and adventures. They are fascinating and real in their own way. We have to find the monkeys to play within our souls to...

    The Fabric of Dreams

    by Katherine Taylor Craig

    Science, history, symbolism, and collective wisdom combine for a fascinating blend of scholarship and spirituality in this exploration of ancient and modern dream lore and dream interpretation. Originally published...

    The Dreamers Advantage

    by Misha Wesley

    Dreams are something we all have, as individuals, adults, children as well as the entire Human race. However, the context and symbolism of the dream can sometimes leave the dreamer puzzled or even a bit confused....