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The Chair

by Richard Garcia

Noted prose poet and celebrated Latino author Richard Garcia’s sixth collection is rich in fabulist traditions—lyrical, accessible, and highly imaginative.

Lucid Dreams in 30 Days

by Keith Harary, Ph.D. & Pamela Weintraub

With Lucid Dreams in 30 Days you will learn to explore the mysteries of your sleeping self. Beginning with simple steps such as keeping a dream journal to record your dreams, Keith Harary, Ph.D., and Pamela...

Zolar's Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams

by Zolar

The completely revised and updated edition of the classic, best-selling guide to dream interpretation

In the first major revision of the encyclopedia that has sold half a million copies worldwide, Zolar, the...

Dream Magic

by Sirona Knight

Magic Can Make Your Dreams Come True!

What do you want to do tonight as you close your eyes and enter the magical world of dreams? Walk with the Faery Folk? Summon your soul mate? Ask the Goddess to grant you...

Cloud Nine: A Dreamer's Dictionary

by Sandra A. Thomson

Dreams -- windows into an inner world of hidden emotion and desire. Only by understanding our dreams can we fully know ourselves. And by recognizing the revealing subconscious meanings of our dreams and using...

The Fabric of Dreams

by Katherine Taylor Craig

Science, history, symbolism, and collective wisdom combine for a fascinating blend of scholarship and spirituality in this exploration of ancient and modern dream lore and dream interpretation. Originally published...

The Dreamers Advantage

by Misha Wesley

Dreams are something we all have, as individuals, adults, children as well as the entire Human race. However, the context and symbolism of the dream can sometimes leave the dreamer puzzled or even a bit confused....

Alvidia, Yet Another Horizon

by Luis Peaze

It is a different kind of adventure story. It deals with the realization of a dream which became an inner adventure. Luís and Helga, an ordinary Brazilian couple embark on this frenzy trip of partnership which...


by Felicity Mc Cann

Even as adults, people may find themselves the target of bullying or of a campaign of harassment. But everyone has inherent tools that can be used to fight back against manipulation and deceit.

In Veritas, author...

Treasures of Sleep

by Dita Wegman

Treasures of Sleep opens the door to what shall be an extraordinary journey behind appearances by the power that nobody has yet grasped nor seen, but whose effect daily, hourly, must be seen, intuitively sensed...

Your Success Lies in What Drives You

by Letshego Tau

This book focuses readers on the importance of self-worth, determination, and the drive to follow your hearts desires. Unleashing of incredible power from within and what you can build up today that can leave...

The Top Dimension

by Phyllis Sinclair

Short story description: A paranormal story about astral travel or out-of-body travel. Spirit guides and guardian angels. Spiritual dimensions above and beyond Earth and reincarnation.

Rosin Dubh: the Irish Dream Catcher

by Rosemary Dawson

Our dreams represent the urgings of our soul, pushing us to change, grow, become successful and stop sabotaging ourselves. So many of us dismiss these as only dreams. But what if you could make use of the information...

Visits to the Glade

by Brenda Bruzon

Enchanting and compelling, Visits to the Glade is an account of ten profound and magical soul encountersmystical revelations that went on to inspire a unique artistic collaboration between nine women. Beautifully...

Dream Diary

by Ben Sheldon

Ben Sheldons diary, which he kept over many years, takes you on a series of fascinating, fantastic, and unusual adventures that he enjoyedor suffered throughwhile sleeping.

He also shares the dreams of a former...

The Old Shoes

by S H E W E I A

The Old Shoes is a story about how love changes everything, how art can be a template for healing, how beauty transforms the soul, how support comes from unexpected sources, and how reincarnation can be a manifestation...

A Past Life

by Don D. Silver

The day that medium, Tana Hanley, told Don Silver the story of his past life as a boy named Brave Hawk, he thought the whole thing was nonsense. She explained that a Native American chief by the name of White...

Now That's What I Call Treasure

by Vanessa T. Watts

This book can open your mind to a new way of thought when it comes to the dream world.

It is a true story of my life.

It is about overcoming fears and obstacles.

Dreams of Peace

by Jogi Dhillon

It is but natural for all humans to have dreams. However, some build castles in the air, and some harness their dreams to jostle others mind-sets with a view to catapult the cause of common good to new heights....

Women Scorned...Wendy's Revenge...Devil Daughter

by Sgt. Pope Wayne. A. Sr.

Horror Mystifying Suspense Drama

Wendy Revenge

This heart throbbing mystifying Novel is about an amazing woman who fine herself, in a relationship that can only been Spawn from the Pits of Hell by the Devil...