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The Chair

by Richard Garcia

Noted prose poet and celebrated Latino author Richard Garcia’s sixth collection is rich in fabulist traditions—lyrical, accessible, and highly imaginative.

Dreaming-The Sacred Art: Incubating, Navigating and Interpreting Sacred Dreams for Spiritual and Personal Growth

by Lori Joan Swick, PhD

This fascinating introduction to sacred dreaming celebrates the dream experience as a way to deepen spiritual awareness and as a source of self-healing for people of all faith traditions-or none. Includes practical,...

Lucid Dreams in 30 Days

by Keith Harary, Ph.D. & Pamela Weintraub

With Lucid Dreams in 30 Days you will learn to explore the mysteries of your sleeping self. Beginning with simple steps such as keeping a dream journal to record your dreams, Keith Harary, Ph.D., and Pamela...

Dream Magic

by Sirona Knight

Magic Can Make Your Dreams Come True!

What do you want to do tonight as you close your eyes and enter the magical world of dreams? Walk with the Faery Folk? Summon your soul mate? Ask the Goddess to grant you...

Cloud Nine: A Dreamer's Dictionary

by Sandra A. Thomson

Dreams -- windows into an inner world of hidden emotion and desire. Only by understanding our dreams can we fully know ourselves. And by recognizing the revealing subconscious meanings of our dreams and using...

The Jewish Dream Book: The Key to Opening the Inner Meaning of Your Dreams

by Vanessa L. Ochs, Elizabeth Ochs & Kristina Swarner

Integrate the spiritual wisdom of Judaism into your life by honoring your dreams and striving to uncover their hidden messages. Exploring the Bible, Talmud and other ancient sources, it will introduce you to...

Wisdom of Dreaming

by Paul M. Sheldon & Elizabeth Eagar

THE DREAMOSOPHY APPROACH: In addition to helping you remember your dreams, this guidebook by dream experts Paul Sheldon and Elizabeth Eagar is all about making your dreams your own, rather than just being there....

The Stuff of Dreams

by Edward Lucas White & S. T. Joshi

This original compilation presents chilling tales of terror by an unjustly neglected author. Inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe as well as his own vivid nightmares, Edward Lucas White (1866–1934) weaves...

Michael Murphy's Book of Dreams

by Michael Murphy

In Michael Murphy’s Book of Dreams, the author, broadcaster and psychoanalyst examines 65 dreams, unlocking the fascinating insights they offer. His accessible style and expert analysis will help you understand...

Dreams, Counselling and Healing

by Brenda Mallon

Let your unconscious heal you

Listening to your dreams can help you understand the ‘inner’ knowledge your body contains and your dreams express.

Our emotions influence the production of healing and destructive...

The 7 Elements and Man

by Debora Colagreco

After her first book, The Initiatory Path to Cosmic Heart, Debora Colagreco surprises us again with this book in which, through a dreamlike journey experienced by the same author, we are in a dream within a...

Dream Psychology

by Sigmund Freud

This classic work is essential reading for any serious student of psychology. Dr. Freud covers the hidden meanings within our dreams, especially repressed sexual desires, the purpose of our conscious and unconscious...

Wisdom of Dreaming: A guide to an effective dream life

by Paul M. Sheldon

THE DREAMOSOPHY APPROACH: In addition to helping you remember your dreams, this guidebook by dream expert Paul Sheldon is all about making your dreams your own, rather than just being there. It’s about being...

My Subconscious Mind

by Marcas Major & Marcel Pighin

Marcas Major blogged about his memorable dreams, each month, for over twelve years and came to some startling conclusions regarding the subconscious mind. Marcas opens a whole new chapter on reality at a subconscious...

Deciphering Your Dreams

by 50MINUTES.Com

Change is only 50 minutes away! Find out everything you need to know about deciphering your dreams with this straightforward guide.

We have all suffered from the occasional nightmare or two during our lives....

Teen Dream Power: Unlock the Meaning of Your Dreams

by M. J. Abadie

The first and only complete guide to dream interpretation written specifically for teens.

• Provides instruction for dream recall, interpretation, developing a personal dictionary of dream symbols, and keeping...

The World Dream Book: Use the Wisdom of World Cultures to Uncover Your Dream Power

by Sarvananda Bluestone

A unique self-help guide to dream interpretation using techniques and icons from cultures around the world.

• Challenges the assumption that all symbols universally signify the same thing to all dreamers....

The Dreamlife of Families

by Edward Bruce Bynum & Carl A. Whitaker

How our unconscious minds connect with our families through dreams

• Shows how the connected dreamlife of families reveals itself in nightmares and unusual dreams, during critical times such as pregnancy, conflicts,...

The Meaning of Dreaming

by Savitri Simpson

From ancient to modern times, seers and psychoanalysts have conjectured about why we dream. Now, in this book, we have an explanation both timely and timeless. Yoga is an ancient spiritual science that has much...

Writing in The House of Dreams

by Jenny Alexander

In both writing and dream awareness, you have to learn how to relax the conscious, critical faculty in order to let the amazing stories and images that flow like an underground stream in the unconscious mind...