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Drumming for Beginners: What You Need to Know When Learning How to Play the Drums

by Michael Cimicata

The drums are definitely one of the hardest instruments that someone can learn how to play. With that being said, some sound advice would really go a long way. I have been a drummer for over 10 years, and did...

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

by M Osterhoudt

Sometimes you just need a laugh. So have one with this encyclopedia of fun. In this 13 ebook collection of comical, funny and hilarious are the top selling ebooks: "Categories of Crazy - You Know Them, Their...

Party and Presents

by M Osterhoudt

Whether planning a party or selecting a gift....this 9 ebook collection has everything you need from party foods, costumes and decorations to gift ideas and more. This encyclopedia of party fun includes " Fire...

When a Woman Dreams of the Perfect Man! eBook

by Thaddius Johnson

This is the story about a young couple whose marriage is becoming stale after three long years. James and Samantha begin noticing things about each other that sparks fits of anger between them. One day when...

Beginners Guide to Playing the Guitar

by Jack Moore

1) You will learn which guitar techniques really work and which ones don't. By reading this e-book, you will know which simple and easy to learn tricks will be right for you and which ones you need to wait for....

Fun Facts About Our Incredible World!

by Deedee Moore

Fascinating fun facts, famous mysteries solved, common myths exposed, bizarre concidences... Fun Facts About Our Crazy, Mixed-Up World.

How to Make Cocktails

by Barry Lear

"How to Make Cocktails" is just what you need to insure your success. The ebook has to offer: • All the basic cocktails and how to mix them • Should you have food? • A list of all the equipment and supplies...

Wedding Games and Activities for Your Special Day

by Jack Moore

In this ebook, you will find various activities, events and games which you can plan out for your wedding day. We will definitely contribute in making your wedding day most eventful and people will be able to...

Planning Your Perfect Wedding Reception

by Deedee Moore

The Perfect Wedding Reception. Planning for the most important day in the life of a new bride is stressful at the very least and can be classified as prep work for the loony bin at worst. It can never be too...

Extend Your Ipod Battery Life

by Deedee Moore

Your new iPod can do lots of tricks. It can play music, videos, display photos - all on the fly. In fact, with all its features and capabilities, it's practically a media center you can carry around wherever...

Boating Secrets Uncovered - Embarking On a Fun Journey!

by Deedee Moore

If you're new to boating, don't fear. There is a lot to learn, but the good news is that it's easy to learn. This book will explore all aspects of boating from picking out a boat to boat safety. Whether you...

Easy Magic Tricks

by Deedee Moore

Have you ever thought what your life might be like if you were a magician? We've all seen real magicians perform at some time or another during our lifetime. Maybe you even wondered, "How did he do that?" The...

David Koresh Superstar: An Unfilmable Screenplay

by Simon Indelicate

This unfilmable screenplay describes the film that The Indelicates vaguely intended to be made from their concept album: David Koresh Superstar. An imaginative, historically confrontational harking back to the...

Starting Out in Stand-Up

by Dave Pitt

Dave Pitt has been performing stand-up comedy for almost three years and this is a run down of the first 100 gigs. To anyone starting out in stand-up it is a resource of the ups, downs, trials and tribulations...

The Strange Case of the Missing Episodes - The Lost Stories of the Avengers Series 1

by Alan Hayes, Richard McGinlay & Alys Hayes

EPUB Version. In the mid-Sixties, The Avengers proved itself to be a cultural phenomenon. Despite its quintessential Englishness, it transcended international barriers, and established itself as British television's...

The Stage Combat Handbook

by Wolf Christian

This is a practical manual covering all elements of stage combat - armed and unarmed - which lead up to Stage Fight Performance certification. The perfect supplement to all courses, workshops and classes, The...

Dance Technique and Injury Prevention

by Justin Howse & Shirley Hancock

Dance Technique and Injury Prevention has established itself as the key reference for everyone involved in dance injury and treatment, physical therapy, and dance instruction.

Stanislavski in Rehearsal

by Vasily Osipovich Toporkov

Jean Benedetti's new translation of Toporkov's invaluable record restores to us the vitality and insight of Stanislavski's mature thoughts on acting. Toporkov's account offers an insight into Stanislavski's...

Edward Bond Letters: Volume 5

by Ian Stuart

First Published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Mask: A Periodical Performance by Edward Gordon Craig

by Olga Taxidou

No study of modern theater is complete without a thorough understanding of the enormous influence of visionary genius Edward Gordon Craig. Born in England in 1872, Craig went on to become famous world-wide as...