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Cinema and Ireland

by Kevin Rockett, Luke Gibbons & John Hill

This was the first comprehensive study of film production in Ireland from the silent period to the present day, and of representations of Ireland and 'Irishness' in native, British, and American films. It remains...

The Difficulty of Difference: Psychoanalysis, Sexual Difference and Film Theory

by D. N. Rodowick

This book argues that serious misreadings of Freud and Lacan on sexual difference have characterized prevailing models of psychoanalytic film criticism. In critiquing theories of identification and female spectatorship,...

Hollywood Goes to War: Films and American Society, 1939-1952

by Colin Shindler

A historian's view of the relationship between American history and the American film industry, this book is a witty and perceptive account of Hollywood and its films in the years from the outbreak of the Second...

The Movie Business: The Definitive Guide to the Legal and Financial Secrets of Getting Your Movie Made

by Kelly Crabb

Making a movie may be part art and part science, but it's 100 percent business.

In this comprehensive and accessible guide, Kelly Charles Crabb shares the information necessary to understand the legal and financial...

History on Film/Film on History

by Robert A. Rosenstone

History on Film/Film on History demonstrates how films can be analyzed as historical sources. It offers undergraduates an introduction to some of the first issues involved with studying historical films. 


Which Lie Did I Tell?: More Adventures in the Screen Trade

by William Goldman

From the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Princess Bride (he also wrote the novel), and the bestselling author of Adventures in the Screen Trade comes a garrulous new...

After Effects Apprentice: Real World Skills for the Aspiring Motion Graphics Artist

by Chris Meyer & Trish Meyer

Whether you're new to After Effects and want to get up to speed quickly, or already a user who needs to become familiar with the new features, After Effects Apprentice was created for you. With 11 core lessons...

Tell Me How You Love the Picture

by Ed Feldman, Tom Barton & Edward S. Feldman

Edward S. Feldman's legendary career began in advertising and publicity at 20th Century-Fox in the 1950s, and from there he worked his way up to executive studio positions within Seven Arts, Filmways, and Warner...

From Eileen Chang to Ang Lee: Lust/Caution

by Peng Hsiao-yen & Whitney Crothers Dilley

In 2007, Ang Lee made an espionage thriller based on the short story "Lust, Caution" by Eileen Chang, China's most famous female author of the twentieth century. The release of the film became a trigger for...

Directing the Documentary

by Michael Rabiger

Directing the Documentary is a comprehensive manual that has inspired over 100,000 readers worldwide. If you are interested in making documentary films, everything you need technically and conceptually is here....

The Global Film Book

by Roy Stafford

The Global Film Book is an accessible and entertaining exploration of the development of film as global industry and art form, written especially for students and introducing readers to the rich and varied cinematic...

Dennis Hopper

by Jack Hunter

Dennis Hopper. One of the most talented but controversial actors of the 20th century, almost as notorious for his off-screen alcohol and drug abuse as he was for his roles in such powerful films as his self-directed...

Robert De Niro

by Jack Hunter

Robert De Niro: one of the most versatile and acclaimed actors of recent decades, famous for the uncompromising method approach he brings to roles ranging from the psychotic Travis Bickle in Martin Scorsese's...

The Films Of Bruce Lee

by Jack Hunter

An illustrated account of the films made by Bruce Lee, the world-famous "king of kung-fu" who remains a legend, one of the most adulated and enigmatic movie stars of all time. This special ebook covers Lee's...

Oliver Reed

by Andy Black

A collection of illustrated essays on ten top movies featuring the late Oliver Reed, one of England's most famous film stars - and hell-raisers. The book is a tribute to both Reed-s acting skills and visual...

AI NO CORRIDA: A Film By Nagisa Oshima

by Jack Hunter

AI?NO?CORRIDA (1976) is Nagisa Oshima's hardcore sex version of the bizarre Sada Abe murder-mutilation-necrophilia case, which stunned Japanese society in 1936. Produced in France to avoid Japan's strict censorship...

Salo: A Film By Pier Paolo Pasolini

by Stephen Barber & Pier Paolo Pasolini

SALÒ (1975) Pasolini's interpretation of Sade's atrocity bible 120 Days Of Sodom, remains one of the most problematic and provocative films ever made. The story of four sexually depraved, sadistic and homicidal...

The Pocket Lawyer for Filmmakers: A Legal Toolkit for Independent Producers

by Thomas A. Crowell

* How can you use a state's film tax credits to fund your film? SEE PAGE 63.

* You have an idea you want to pitch to a production company; how do you safeguard your concept? SEE PAGE 77. 

* How can you fund...

Shoot Me Now: Making videos to boost business

by Geoff Anderson

Are you ready to use online video to propel your business? Are you already using it but with limited success? Or worse are you using video that damages your brand? Online video is here to stay and if you are...

Somewhere in the Night

by Nicholas Christopher

Film noir is more than a cinematic genre. It is an essential aspect of American culture. Along with the cowboy of the Wild West, the denizen of the film noir city is at the very center of our mythological iconography....