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Welcome to Just a Minute!

by Nicholas Parsons

'A joyous compendium of facts, fun and stories. This hilarious and informative guide is destined to become the companion to radio's most enduring panel game' PAUL MERTON In this first ever official companion,...

Historical Dictionary of Old Time Radio

by Jon D. Swartz & Robert C. Reinehr

The term Old Time Radio refers to the relatively brief period from 1926, when the National Broadcasting Company first began network broadcasting, until approximately 1960, when television became the dominant...

Silver Hair and Golden Voice

by Ernest J. Dick

Over his extensive career, Halifax-born film, television, and radio performer Austin Willis worked with luminaries from Orson Welles and Peter Sellers to a young William Shatner. He bested Goldfinger at cards—with...

In My Own Time

by Humphrey Burton

Sir Humphrey Burton is one of Britain's most influential post-war music and arts broadcasters. Witty, humorous and full of humanity, Burton's account presents us with never before recorded perspectives on the...

She Said What?

by Turi Ryder

Radio. It's almost as easy as marriage and motherhood.The excitement of a career on the air! Listeners asking for advice on dressing their girlfriends in leather bustiers; managers who believe every professional...

Radio Empire

by Daniel Ryan Morse

Initially created to counteract broadcasts from Nazi Germany, the BBC’s Eastern Service became a cauldron of global modernism and an unlikely nexus of artistic exchange. Directed at an educated Indian audience,...

Broadcasting Freedom

by Arch Puddington

Among America's most unusual and successful weapons during the Cold War were Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. RFE-RL had its origins in a post-war America brimming with confidence and secure in its power....


by Larry McCabe

This is the catchphrase used often when announcing who I was on the radio. For example, ?Hi, this is Lar?-on-the-Air, Larry McKay, sittin? in my chair, with all this hair. And how are you out there?? It?s an...

Women in Radio

by Geneviève A. Bonin-Labelle, Tanis Mcknight-Howe, Barbara M. Freeman & Chantal Dumas et al.

Who are, au féminin, the legends who shaped radio in Canada? What did they contribute locally, regionally, and nationally? How was their experience in radio broadcasting different from that of their male counterparts? ...

Revolution in the Echo Chamber

by Leslie Grace McMurtry

Revolution in the Echo Chamber is a sociohistorical analysis of British and US radio and audio drama from 1919 to the present day. This volume examines the aesthetic, cultural and technical elements of audio...

Easy For You To Say

by "Stuttering" John Melendez & Jay Leno

  • Former Howard Stern Show personality
  • Jay Leno is writing the introduction
  • "Stuttering" John has 17.8k Twitter followers
  • He does a podcast called The Stuttering John Podcast available on iTunes
  • Major media push
  • National...

  • Media in Mind

    by Daniel Reynolds

    Where do you end, and where do media begin? In Media in Mind, author Daniel Reynolds draws upon naturalist philosophies of the mind from John Dewey through contemporary theories of embodied and extended cognition...

    Making Radio

    by Shawn VanCour

    The opening decades of the twentieth century witnessed a profound transformation in the history of modern sound media, with workers in U.S. film, radio, and record industries developing pioneering production...

    Friendships of  ‘Largeness and Freedom’

    by Uma Das Gupta

    Friendships of ‘Largeness and Freedom’ presents the story of three remarkable individuals—Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, and the Anglican missionary Charles Freer Andrews. Brought together for the...

    Music in Range

    by Brian Fauteux

    Music in Range explores the history of Canadian campus radio, highlighting the factors that have shaped its close relationship with local music and culture. The book traces how campus radio practitioners have...

    Mario Cuomo

    by William O'Shaughnessy

    A personal, behind-the-scenes look at a Democratic icon

    Governor Mario Cuomo’s life and accomplishments are part of the public record, but in Mario Cuomo: Remembrances of a Remarkable Man, William O’Shaughnessy...

    It's One O'Clock and Here Is Mary Margaret McBride

    by Susan Ware

    One of the most beloved radio show hosts of the 1940s and 1950s, Mary Margaret McBride (1899—1976) regularly attracted between six and eight million listeners to her daily one o'clock broadcast. During her...

    Style, Mediation, and Change

    Human Rights and African Airwaves

    by Harri Englund

    Human Rights and African Airwaves focuses on Nkhani Zam'maboma, a popular Chichewa news bulletin broadcast on Malawi's public radio. The program often takes authorities to task and questions much of the human...

    Historical Dictionary of British Radio

    by Seán Street

    The story of British radio begins long before the birth of the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) in 1922. This book aims to tell this story through its component parts: the makers, the programs, and the policies...