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Keeping Up the Kardashian Brand: Celebrity, Materialism, and Sexuality

by Amanda Scheiner McClain

The Kardashian family is a contemporary cultural touchstone, recognizable throughout the world, connoting warrantless celebrity, voluptuous beauty, and social media savviness. This book explores the Kardashians’...

The Art of Governance

by Nancy Roche & Jaan Whitehead

A practical guide for nonprofit organizations.

The $11 Billion Year

by Anne Thompson

"This chronicle of 2012 is a slice of what happened during a watershed year for the Hollywood movie industry. It's not the whole story, but it's a mosaic of what went on, and why, and of where things are heading."...

Twentieth Century-Fox: A Corporate and Financial History

by Aubrey Solomon

Unlike any previous volume on a film studio, this in-depth history is told from a corporate viewpoint, covering the trends that influenced film-making, profit-making incentives, and the creative policies resulting...

You Oughta Be Me

by Bud E. Luv

You Oughta Be Me: How to Be a Lounge Singer and Live Like One is the hilarious guide to becoming a lounge singer, by none other than Bud E. Luv—lounge singer extraordinaire. Learn how to properly croon into...

Locating Migrating Media

by John McCullough, Janine Marchessault, Charles H. Davis & Greg Elmer et al.

Locating Migrating Media details the extent to which media productions, both televisual and cinematic, have sought out new and cheaper shot locations, creative staff, and financing around the world. The book...

Saving Performing Arts

by Ernest Auerbach

When Ernest Auerbach took the helm at Austin Opera in 2011, the organization had been in existence for twenty-five years and was near bankruptcy. In the years leading up to the financial disaster, the Operas...

How to Enter the Business of Commercial Modeling and Acting ... Without Getting Ripped Off

by Stuart J. Scesney

Are You a Beautiful Woman? Great...

Are You a Handsome Man? Great...

You an Everyday Looking Person?Even Better!

Not only BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, 5'11" plus get work modeling and acting! REAL PEOPLE get work too! Think...

Inside Studio 54

by Mark Fleischman, Denise Chatman & Mimi Fleischman

In Inside Studio 54, the former owner takes you behind the scenes of the most famous nightclub in the world, through the crowd, to a place where celebrities, friends, and the beautiful people sip champagne and...

Everybody's Got A Story!

by Tracie A Bonnick


Do you want to become a “PlaywrightPreneur”? That’s what Tracie Bonnick calls a person who wants to write, direct, or produce their very own original theatre production.

In Everybody’s...

Chronicle of a Camera

by Norris Pope

"Chronicle of a Camera should be essential reading for anyone interested in how independent narrative cinema became a reality in the United States."

--Charles V. Eidsvik, author of Cineliteracy: Film Among the...

Engaging Stages

by Lars Seeberg, Nick Amies & Benita Lipps

Engaging Stages is a hands-on guide for theatre makers and creative leaders to inform and inspire about strategic approaches to public engagement. Published by the Theatron Engaging Stages Network Europe,...

The Real, Low Down, Dirty Truth about Hollywood Agenting: The Day-To-Day Inner Workings of Hollywood from a Seasoned Talent Agent's Point of View

by Rima Greer

In this book you’ll find everything you always wanted to know about the real, honest-to-not-so-goodness, day-to-day inner workings of Hollywood. Not the glamorous Oscar-winning-Spielberg-red-carpet Hollywood,...

Pitching Hollywood: How to Sell Your TV and Movie Ideas

by Jonathan Koch & Robert Kosberg

Two successful movie and TV producers provide the reader with the tools needed to create, develop, and sell ideas to Hollywood. Producers Jonathan Koch (“Beyond the Glory”) and Robert Kosberg (Deep Blue...

Subscribe Now!: Building Arts Audiences Through Dynamic Subscription Promotion

by Danny Newman

"Buy it, borrow it, steal it, but get your hands on it! If you follow Danny's advice on how to sell tickets, you won't have an unsold seat in the house all season long!"--Ralph Black, American Symphony League...

Twentieth Century Fox

by Michael Troyan, Jeffrey Paul Thompson & Stephen X. Sylvester

Here it is: the first-time look at the remarkable American multinational mass media empire and its century of entertainment—the story of Twentieth Century Fox (1915–2015). Or, to borrow the title of a classic...

Invitation to the Party

by Donna Walker-Kuhne & George C. Wolfe

Acknowledged as the nation’s foremost expert on audience development involving America’s growing multicultural population by the Arts and Business Council, Donna Walker-Kuhne has now written the first book...

I Lost It At the Video Store

by Tom Roston

Selected by Kirkus Reviews as one of the Best Indie Books of 2015.

Filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, and Darren Aronofsky, who came of age during the reign of video rentals, discuss an era of...

To Create: Black Writers, Filmmakers, Storytellers, Artists, and Media-Makers Riff on Art, Careers, Life, and the Beautiful Mess in Between

by Felicia Pride

To Create is a collection of illuminating interviews with an eclectic set of black artists—including Harry Belafonte, Method Man, Nikki Giovanni, Edwidge Danticat, Edward P. Jones, Booker T. Mattison, and more—as...

Hollywood Made in China

by Aynne Kokas

China’s entry into the World Trade Organization in 2001 ignited a race to capture new global media audiences. Hollywood moguls began courting Chinese investors to create entertainment on an international scale—from...