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A Vulgar Art

by Ian Brodie

In A Vulgar Art Ian Brodie uses a folkloristic approach to stand-up comedy, engaging the discipline's central method of studying interpersonal, artistic communication and performance. Because stand-up comedy...

Goldilocks and the Three Musketeers

by Sleeping Trees

Our story begins as the mischievous Goldilocks flees from the Three Bears into the deep, dark wood. As she stumbles down a rabbit hole to escape, she finds herself in Wonderland! And all is not well… Teaming...

Women of Interest

by Alicia Alvrez, Erin Barrett & Becca Anderson

Funny and Feminist Trivia

Women of Interest is a humorous compendium of little known facts about the history, fame, fortunes, fashions, and fictions of the female species?enough to impress your mother and your...

The Queen Chronicles

by ElVenia Wiggins

The story is about a young Black college student, C?Ette, who haphazardly meets the Queen, befriends her and creates a unique and lasting bond. C?Ette teaches the Queen how to live hood style. The Queen teaches...

Funny Thing About Minnesota...

by Patrick Strait

"We'd do shows on Monday nights at this place and get maybe 10, 15, 20 people, tops," recalls Hansen. "So one week, Rodney Dangerfield is coming to town to perform at the Carlson Celebrity Ballroom, all week,...

Jayne Mansfield

by Eve Golden

Jayne Mansfield (19331967) was driven not just to be an actress but to be a star. One of the most influential sex symbols of her time, she was known for her platinum blonde hair, hourglass figure, outrageously...

Stand-Up Decoded

by Lue Deck

Author?s blurbs: William Knodelseder says, ?Still Funny as a train wreck!? Churchill says, ?The further back you can look, the further ahead you can see. Lue can see way back!? Nietzsche says, ?What doesn?t...

Ripping England!

by Roger Rawlings

Examines an all too often neglected period of postwar British cinema and popular culture.

Ripping England! investigates a fertile moment for British satire?the period between 1947 and 1953, which produced the...

The Sanity of Satire

by Al Gini & Abraham Singer

Political humor and satire are, perhaps, as old as comedy itself, and they are crucial to our society and our collective sense of self. Satire is confrontational. It’s about pushback, dissent, discord, disappointment,...

Anarchy in High Heels

by Denise Larson

Anarchy in High Heels is not a state of dress; it’s a state of mind.

A San Francisco porno theater might be the last place you’d expect to plant the seed of a feminist troupe, but truth is stranger than fiction....

It's the Wrong Way

by Goose Punk

I tried to cover all the issues right up until the US going into Iran this time. There?s an old story in there that might remind you of The Little Book of Horses. I?m right on with what most of the US is saying...

Weird Al

by Lily E. Hirsch & Dr. Demento

From his love of accordions and Hawaiian print shirts to his popular puns and trademark dance moves, "Weird Al" Yankovic has made a career out of making us laugh.

Funny music is often dismissed as light and irrelevant,...

Lyric as Comedy

by Calista McRae

A poet walks into a bar... In Lyric as Comedy, Calista McRae explores the unexpected comic opportunities within recent American poems about deeply personal, often embarrassing, experiences. Lyric poems, she...

Arms and the Man

by Bernard Shaw

Arms and the Man is a play by George Bernard Shaw, whose title comes from the opening words of Virgil's Aeneid, in Latin: Arma virumque cano ("Of arms and the man I sing").

This comedy was first produced...

Worst Laid Plans

by Alexandra Lydon & Laura Kindred

“When bad sex happens to good people, there is no recourse like full disclosure,” is the motto of Worst Laid Plans, a collection of forty probably-too-intimate, but shockingly funny, true-life tales of...

The Wes Anderson Collection

by Matt Zoller Seitz, Max Dalton & Michael Chabon

This New York Times bestselling overview of Wes Anderson's filmography features previously unpublished behind-the-scenes photos, artwork, and ephemera, with an introduction by Michael Chabon.


Fanny's First Play

by George Bernard Shaw

Fanny's First Play is a 1911 play by George Bernard Shaw. It was first performed as an anonymous piece, the authorship of which was to be kept secret. However, critics soon recognised it as the work of Shaw....

As You Like It

by William Shakespeare

As you like it is a five-act pastoral comedy by Shakespeare, written in verse and prose between 1599 and early 1600 and published for the first time in 1623. The work, based on the novel Rosalynde by Thomas...

As You Like It

by William Shakespeare

As you like it is a five-act pastoral comedy by Shakespeare, written in verse and prose between 1599 and early 1600 and published for the first time in 1623. The work, based on the novel Rosalynde by Thomas...


by George Bernard Shaw

Candida by George Bernard Shaw. The Reverend Morell, a socialist preacher, brings a penniless young poet, Eugene Marchbanks, into his home, which is dominated by his fascinating wife, Candida. With its single...