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Emma and I

by Sheila Hocken

As a girl, Sheila never let her gradual descent into blindness prevent her from trying to do everything a sighted person could do. Then at 17, unable to see to find her way around the house she grew up in, she...

Perfect Confidence

by Kelly Marks

'Some people dream of winning while others dream of losing their fears'

However ambitious or basic your goal, Kelly Marks is on hand to help you make that dream a reality. Despite major setbacks early on, Kelly...

For the Love of a Dog: Understanding Emotion in You and Your Best Friend

by Patricia Phd Mcconnell

Yes, humans and canines are different species, but current research provides fascinating, irrefutable evidence that what we share with our dogs is greater than how we vary. As behaviorist and zoologist Dr. Patricia...

Horses Talking

by Margrit Coates

Following the success of 'Healing for Horses', in this book, Margrit Coates explains how readers can learn to interact with equines on a deep level. She gives practical advice on how to tune into your horse...

The Natural Way For Dogs And Cats

by Midi Fairgrieve

As more and more people are choosing natural medicine for themselves, they are also seeking it for their pets. This book tells you everything you need to know about natural health care for dogs and cats, including:...

Brother Mendel's Perfect Horse

by Frank Westerman & Sam Garrett

' "When you touch a Lipizzaner, you're touching history," Westerman was once told. His elegant book offers fascinating proof' Financial Times

Frank Westerman explores the history of Lipizzaners, an extraordinary...

Give Your Horse a Chance: A Classic Work on the Training of Horse and Rider

by Lt. Col. A. L. D'Endrody

Many masters of horsemanship have studied horses and riding over the last centuries, but few have given the subject greater consideration than Agoston d'Endrody. In preparing this book, he gave considerable...

Great Danes of Today (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic)

by , Beryl Lee Booker

GREAT DANES OF TODAY By BERYL LEE BOOKER A VINTAGE DOG BOOKS CLASSIC REPRINT Originally published in the 1930s, this very scarce early work on the Great Dane is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition....

The Collie (a Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic)

by , O. P. Bennett

THE COLLIE By DR. O. P. Bennett And C.H. Wheeler. A VINTAGE DOG BOOKS CLASSIC REPRINT Originally published in Washington 1924, and republished in a revised and up-dated edition in the same year, this extremely...

The Boston Terrier and All about It - A Practical, Scientific, and Up to Date Guide to the Breeding of the American Dog (a Vintage Dog Books Breed Cla

by , Edward Axtell

The Boston Terrier And All About It - A Practical, Scientific, And Up To Date Guide To The Breeding Of The American Dog (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic) By Edward Axtell A VINTAGE DOG BOOKS CLASSIC REPRINT...

Boredom Busters for Cats: 40 Whisker-Twitching Games and Adventures

by Nikki Moustaki

Cats are commonly misconceived as the household pet that needs little attention. In reality, cats require the same sort of mental and physical stimulation as any other pet in order to be healthy, happy and more...

The Cats' Book of Romance

by Lisa Sachs & Kate Ledger

We usually turn to our friends for relationship savvy, but how often do we learn about love from our pets? Cats are particularly self-sufficient; they don't seem to need love—or anyone else. But the cats in...

Cat Home Alone

by Regen Dennis

It requires careful thought to maintain the state of opulence and ultimate comfort to which your cat is accustomed when you're not around to attend to her every need. That's way Regen Dennis has created Cat...

Cats and Their Poets

by Maurice Craig

Whether it is their caressibility, their demonstrably close kinship with the most magnificent predators in the world, their flexibility both moral and physical, their aesthetic sense of disposing themselves...

The Two of Us: A Book About Dogs and Their Owners

by Ellen Small & Jim Dale

Written with warmth and humor, The Two Of Us: A Book About Dogs And Their Owners is a tribute to true dog lovers. This gift book combines contemporary black-and-white photographs with funny, honest sentiments,...

The Souls of Animals

by Gary Kowalski

In this revised second edition of his celebrated book, Reverend Gary Kowalski combines heartwarming stories with solid science to show that other creatures are not insensitive.

Angel Dogs: Divine Messengers of Love

by Allen Anderson & Linda Anderson

Gathered from thousands of stories Allen and Linda Anderson have received, as well as their own experiences, Angel Dogs demonstrates that dogs are not only faithful companions but also spiritual beings.

Animals and the Kids Who Love Them: Extraordinary True Stories of Hope, Healing, and Compassion

by Allen Anderson & Linda Anderson

This collection of stories is for animal lovers of all ages - and for anyone who wants to smile or needs to heal.

Angel Animals: Divine Messengers of Miracles

by Allen Anderson & Linda Anderson

The extraordinary true stories in this revised and updated edition of Angel Animals celebrate the spiritual truths we learn from animals, and remind us that miracles do happen.

The Foaling Primer: A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising a Healthy Foal

by Cynthia McFarland

The Foaling Primer captures the foaling experience in amazing, up-close photographs taken by horse photographer Bob Langrish. The friendly, informative text guides you through the first year of a foal's life...