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Two Books of the Elements of Universal Jurisprudence

by Samuel Pufendorf

Two Books of the Elements of Universal Jurisprudence was Pufendorf’s first work, published in 1660. Its appearance effectively inaugurated the modern natural-law movement in the German-speaking world. The...

The Truth of the Christian Religion, with Jean Le Clerc's Additions

by Hugo Grotius

Grotius’s The Truth of the Christian Religion was first published in Leiden in 1627 in Latin. Written in a plain and direct language for his countrymen, this short work aimed to show those who would encounter...

The Orders of Discourse: Philosophy, Social Science, and Politics

by John G. Gunnell

In this insightful book, distinguished political scientist John G. Gunnell explores the relationship between social science and philosophy, and the range of problems that have attended this relationship. Gunnell...

Making Sense: A Theory of Interpretation

by Paul Thom

Critics and artists claim the title of 'interpreter' for themselves. Scientists do not so readily describe themselves in this way. But is the formulation of explanatory hypotheses in science so different from...

The Autobiography of Philosophy: Rousseau's the Reveries of the Solitary Walker

by Michael Davis

In making the condition for its own possibility its deepest concern, philosophy is necessarily about itself_it is autobiographical. The first part of The Autobiography of Philosophy interprets Heidegger's Being...

Knowledge, Belief, and Character: Readings in Contemporary Virtue Epistemology

by Guy Axtell, Ernest Sosa & Alvin Goldman

This is a unique collection of new and recently-published articles which debate the merits of virtue-theoretic approaches to the core epistemological issues of knowledge and justified belief. The readings all...

How Can I Be Trusted?: A Virtue Theory of Trustworthiness

by Nancy Nyquist Potter

This work examines the concept of trust in the light of virtue theory, and takes our responsibility to be trustworthy as central. Rather than thinking of trust as risk-taking, Potter views it as equally a matter...

Community Matters: Challenges to Civic Engagement in the 21st Century

by Verna V. Gehring & William A. Galston

In Community Matters: Challenges to Civic Engagement in the 21st Century, six distinguished scholars address three perennial challenges of civic life: the making of a citizen, how citizens are to agree (and...

An Eye for an Eye?: The Immorality of Punishing by Death

by Stephen Nathanson

In the second edition of An Eye for an Eye? Stephen Nathanson evaluates arguments for and against the death penalty, and ultimately defends an abolitionist position to the controversial practice, including arguments...

Aquinas and Modernity: The Lost Promise of Natural Law

by Shadia B. Drury

In this startling book, Drury overturns the long-standing reputation of Thomas Aquinas as the most moderate and rational exponent of the Christian faith. She reveals Aquinas to be one of the most zealous Dominicans...

Faces of Environmental Racism: Confronting Issues of Global Justice

by Laura Westra & Bill Lawson

Through case studies that highlight the type of information that is seldom reported in the news, Faces of Environmental Racism exposes the type and magnitude of environmental racism, both domestic and international....

Utilitarianism and Empire

by Bart Schultz & Georgios Varouxakis

The classical utilitarian legacy of Jeremy Bentham, J. S. Mill, James Mill, and Henry Sidgwick has often been charged with both theoretical and practical complicity in the growth of British imperialism and the...

Philosophy in Multiple Voices

by George Yancy, Jorge J. E. Gracia & Lewis R. Gordon

The scope of Philosophy in Multiple Voices provides the reader with eight philosophical streams of thought-African-American, Afro-Caribbean, Asian-American, Feminist, Latin-American, Lesbian, Native-American...

Wild Hunger: The Primal Roots of Modern Addiction

by Bruce Wilshire

This pioneering work explores why our culture is plagued by addictions-by giving serious attention to our genetic legacy from our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

Aristotle's Criticism of Plato's Republic

by Robert Mayhew

The first five chapters of the second book of Aristotle's Politics contain a series of criticisms levelled against Plato's Republic. Despite the abundance of studies that have been done on Aristotle's Politics,...

Restoring the Foundations of Epistemic Justification: A Direct Realist and Conceptualist Theory of Foundationalism

by Steven Porter

Against various detractors (e.g. Wilfred Sellars, Donald Davidson, etc.), this book develops a foundationalist theory of epistemic justification. In contrast with Laurence BonJour and borrowing from John McDowell,...

Who's Afraid of Charles Darwin?: Debating Feminism and Evolutionary Theory

by Griet Vandermassen & Margo Wilson

The relationship between feminism and the biological sciences has always been particularly tense and hostile. Feminists have been inclined not to trust what scientists had to say about the sexes, with science...

On the Old Saw: That May be Right in Theory But It Won't Work in Practice

by Immanuel Kant, E. B. Ashton & George Miller

Kant replies to the claim that there is conflict between what moral theory demands and what we can do in practice.

The Heart of Philosophy

by Jacob Needleman

Philosophy as it is frequently taught in classrooms bears little relation to the impassioned and immensely practical search for self-knowledge conducted by not only its ancient avatars but also by men and woman...

Plato's Gods

by Gerd Van Riel

This book presents a comprehensive study into Plato's theological doctrines, offering an important re-valuation of the status of Plato's gods and the relation between metaphysics and theology according to Plato....