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The Last Night: Anti-Work, Atheism, Adventure

by Federico Campagna

By replacing hope and faith with adventure, The Last Night of our lives might finally become the first morning of an autonomous future.

The Language of Fashion

by Roland Barthes

Roland Barthes was one of the most widely influential thinkers of the 20th Century and his immensely popular and readable writings have covered topics ranging from wrestling to photography. The semiotic power...

My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side

by Elisa Medhus M.D.


Dr. Elisa Medhus never believed in life after death. As an accomplished physi­cian, she placed her faith in science. All of that changed after her son Erik took his...

The Living Book of Nature

by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

 ‘We live in a civilization which requires us to know how to read and write, and this is very good. It will always be necessary to read and write but we must also know how to do so on other planes. In Initiatic...

Material Feminisms

by Stacy Alaimo & Susan Hekman

Harnessing the energy of provocative theories generated by recent understandings of the human body, the natural world, and the material world, Material Feminisms presents an entirely new way for feminists to...

Bodily Natures: Science, Environment, and the Material Self

by Stacy Alaimo

How do we understand the agency and significance of material forces and their interface with human bodies? What does it mean to be human in these times, with bodies that are inextricably interconnected with...

Queer Ecologies: Sex, Nature, Politics, Desire

by Catriona Mortimer-Sandilands & Bruce Erickson

Treating such issues as animal sex, species politics, environmental justice, lesbian space and "gay" ghettos, AIDS literatures, and queer nationalities, this lively collection asks important questions at the...

Foucault & Intl Relations: New Critical Engagements

by Nicholas J. Kiersey & Doug Stokes

The recent debate about biopolitics in International Relations (IR) theory may well prove to be one of the most provocative and rewarding engagements with the concept of power in the history of the discipline....

The Politics of Moralizing

by Jane Bennett & Michael J. Shapiro

The Politics of Moralizing issues a stern warning about the risks of speaking, writing, and thinking in a manner too confident about one's own judgments and asks, "Can a clear line be drawn between dogmatism...

Pierre Bourdieu

by Richard Jenkins

This short critical introduction to Pierre Bourdieu's thought is a model of clarity and insight. Where Bourdieu's own writings are often complex, even ambiguous, Richard Jenkins is direct, concise and to the...

Max Weber and Michel Foucault: Parallel Life-Works

by Arpad Szakolczai

Max Weber and Michael Foucault are among the most controversial and fascinating thinkers of our century. This book is the first to jointly analyse them in detail, and to make effective links between their lives...

Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations: Ancient Philosophy for Modern Problems

by Jules Evans

This book is an invitation to a dream school with a rowdy faculty that includes twelve of the greatest philosophers from the ancient world, sharing their lessons on happiness, resilience, and much more. Lively...

Philosophy Society History Eastern Europe

by Costica Bradatan

Philosophy, Society and the Cunning of History in Eastern Europe charts the intellectual landscape of twentieth century East-Central Europe under the unifying theme of 'precariousness' as a mode of historical...

Moral Self-Regard: Duties to Oneself in Kant's Moral Theory

by Lara Denis

Moral Self-Regard draws on the work of Marcia Baron, Joseph Butler and Allen Wood, among others in this first extensive study of the nature, foundation and significance of duties to oneself in Kant's moral theory....

Experimental Philosophy and Its Critics

by Joachim Horvath & Thomas Grundmann

Experimental philosophy is one of the most recent and controversial developments in philosophy. Its basic idea is rather simple: to test philosophical thought experiments and philosophers' intuitions about them...

Sartre's French Contemporaries and Enduring Influences: Camus, Merleau-Ponty, Debeauvoir & Enduring Influences

by William L. McBride

First Published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Existentialist Ontology and Human Consciousness

by William L. McBride

Existentialist Ontology and Human Consciousness

The majority of the distinguished scholarly articles in this volume focus on Sartre's early philosophical work, which dealt first with imagination and the emotions,...

Sartre's Life, Times and Vision Du Monde

by William L. McBride

First Published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Body Images: Embodiment as Intercorporeality

by Gail Weiss

Drawing on relevant discussions of embodiment in phenomenology, feminist theory, psychoanalytic theory, queer theory and post-colonial theory, Body Images explores the role played by the body image in our everyday...

Debates in Modern Philosophy: Essential Readings and Contemporary Responses

by Stewart Duncan & Antonia LoLordo

Debates in Modern Philosophy: Essential Readings and Contemporary Responses provides an in-depth, engaging introduction to important issues in modern philosophy.  It presents 13 key interpretive debates to...