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The Plan for Perpetual Peace, On the Government of Poland, and Other Writings on History and Politics

Essay on the Origin of Languages and Writings Related to Music

by Jean Jacques Rousseau & John T. Scott

Rousseau's major works, available for the first time in a uniform English edition, continue with a work that situates Rousseau's linguistic and musical theory within his larger philosophical system.

Rousseau, Judge of Jean-Jacques: Dialogues

by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Judith R. Bush & Christopher Kelly

Rousseau’s complete work, unified in English for the first time, premiers with an original translation of his Dialogues

The Roots of Romanticism (Second Edition)

by Isaiah Berlin, Henry Hardy & John Gray

In The Roots of Romanticism, one of the twentieth century's most influential philosophers dissects and assesses a movement that changed the course of history. Brilliant, fresh, immediate, and eloquent, these...

Why Does the World Exist?: An Existential Detective Story

by Jim Holt

The Washington Post Notable Non-Fiction of 2013

“I can imagine few more enjoyable ways of thinking than to read this book.”—Sarah Bakewell, New York Times Book Review, front-page review Tackling the “darkest...

Garden of Sufi: Insights into the Nature of Man

by Jim Aghevli

Over the centuries, religion has inspired some of civilization's most beautiful poetry, and certain Persian Muslims, the Sufi, have created intricately wrought poems celebrating peace and harmony. The world...

Rhetoric and the Familiar in Francis Bacon and John Donne

by Daniel Derrin

Rhetoric and the Familiar examines the rhetorical practice of Francis Bacon and John Donne in both their writing and public speaking. It explores how their rhetorical planning negotiates the need both to use...

The Hedgehog and the Fox: An Essay on Tolstoy's View of History (Second Edition)

by Isaiah Berlin, Henry Hardy & Michael Ignatieff

"The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." This ancient Greek aphorism, preserved in a fragment from the poet Archilochus, describes the central thesis of Isaiah Berlin's masterly essay...

Natural Religion and the Nature of Religion: The Legacy of Deism

by Peter Byrne

This study offers students of religion and philosophy introductory chapters concerning the concept of natural religion. It holds that we can't engage in useful discussion about the present concept of religion...

Mind and Deity: Being the Second Series of a Course of Gifford Lectures on the General Subject of Metaphysics and Theism Given in the

by John Laird

Complementary to Theism and Cosmology, this book begins with a discussion of philosophical and theological idea-ism, and our common beliefs concerning nature, man, and God. It is principally concerned with idealism...

Heaven Wasn't His Destination: The Philosophy of Ludwig Feuerbach

by William B. Chamberlain

If forced to state Feuerbach's philosophical genealogy, one would have to say that he was son of Hegel, father of Marx, and half-brother of Comte. In his own day he had many a celebratory and many a vilifier....

Faith After Foundationalism

by D.Z. Phillips

Foundationalism is the view that philosophical propositions are of two kinds, those which need supporting evidence, and those which in themselves provide the evidence which renders them irrefutable. This book, originally...

Experience, Explanation and Faith: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion

by Anthony O'Hear

In this book Anthony O'Hear examines the reasons that are given for religious faith. His approach is firmly within the classical tradition of natural theology, but an underlying theme is the differences between...

Deity and Morality: With Regard to the Naturalistic Fallacy

by Burton F. Porter

This book describes the "naturalistic fallacy", as attributed to Hume, that non-moral premises cannot logically entail a moral conclusion, and distinguishes it from the similarly named though subtly different...

Christianity and Morals

by Edward Alexander Westermarck

A thorough examination of many aspects of morality through the lens of Christianity, this book, originally published in 1939, is philosophical in its approach to assessing religion. It compares moral traditions...

An Analytical Philosophy of Religion

by Willem Frederik Zuurdeeg

This original study, published initially in 1959, introduces students of philosophy and of theology to a treatment of religion based upon the methods of modern philosophy - particularly logical empiricism and...

A History of Atheism in Britain: From Hobbes to Russell

by David Berman

Probably no doctrine has excited as much horror and abuse as atheism. This first history of British atheism, first published in 1987, tries to explain this reaction while exhibiting the development of atheism...

David Hume: Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion in Focus

by Stanley Tweyman

Based on the original handwritten manuscript, this book provides a new, accurate edition of Hume's important work, faithful to his original text, marginal notes, and changes. Stanley Tweyman's comprehensive...

The Ontological Foundation of Ethics, Politics, and Law

by Francesco Belfiore

In this revised edition, Belfiore adds new concepts and discusses the views of additional thinkers. He gives an ontological foundation to ethics, politics, and law and shows how his thought can reinterpret the...

Introduction to Thomistic Philosophy

by John Peterson

This book introduces readers to Thomistic philosophy through selected topics such as being, God, teleology, truth, persons and knowledge, ethics, and universals. Defending the basis of Aquinas' natural-law ethics,...