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Making Sense of Heidegger

by Thomas Sheehan

Making Sense of Heidegger presents a radically new reading of Heidegger’s notoriously difficult oeuvre. Clearly written and rigorously grounded in the whole of Heidegger’s writings, Thomas Sheehan’s latest...

Gadamer's Ethics of Play

by Monica Vilhauer

Gadamer's Ethics of Play: Hermeneutics and the Other examines the ethical dimensions of understanding by focusing on Gadamer's concept of 'play' as it is developed in his magnum opus Truth and Method. Monica...

Finite Transcendence

by Steven A. Burr

Absurdity, time, death—each poses a profound threat to Being, compelling us to face our limits and our finitude. Yet what does it mean to fully realize and experience these threats? Finite Transcendence: Existential...

Light Traces

by John Sallis & Alejandro Arturo Vallega

What is the effect of light as it measures the seasons? How does light leave different traces on the terrain—on a Pacific Island, in the Aegean Sea, high in the Alps, or in the forest? John Sallis considers...

Why Do We Go to the Zoo?

by Erik A. Garrett

Despite hundreds of millions of visitors each year, zoos have remained outside of the realm of philosophical analysis. This lack of theoretical examination is interesting considering the paradoxical position...

The Existentialists

by Charles B Guignon

This volume brings together for the first time some of the most helpful and insightful essays on the four most influential and discussed philosophers in the history of existentialism: Kierkegaard, Nietzsche,...

Becoming Nietzsche: Early Reflections on Democritus, Schopenhauer, and Kant

by Paul A. Swift

Becoming Nietzsche is an essential book for understanding Nietzsche's philosophical genealogy from 1866 to 1868, a phase that is punctuated by the influence of Friedrich Lange and a surprising rejection of Schopenhauer's...


by J. Jeremy Wisnewski

This concise and accessible textbook examines German philosopher Martin Heidegger’s entire body of work through the lens of his first and best-known book, Being and Time. An influential, twentieth-century...

You Must Change Your Life

by Thomas J. Millay

Countless academic books have been written about how to interpret literary texts. From reader response criticism to Marxist hermeneutics and beyond, the scholarship on interpretive methods is vast. Yet all these...

Delimitations of Latin American Philosophy

by Omar Rivera

A distinctive focus of 19th- and 20th-century Latin American philosophy is the convergence of identity formation and political liberation in ethnically and racially diverse postcolonial contexts. From this perspective,...

The Body and Embodiment

by Frank Chouraqui

Perfect for use at advanced undergraduate and graduate level, this is the first text to offer students a unified narrative regarding the place of the body in Western thinking. The book investigates the ways...

7,000 Million Degrees of Freedom

by Sehdev Kumar

Personal meditations on the wondrous and exalted idea of Freedom in all its rich and varied fecundity. Now with over 7,000 million of us on this earth, what could freedom possibly mean for us as earthlings,...

Locating Europe

by Rodolphe Gasché

Is the idea of Europe outdated? The concept of European unity, the animating spirit of the European Union, seems increasingly fragile in the face of far-right populist movements. In Locating Europe , Rodolphe...

The Work of Sartre

by Istvan Meszaros

This landmark book, first published in 1979, met acclaim as a doubly important work of radical philosophy. Its subject, Jean-Paul Sartre, was among the twentieth century's most controversial and influential...

A Pluralistic Universe

by William James

In May 1908 William James, a gifted and popular lecturer, delivered a series of eight Hibbert Lectures at Manchester College, Oxford, on “The Present Situation in Philosophy.” These were published in 1909...


by Cruz Matthews

The following topics are included in this 2-book combo:

Book 1: In this guide, we’ll go over some of the main aspects of existentialism, depression, intelligence, and deep thinking. First, the six standard...


by Cruz Matthews

This is a 2-book combo, which has the following titles:

Book 1: Existentialism is a basic terminology concept for theorists that think of the nature of the human condition as a fundamental essence of philosophical...


by Cruz Matthews

In this book, you will learn more about the lives and theories of prominent existential philosophers and theorists, such as Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Sartre, and others. These thinkers paved the way...


by Cruz Matthews

In this guide, we’ll go over some of the main aspects of existentialism, depression, intelligence, and deep thinking. First, the six standard themes of existentialism will be explained. This will give you...


by Cruz Matthews

Existentialism is a basic terminology concept for theorists that think of the nature of the human condition as a fundamental essence of philosophical issues and who also share the view that this problem is best...