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Metaphilosophy: Philosophy in Philosophical Perspective

by Nicholas Rescher

Nicholas Rescher unites two facets of metaphilosophy to show that the historical perspective and forward-thinking normative, or systematic, approach are, together, an integral component of philosophy itself....

Interreligious Hermeneutics and the Pursuit of Truth

by J. R. Hustwit

Interreligious Hermeneutics and the Pursuit of Truth argues that in inter-religious dialogue, we must not dismiss truth claims—whether metaphysical, ethical, or aesthetic—as mere cultural preference or existential...

Much Ado About Nonexistence: Fiction and Reference

by Avrum Stroll & Hatem Rushdy

Fiction, Reference, and Nonexistence contains a new, contemporary theory of fiction and discusses the connection between language and reality. Martinich and Stroll, two of America's leading philosophers, explore...

Morality and Justice: Reading Boylan's 'A Just Society'

by John-Stewart Gordon, Udo Schüklenk, Christopher Lowry & Seumas Miller et al.

The essays in this book engage the original and controversial claims from Michael Boylan's A Just Society. Each essay discusses Boylan's claims from a particular chapter and offers a critical analysis of these...

Philosophy of Language: The Central Topics

by Gary Seay, Susana Nuccetelli, Michael McKinsey & Donald Davidson et al.

This collection of classic and contemporary essays in philosophy of language offers a concise introduction to the field for students in graduate and upper-division undergraduate courses. It includes some of...

Socializing Metaphysics: The Nature of Social Reality

by Frederick Schmitt

Socializing Metaphysics supplies diverse answers to the basic questions of social metaphysics, from a broad array of voices. It will interest all philosophers and social scientists concerned with mind, action,...

In My Ever After: Immortality and Its Critics

by Robert Geis

This book argues against neurophilosophy's virtual equation of consciousness and the world. Part I identifies scientific grounds for a real world outside consciousness and self-refutational flaws in quantum...

A Short History of My Philosophy

by Agnes Heller

A Short History of My Philosophy is an autobiographic account of Agnes Heller's intellectual and academic career. It traces the development of ideas and gives a thorough account of some of Agnes Heller's most...

Philosophy and The Social Problem

by Will Durant

Will Durant and Ariel Durant, in full, respectively, William James Durant and Ariel Durant, née Ada Kaufman, or Ida Kaufman, (respectively, born Nov. 5, 1885, North Adams, Mass., U.S.—died Nov. 7, 1981, Los...

Hegel's Transcendental Ontology

by Giorgi Lebanidze

The book argues that Hegel offers the kernel of his ontology in the final part of the Science of Logic, the Doctrine of the Concept. The Concept consists of three moments: universality, the activity of generation...

The Ontological Recipe To Be Oneself

by Miguel D'Addario

A recipe can be a guide to achieve a certain food dish, in the same way sometimes we believe that there will come a specific moment to be happy and we let pass the opportunities that life presents us because...

Understanding Reality

by Nicholas Rescher

The book sees to show that the present discussion so unfolds as to show that ultimately Reality’s inherent impetus to lawful order serves also to account for its existence. The ultimate explanation of its...

The 5 Human Types

by Elsie Benedict

Human Analysis differs from every other system of character analysis in that it classifies man into five types according to his biological evolution. No person achieves success or happiness when compelled to...

Revelation, History, and Truth

by Eduardo J. Echeverria

The general topic of this book concerns the ontology, epistemology, and teleology of the hermeneutics of dogma. In particular, the author addresses contemporary challenges faced by the necessity of maintaining...

The Power of Rap in Words of Wisdom

by Manuel Peláez

Each paragraph of my books contains a mixture of philosophy, psychology, biblical passages, romance, spirituality, suspense, and all human emotions in a rap. It is poetic dialogue meant for readers with intellectual...

The Philosophy of Mind Travel

by Psychotic Logician

Psychotic logician takes the reader on a journey through his mind. As ones own personal guide in existence, we explore and travel the world in search for a higher understanding of the universe and ones place...

Prediction of Changes

by Sheng Bau

This book is intended as a detailed guide to hexagram prediction method using the ancient Chinese classic Book of Changes (Zhou Yi). This writing provides explanations of most of what is called hexagram prediction...

A Path to a Conception of Symbolic Truth

by Malgorzata Czarnocka

This book deals with correspondence truth, and offers an explanation of correspondence as a symbolization of reality. The author analyses those basic elements of known correspondence truth theories which are...

The Idea of the University

by Michael A. Peters & Ronald Barnett

The Idea of the University: A Reader, Volume 1 is a unique compilation of selected works of the major thinkers who have contributed to the discourse on the idea of the university in the German, English, American...

Robotics in Germany and Japan

by Michael Funk & Bernhard Irrgang

Germany and Japan are two of the worldwide leading countries in robotics research. Robotics as a key technology introduces technical as well as philosophical and cultural challenges. How can we use robots that...