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The Spatial Logic of Social Struggle: A Bourdieuian Topology

by Nikolaus Fogle

This is the first work to explicitly target Bourdieu's philosophy of space as a basic organizing force for his social theory. It draws together his work on both social space and physical space, and it applies...

Beyond the Cyborg: Adventures with Donna Haraway

by Margret Grebowicz, Helen Merrick & Donna Haraway

Feminist theorist and philosopher Donna Haraway has substantially impacted thought on science, cyberculture, the environment, animals, and social relations. This long-overdue volume explores her influence on...

Nietzsche and Phenomenology: Power, Life, Subjectivity

by Élodie Boublil & Christine Daigle

What are the challenges that Nietzsche's philosophy poses for contemporary phenomenology? Elodie Boublil, Christine Daigle, and an international group of scholars take Nietzsche in new directions and shed light...

The Lesser Good: The Problem of Justice in Plato and Levinas

by Wendy C. Hamblet

The Lesser Good represents a timely meditation on the incapacity of mere laws and state politics to adequately address the ethical exigencies that arise in human life. Through the philosophies of Plato and post-Holocaust...

Social Acceleration: A New Theory of Modernity

by Hartmut Rosa & Jonathan Trejo-Mathys

Hartmut Rosa advances an account of the temporal structure of society from the perspective of critical theory. He identifies three categories of change in the tempo of modern social life: technological acceleration,...

In Praise of Doubt

by Peter Berger & Anton Zijderveld

Modernity was supposed to usher in a rational secular world where religion was marginalized. Some even predicted it would disappear. But religion has not only survived—it is growing and thriving in the modern...

The Certainty of Uncertainty: Dialogues Introducing Constructivism

by Bernhard Poerksen

Nothing that can be said is independent of us. Whatever can be said is coloured by our dreams and aspirations, by the way our brain works, by human nature and human culture. Whoever claims to know or to observe...

Philosophical Pragmatism and International Relations: Essays for a Bold New World

by Shane J. Ralston, Matthew J. Brown & Brian E. Butler

Philosophical Pragmatism and International Relations bridges the gap between philosophical pragmatism and international relations, two disciplinary perspectives that together shed light on how to advance the...

Plato on the Limits of Human Life

by Sara Brill

By focusing on the immortal character of the soul in key Platonic dialogues, Sara Brill shows how Plato thought of the soul as remarkably flexible, complex, and indicative of the inner workings of political...

Reimagining Life: Philosophical Pessimism and the Revolution of Surrealism

by Raihan Kadri

The innovative, wide-ranging study deftly traverses fields of art, politics, philosophy, psychology, and literature. Reimagining Life redefines Surrealism's place in modern intellectual history and offers a...

Foucault and Education: Disciplines and Knowledge

by Stephen J. Ball

First published in 1990, this book was the first to explore Foucault's work in relation to education, arguing that schools, like prisons and asylums, are institutions of moral and social regulation, complex...

John Dewey, Liang Shuming, and China's Education Reform: Cultivating Individuality

by Huajun Zhang

This book addresses an often-ignored theme in the mission of the current Chinese education reform: cultivating students’ individuality as a foundation of learning. Moreover, it tries to revive the Confucian...

Philosophy and Kafka

by Brendan Moran & Carlo Salzani

Philosophy and Kafka is a collection of original essays interrogating the relationship of literature and philosophy. The essays either discuss specific philosophical commentaries on Kafka’s work, consider...

George Herbert Mead in the Twenty-First Century

by F. Thomas Burke & Krzysztof Skowronski

While rooted in careful study of Mead’s original writings and transcribed lectures and the historical context in which that work was carried out, the papers in this volume have brought Mead’s work to bear...

Revolutionary Hope: Essays in Honor of William L. McBride

by Nathan J. Jun & Shane Wahl

Over the course of the last four decades, William Leon McBride has distinguished himself as one of the most esteemed and accomplished philosophers of his generation. This volume-which celebrates the occasion...

Post-Rationalism: Psychoanalysis, Epistemology, and Marxism in Post-War France

by Tom Eyers

Post-Rationalism takes the experimental journal of psychoanalysis and philosophy, Cahiers pour l�Analyse, as its main source. Established by students of Louis Althusser in 1966, the journal has rarely figured...

The Unwritten Grotowski: Theory and Practice of the Encounter

by Kris Salata

This book gives a new view on the legacy of Jerzy Grotowski (1933-1999), one of the central, and yet misunderstood, figures who shaped 20th-century theatre, focusing on his least known last phase of work on...

Plant-Thinking: A Philosophy of Vegetal Life

by Michael Marder

The margins of philosophy are populated by non-human, non-animal living beings, including plants. While contemporary philosophers tend to refrain from raising ontological and ethical concerns with vegetal life,...

Maurice Merleau-Ponty: Basic Writings

by Thomas Baldwin

Merleau-Ponty was a pivotal figure in twentieth century French philosophy. He was responsible for bringing the phenomenological methods of the German philosophers - Husserl and Heidegger - to France and instigated...

The A to Z of the Lesbian Liberation Movement: Still the Rage

by JoAnne Myers

The A to Z of the Lesbian Liberation Movement: Still the Rage is a comprehensive overview and resource guide for one of the most invisible social political movements: the Lesbian Liberation Movement. This book...