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by Roberto Calasso & Richard Dixon

In a meditation on the wisdom of the Vedas, Roberto Calasso brings ritual and sacrifice to bear on the modern world

In this revelatory volume, Roberto Calasso, whom The Paris Review has called "a literary institution,"...

Brahman and Dao: Comparative Studies of Indian and Chinese Philosophy and Religion

by Zhihua Yao, Ithamar Theodor, Wei Zhang & Nicholas F. Gier et al.

Brahman and Dao: Comparative Studies of Indian and Chinese Philosophy and Religion is a pioneering volume highlighting possible bridges between Indian and Chinese cultures and complex systems of thought, and...

Esoteric Buddhism

by Alfred Percy Sinnett

Alfred Percy Sinnett was a British journalist and occultist who played an important part in the affairs of the Theosophical Society during its first generation. In the early 1880s A.P. Sinnett corresponded with...

Spoken for

by Brian Austin Darnell

Spoken for is a collection of over 200 inspirational and thought provoking poems about love, spirituality, and the Divine Beloved.

Brian Darnell is the author of two other collections of spiritual poetry, The...

The Hindu Journey

by Tribhuwan Kapur

The Hindu Journey comprises a prime example of allegorical writing. Part One of this book deals with visionary experience though a spiritual technique known as “gazing” thought which access can be made possible...

The Hindu Civilisation

by Shashi B. Sahai

This book is about a Civilization which is known for recitation of 6000 years old hymns and `mantras` during life cycle Events like births, marriages, deaths, etc. even today. "The Survival of Hinduism through...

Minds Without Fear

by Nalini Bhushan & Jay L. Garfield

Minds Without Fear is an intellectual and cultural history of India during the period of British occupation. It demonstrates that this was a period of renaissance in India in which philosophy--both in the public...

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

by Patanjali

The ‘Yoga S?tras of Patañjali’ are 196 Indian s?tras (aphorisms) that constitute the foundational text of Ashtanga Yoga, also called Raja Yoga. In medieval times, Ashtanga Yoga was cast as one of the six...

Autobiography of a Yogi

by Paramhansa Yogananda

'Autobiography of a Yogi' introduces the reader to the life of Paramahansa Yogananda and his encounters with spiritual figures of both the East and West. The book begins with his childhood family life, to finding...

The Conference of the Birds

by Farid ud-Din Attar

This is a classic sufi text written by the Persian poet Farid Ud-Din Attar. In the poem, the birds of the world gather to decide who is to be their king, as they have none. The hoopoe, the wisest of them all,...

The Upanishads

by Anonymous

'The Upanishads' are early philosophical texts of the Hindu religion. 'The Upanishads' represent the loftiest heights of ancient Indo-Aryan thought and culture and are regarded as direct revelations of God....

S?dhan?: The Realisation of Life

by Rabindranath Tagore

All the great utterances of man have to be judged not by the letter but by the spirit--the spirit which unfolds itself with the growth of life in history. We get to know the real meaning of Christianity by observing...

Songs of Kabîr

by Rabindranath Tagore

The poet Kabîr is one of the most interesting personalities in the history of Indian mysticism. A great religious reformer, the founder of a sect to which nearly a million northern Hindus still belong, it is...

Sons of the Wind

by Jacquie Ricard-Carrodano & XAVIER PIVANO

When Arnaud got an odd letter from a stranger who claimed he was his father, he couldn’t imagine it would lead him so far away. Far away from home, of course, but from himself too, from his inherent human...


by Umesh Nagarkatte & Chitra Nagarkatte

A commentary on the 8th century Kashmir Shaivism text Spanda Karika (Verses on Divine Pulsation). Modern physics agrees that the universe is a vibration of energy. The main theme of this book is that one can...

A Rasa Reader: Classical Indian Aesthetics

by Sheldon Pollock

From the early years of the Common Era to 1700, Indian intellectuals explored with unparalleled subtlety the place of emotion in art. Their investigations led to the deconstruction of art’s formal structures...

Yoga or the Art of Transformation

by William J. Flagg

A comparative statement of the various religious dogmas concerning the soul and its destiny, and of Akkadian, Hindu, Taoist, Egyptian, Hebrew, Greek, Christian, Mohammedan, Japanese and other magic. Chapter...