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DARS magazine n° 216

by Dars

D’ARS Magazine è una collana in formato ePub che dal 2014 offre al pubblico una raccolta di articoli tratti da D’ARS - periodico di arti e culture contemporanee in due lingue (italiano e inglese). Diretto...

DARS magazine n° 217

by Dars

D’ARS Magazine è una collana in formato ePub che dal 2014 offre al pubblico una raccolta di articoli tratti da D’ARS - periodico di arti e culture contemporanee in due lingue (italiano e inglese). Diretto...

Magic of Colors

by Diana - Avgusta Stauer

Inspiration for this book was the Colombian fashion designer Adriana Santacruz, who was chosen to be Colombian fashion Ambassadeur and is representing her country at the Paris Fashion Week 2014. Her thoughts...

Diary of my Happy Moments

by Diana - Avgusta Stauer

"Diary of my Happy Moments" is a unique book, that combines beauty, fashion, and emotions of very positive energy. It will share with you little secrets of style, health and beauty, told by the testimonial of...

The Sexy Vegan's Happy Hour at Home: Small Plates, Big Flavors, and Potent Cocktails

by Dharma Mittra

An invaluable resource for the beginning, intermediate, or advanced yoga practitioner, this book contains black-and-white photographs of 608 separate yoga postures from the famous yogi, Dharma Mittra.

Ashtanga Yoga - The Intermediate Series: Mythology, Anatomy, and Practice

by Gregor Maehle

n the first book on Ashtanga Yoga's Intermediate Series, Gregor Maehle guides both practitioners and teachers to the next level.

Feeling italian

by Maura Di Mauro & Bettina Gehrke

The “Feeling Italian” book uses the photographic language to explore multicultural identities and global citizenship.

89 images selected from an international Jury, together with personal stories and narratives...

Erotic Art

by Hans-Jürgen Döpp

When asked about Picasso, towards the end of his life, what was the difference between art and eroticism, he replied meditatively and dreamily: "But there is no difference." others feared eroticism, Picasso...

Bikini Story

by Patrik Alac

It was in 1946 that the world first came to hear of a coral atoll in the Marshall Islands called Bikini. The following year, French couturier Louis Réard borrowed the name and applied it to a bathing costume...


by Sergio Felleti

A tribute to Pope Francis - UN OMAGGIO A PAPA FRANCESCO - Jorge Mario Bergoglio

Transitional Photographs of One Blue Bird Square Olean, New York

by Les Howard

When a bus company decided to build their corporate headquarters in Olean, New York, photographer Les Howard turned the construction into a creation. Transitional Photographs of One Blue Bird Square Olean, New...

Rottnest Reflections

by Robyn Roper

The aim of this book is to tempt and tease you, the peruser into wondering, which part of the island the photo was taken!

White Dove

by Teruko Bowens

Artistic Studies Northern Virginia Art Home Study telecast for one year Torpedo Factory Art League School for Watercolor for three years and ongoing North Light Art School home study correspondence for three...

White Dove

by Teruko Bowens

I paint as a form of self-expression and to show people the world of beauty that God, the greatest artist, created. I want to share the appreciation of all that is in the worldbe it animals, flowers, buildings,...

Daylight After a Century

by George Jerjian

Dr. George Djerdjian (1870-1947), grandfather of the writer, took 240 photographs of his hometown of Arabkir and his college town of Erzeroum between 1900 and 1907, of which only about 100 survive. These photographs...

Reflections Through a Special Lens

by Stephen Thompson

Subtitled "The Photographic Eye of Jack E. Thompson, Reflections Through A Special Lens is a tribute to the author's late father. Jack Thompson was a well-known photographer and newspaper editor in Parry Sound,...

A Countryside Camera

by Christopher P. Nicholson

Roger Redfern – author, writer and photographer – had been writing about his travels and exploration of different areas of Britain and abroad for over 50 years, most notably as a regular contributor to The...

7 Years of Camera Shake: One Man's Passion for Photographing Wildlife

by David Plummer

As humans, we are drawn to predators like no other group of animals. They are the epitome of form and function, and have a level of perfection that we revere.

In 2009, wildlife expert, conservationist and photographer...

Baseball Americana

by Harry Katz, Frank Ceresi & Phil Michel

Foreword by George F. Will

With a new Preface by Carla Hayden, Librarian of Congress

A lavishly illustrated history of America's game, from the unparalleled collections of the Library of Congress.

“One of the...

Philip Gefter: Photography After Frank

by Philip Gefter

In Photography After Frank, former New York Times writer and picture editor Philip Gefter narrates the tale of contemporary photography, beginning at the pivotal moment when Robert Frank commenced his seminal...