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What Labs Love

by Ed Camelli & Mike Singer

Lab owners love their dogs, and they'll fall for this full-color gift book, too.

For centuries, Labs have captivated humanity -- from child to adult, from urban denizen to country dweller. This photo essay captures...

A Toronto Album: Glimpses of the City That Was

by Mike Filey

This classic look at old Toronto portrays scenes of public life from 1860 to 1950, illustrating how dramatically the urban fabric and environment have changed.

Dark Girls

by Bill Duke & Shelia P. Moses

In the tradition of the New York Times bestselling I Dream a World and Crowns comes this full-color companion volume to the acclaimed NAACP Award–nominated documentary Dark Girls—an inspiring and...

Yellowstone Country: The Photographs of Jack Richard

by Mark Bagne & Bob Richard

A regional pioneer of photojournalism, Jack Richard photographed in the Yellowstone area from the 1940s to the 1980s, where his crisp, superbly posed images captured the Western way of life. This book presents...

Tokyo Megacity

by Donald Richie & Ben Simmons

This photographic Tokyo travel guide explores the dynamic Japanese culture, art and architecture that make Tokyo a world-class city.

This extraordinary book explores Tokyo through 250 revealing photographs by...

The Historian's Eye

by Matthew Frye Jacobson

Between 2009 and 2013, as the nation contemplated the historic election of Barack Obama and endured the effects of the Great Recession, Matthew Frye Jacobson set out with a camera to explore and document what...

We Are the Music Makers!

by Timothy Duffy & Denise Duffy

America tells its stories through song. Consolation to the lovelorn, courage to the oppressed, warning to the naive, or a ticket to the Promised Land, a great song can deliver the wisdom of ages directly to...

Music Makers

by Timothy Duffy

When he was in graduate school in the late 1980s, Timothy Duffy began documenting the "roots" music styles of largely forgotten southern musicians in a series of field recordings. Recognizing that too many artists...

Blue Muse

by Timothy Duffy, William Ferris & Russell Lord

The tintype is rooted in more than 150 years of photographic method. In this collection of extraordinary portraits, Timothy Duffy brings new vitality to this old form, capturing powerful images of musicians...

Where We Find Ourselves

by Alex Harris, Margaret Sartor, Michael Lesy & Deborah Willis

Self-taught photographer Hugh Mangum was born in 1877 in Durham, North Carolina, as its burgeoning tobacco economy put the frontier-like boomtown on the map. As an itinerant portraitist working primarily in...

Selfie Love

by Haley Anne Bergsgaard & Travis Eric Bergsgaard

I started photographing myself three years ago, after I had my first child. I became obsessed with motherhood and I wanted to see myself in my new role. I took at least one photo of myself each day.

My idea is...

So, Who Really, Do You Think, You Are?

by Everett C Borders Jr. Ph.D.

We are now are own elders, as we must forget about your own personal platitudes whereas sometimes some lights that shines twice as bright, burns half as long, as sometimes we all tend to shine ever so brightly....

An African Family

by Susan Winters

This is what photojournalism is about. The war was over. On April 23, 1994, in a remote South African village, eighteen-year-old Nozuko Ngcaweni, her infant daughter Nqobile tied to her back with a blanket and...

Whales off Magnetic Island

by John Mc Nicholas

A personal account of an adventure experience with a breaching whale off the coast of Magnetic island in Australia. The unexpected sighting of a Whale that performs for a small audience of onlookers as they...

A Camera in the Dales

by John Moore

When he gave up smoking in the 'fifties, John Moore was able to buy a camera with the money he saved. This book, with its 56 monochrome photographs of the Yorkshire dales and dales life, is the result! The book...

Capturing the South

by Scott L. Matthews

In his expansive history of documentary work in the South during the twentieth-century, Scott L. Matthews examines the motivations and methodologies of several pivotal documentarians, including sociologist Howard...

Tallinn Baltic Summer City

by Giorgio di Bon

The wonders of Tallinn are revealed in the latest photo book by Giorgio di Bon. Tallinn is known as a medieval capital in the north-east corner of the Baltic Sea. The old town of Tallinn has been declared as...

Stop Here, This is the Place

by Susan Conley & Laura Lewis

Winky Lewis and Susan Conley, a photographer and a writer in Portland, tried an experiment. At the start

of every week for a year, Winky sent Susan a photograph: of their children, of the street where they live...

What's in a Picture?

by Joshua F. Moore

With intriguing photos and lively writing, What's in a Picture makes it clear that historic photographs can be a super source of present-day insight and entertainment. As a magazine feature in Down East and...

By a Maine River

by Thomas Mark Szelog & LeeAnn Szelog

In this book, the authors document in photos and words the experience of looking closely, through the passage of one year, at their 70 acres of Maine woods. Readers who loved Our Point of View will learn how...