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Our World Tour: A Photographic Journey Around the Earth

by Mario Dirks

Designed to inspire world travelers and photographers alike, this book takes you on a journey around the globe through the eyes of photographer Mario Dirks. In the fall of 2011, camera and lens manufacturer...

Stefan Lorant: Godfather of Photojournalism

by Michael Hallett

Stefan Lorant's work as a visual and literary editor allowed him to pioneer and develop the genre of picture-based journalism at a period that saw the emergence of modern mass communications. Lorant became a...

Somewhere West of Lonely

by Steve Raymer

In his travels around the globe, National Geographic photojournalist Steve Raymer has often been the first on the scene, recording unfolding events and revealing the connections that tie us together. Raymer’s...

A Past That Won’t Rest

by Jane Hearn & Jim Lucas

Contributions by Howard Ball, Peter Edelman, Aram Goudsouzian, Robert E. Luckett Jr., Ellen B. Meacham, Stanley Nelson, and Charles L. Overby

A Past That Won't Rest: Images of the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi...

Erie, Pa and Presque Isle State Park Facts and Legends

by Susan L. Duda

Erie, Pennsylvania and Presque Isle State Parks rich history is encapsulated in this book of facts and legends. It contains many beautiful pictures of Eries heritage and is in bullet format to make for easy...

Pictures to Die For

by Ron Laytner

Journalism at its very best: Noel Young, Sunday Mail, Scotland

In search of the worlds greatest stories my hands have held Einsteins brain and Hitlers golden gun. My foot has stepped on the foot of the Queen...

Carrizo Plain National Monument

by Joseph Albino

No available information at this time. Author will provide once available.

African-American Community, History & Entertainment in Maryland

by Rosa Pryor-Trusty

African-American Community, History & Entertainment in Maryland (Remembering the Yesterdays; 1940-1980) AUTHOR Rosa Rambling Rose Pryor-Trusty Xlibris Publishing Chapters includes 600 pages, 14 chapters of pictures...

The Fine Art of Crochet

by Gwen Blakley Kinsler

Fiber artists around the world have embraced crochet as an inventive medium like never before. Expanding on the creative possibilities and using sculpture, immense site-specific installations, performance, and...

They Fought in Colour / La Guerre en couleur

by Daniel Poliquin, The Vimy Foundation, Paul Gross & Peter Mansbridge

Iconic photos from the First World War, newly colourized.

Picture the First World War as if you were there: in living colour and immersive detail. Even for such a richly documented time, the era is usually obscured...

DREAM CATCHERS  -  Nature Meets Digital

by Barbara Kennedy

Look inside a thing to know its wonder. Just like snowflakes, no two dream catchers–or dreams–are alike. Stick out your tongue and catch one on the very tip of it. Lick it. Roll it around on your tongue....

Prairie Gothic

by George Webber & Aritha van Herk

George Webber’s poignant black-and-white photographs transport us into the forgotten, unknowable communities of the Canadian prairies. Throughout the journey, we’re confronted by the mysterious particulars...

Street Fashion Moscow

by Elena Siemens

Few cities in the world offer the diversity of stunning visuals that can be found on the streets of Moscow, from famous landmarks like Red Square to the Boulevard Ring and Kamergersky Lane and the residential...

The Flood of 2013: A Summer of Angry Rivers in Southern Alberta

by Herald & Naheed Nenshi

The Flood of 2013 chronicles an unforgettable summer of angry rivers, unprecedented flooding and undeniable human spirit. This book looks at how the disaster irrevocably changed southern Alberta and its people....

Capone: A Photographic Portrait of America's Most Notorious Gangster

by Chicago Tribune Staff

A visual retelling of the rise and eventual fall of Chicago's most notorious gangster: Alphonse "Scarface" Capone. Comprised of many never-before-published photographs from the Chicago Tribune's vast archives,...

Century of Progress: A Photographic Tour of the 1933-34 Chicago World's Fair

by Chicago Tribune Staff

Between 1933 and 1934, over 48 million visitors attended "A Century of Progress Exposition," the world's fair located in Chicago, Illinois. Conceived of during the Roaring Twenties and born during the Great...

Depth of Field

by Alex Garcia

DEAR READERS: Please note this is a fixed-layout ebook. For the best reading experience, please read on a large-screen reading device or tablet (Kindle, iPad, etc).

Comprised of weekly blog posts by author and...

Humans of San Antonio

by Michael Cirlos

Along with the movement Humans of New York, a project to share the stories of New Yorkers, Humans of San Antonio is part of the Global Humans Project, a network of major cities around the world dedicated to...

Disco Demolition: The Night Disco Died

by Dave Hoekstra, Steve Dahl, Bob Odenkirk & Paul Natkin

In Disco Demolition, Dave Hoekstra sets the record straight about the night that epitomized the rock and disco culture clash.

Why Does It Happen?: Earthquakes and Volcanoes: Natural Disaster Books for Kids

by Baby Professor

Earthquakes and volcano eruptions are natural disasters that are best faced prepared. Through this picture book, a child goes through multi-sensory learning that makes it easier to understand the intensity of...