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Art and Science of Butterfly Photography

by William Folsom

Starting with a basic discussion of butterfly anatomy, this book delves into the details of their habits and habitats, including where and how they live and where and when to look for specific breeds, in order...

Success in Portrait Photography: Marketing and Management Techniques for Studio Owners

by Jeff Smith

This practical guide focuses on the skills photographers must possess in order to establish and run a successful portrait studio without sacrificing creative vision or a life outside the studio. Beginning with...

Storytelling Wedding Photography: Techniques and Images in Black & White

by Barbara Box

Creating a truly unique “storybook” wedding album involves combining black and white wedding candids with more traditional formal color photographs—as well as mementos and bits of text, poetry, and readings...

Photographing Children with Special Needs: A Complete Guide for Professional Portrait Photographers

by Karen Dorame

Finding a photographer with the technical, medical, and logistical knowledge necessary to take great portraits of children with special needs can be a daunting task. This comprehensive guide helps photographers...

How to Photograph Your Baby's First Year

by Laurie White White Hayball & David Hayball

Designed for individuals without a background in photography, this simple guide shows parents how to take the best possible photographs of their child's first year. It is filled with helpful hints for creating...

Painting with a Lens: The Digital Photographer's Guide to Designing Artistic Images In-Camera

by Rod Deutschmann & Robin Deutschmann

Arguing that photography should be about more than gear, shooting modes, and computer programs, this book highlights methods for creating artistic photographs in the moment a picture is taken, rather than later...

Innovative Techniques for Wedding Photography

by David Neil Neil Arndt

Instead of static, posed wedding portraits, photographers can now learn new and creative techniques to add that updated edge clients demand. Styles such as photojournalistic, architectural, romantic, fine art,...

Creative Techniques for Color Photography

by Bobbi Lane

Photographers learn to maximize color skills to create images that match their own unique visions with this practical and comprehensive guide to creative color photography. The science behind color—what it...

Creating HDR Photos: The Complete Guide to High Dynamic Range Photography

by Harold Davis

Since the days of the first photographs, artists have used various techniques to extend the range of lights and darks in their photos. Photographic masters such as Ansel Adams and Edward Weston spent countless...

Photographing Children Photo Workshop: Develop Your Digital Photography Talent

by Ginny Felch & Allison Tyler Tyler Jones

While digital technology has made acceptable photos easy to achieve, this book is about taking exceptional photos that preserve the essence of childhood.You?ll learn to trust your instincts and your own unique...

Digital Heritage

by Lindsay MacDonald

In the fields of documentation and conservation of cultural heritage assets, there is a constant need for higher quality records and better analytical tools for extracting information about the condition of...

Camera Clues: A Handbook for Photographic Investigation

by Joe Nickell

Nationally known historical investigator Joe Nickell tells us how to identify and date old photos and how to distinguish originals from copies and fakes. He addresses forensic application, "surreptitious photography,"...

Professional Strategies and Techniques for Digital Photographers

by Bob Coates

Professional advertising, nature, portrait, and wedding photographers give the inside scoop on how they deal with issues faced in shooting, selling, and retouching digital images. Top photographers such as Dave...

Picture-Taking for Moms & Dads: Recipes for Great Results with Any Camera

by Ron Nichols

Geared primarily toward beginning photographers who want to capture their family events on film, this book explains the essentials of basic photography. From point-and-shoot automatics to manual cameras to disposables,...

High Impact Portrait Photography: Creative Techniques for Dramatic, Fashion-Inspired Portraits

by Lori Brystan

Examining the creative process behind portrait photography for media and advertising, this book will help photographers create and sell portraits that look like they were pulled from the latest fashion magazine....

Fantasy Portrait Photography: Creative Techniques and Images

by Kimarie Richardson

These expert tips guide photographers through the creation of elaborate and fun portraits that reveal subjects as imaginatively rendered characters, such as a fairy princess, a 1950s greaser, or a 1940s Hollywood...

Dramatic Black & White Photography: Shooting and Darkroom Techniques

by J.D. D. Hayward

The techniques featured in this book will give beginning and experienced photographers alike new ideas for each step of the photographic process. Every aspect of the 60 featured images is described in detail...

Master Posing Guide for Children's Portrait Photography

by Norman Phillips

This comprehensive resource provides insight into the strategies needed to devise and implement creative, flattering poses for children of all age groups, from newborns through preteens. Posing options are...

Mother and Child Portraits: Techniques for Professional Digital Photographers

by Norman Phillips

Examining a style of photography that has become increasingly popular with families, this in-depth analysis explores the most important aspects of mother and child portraiture. Summarizing advice from seasoned...

The Best of Portrait Photography: Techniques and Images from the Pros

by Bill Hurter

Featuring techniques and images from more than 40 of the industry's top photographers, this resource shows the best methods for lighting and posing individuals, couples, and groups, both on location and in...