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Ireland: A Luminous Beauty

by Peter Harbison & Leslie Conron Carola

Island light is magical. And none more so than Ireland's. Ireland's light floods the landscape, luring the senses with a restless presence. The water surrounding and carving through the island reflects back...

The splendid Riviera del Brenta

by Paolo Tieto

The object of this book is to illustrate the villas along the Brenta River as they appeared in the 18th century, and as they may be admired today from the river barge (Burchiello) going from Padova to Venice...

Yellow River Odyssey

by Bill Porter

Bill Porter, a.k.a Red Pine, connects modern China to its past in a riveting journey down the Yellow River.


by John Berthold & Lyonpo Thinley Gyamtsho

Regarded as the "crown jewel of the Himalayas," the Kingdom of Bhutan is the last remaining independent country to support Buddhism as the official state religion. Photographed over the course of three years,...

The Traveling Photographer: A Guide to Great Travel Photography

by Sandra Petrowitz

Traveling and photography is a perfect match, but photographers are often disappointed that their images fail to meet the quality of their artistic aspirations. This book combines theoretical information, practical...

The Best of Bar Harbor

by Greg Hartford

On the doorstep of Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor offers everything from magnificent vistas to a downtown that bustles in summertime and is serenely quiet in winter. In this trim and elegant keepsake, photographer...

Where in Maine: A Tour of Intriguing Places in the Pine Tree State

by Andrew Vietze & Kevin Shields

Where in Maine? is the most popular feature in Down East magazine. Each month an eye-catching photograph captures a corner of Maine, and a succinct caption helps readers guess the location. This book presents...

Audubon Park

by Nat Fleck

Audubon Park is a popular uptown park here in New Orleans. It was largely designed by the renowned landscape architect John Olmsted after the 1894 World’s Fair. He was known for incorporating green space,...

A Journey Through Kelly Country

by Anthony John Dodd

"There's no icon that stands the test of time through Australian history better than Ned Kelly.

The words "Such is life" uttered by Ned when facing his demise at the 'Old' Melbourne Goal is synonymous with Australian...

Magic in the Skies over Northern New Mexico

by Sheryl Taylor Sinner Bhame

More than a dozen among my collection of photographs are the personification of surrealism, except that they are real.

Changing Scenes in Exuma

by Sabrina Bethel

Sabrina Bethel lives on the mainland island of Exuma, Bahamas, with her family. She talks daily walks around George Town and the beaches and loves to watch sunrise and sunsets. She loves living in the small...

Living Spain

by Barbara Wolf & Jack Wolf

As photographers and writers, Jack and Barbara Wolf know this world very well. They lived in Spain in the 1950s and loved photographing the people who were so strong and kind and full of life. It was fun watching...


by Deshbandhu Jadli

"Padmashree" is about a woman from Garhwal, a village at the base of the Himalayan Mountains. She faced many challenges from her childhood. In want of a normal life of a simple girl, she encounters an unpredicted...

Flying Smart

by Atul Bhatia

Air travel in India has exploded in the last decade and is expected to continue rising in the next decade and beyond. While many travellers are now frequent fliers, many more join the ranks of first-time travellers...

The Magic and Mystery of the Callanish Complex and the Isle of Lewis

by Pip Lee Meer

The Magic and Mystery of the Callanish Complex and the Isle of Lewis explores the sacred sites of this beautiful island from an entirely new perspective. In this book the author describes the energy of each...

Habari Ya Safari?

by Neil McClure

Habari Ya Safari is the much anticipated follow-up title to Neil McClures Mombasa Revisited. This is a separate collection of images gleaned from four separate trips to East Africa over a five-year period from...

The Book of Jims

by J.I. Miller

From Saint James to Jim Beam bourbon, from King James to chocolate jimmies, from all the Jamestowns in the United States to one in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and from Jimmy Hoffa to Slim Jims with lots...

Mississippi in My Glass

by Vince Havens Photography

I have traveled over most of the state of Mississippi, whether to shoot photographs, visit family, or just headed out somewhere to see what I can find. I always have my camera equipment with me, and as a friend...

Trekking the Mount Everest Trail

by Karen Cox Gray

A longed desired trip to see Mount Everest in Nepal became the event of a lifetime for two Midwesterners whose mountain hiking preparation was minimal. This photographic memoir is compiled in homage to the inspiration...

Diamonds, Gold and Ice Road Truckers

by Vanessa M. Truter

If you have an interest in travelling to parts of the world that are less frequented, then this book is for you! A photographic travel journal of Yellowknife and its immediate surroundings in the Northwest Territories,...