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Naughty Bits - Volume 1

by John Lord

15 Erotic nude studies of a sexy ebony BBW model. This is the first in a series and features full nudity outdoors. This photobook contains full frontal nudity and is therefore for open minded adults only. Strictly...

Tits And Pits - Special Edition

by John Lord

Jenny has 2 secret fetishes, the first is quite normal she suspects, but the other she's convinced is decidedly strange and kinky. Often she wears a loose top and gives a quick peep at her firm ebony breasts,...

Naked Labour (Explicit Edition)

by Chuck James

Chubby ebony girl Tanya has found herself stranded without money or options while on holiday in Portugal. Well, she does have one option, the oldest option known to man! If she wants cash she always has something...


by Missy Suicide

The story behind

Erotic Photography

by Alexandre Dupouy

Erotic photo art has lost much of its exquisite soul since Playboy and other girlie monthlies repackaged the human body for mass-market consumption. Like much painting, sculpture and engraving, since its beginning...

Playboy Plus: Cara Mell

by Playboy

This xxx picture book is designed for anyone who is a fan of beautiful women and photography! Playboy Plus features only the sexiest and most sophisticated nude models in the industry. Playboy Plus is an...

A Man Has Needs

by Freakalique

Amanda secretly wants Alison's husband. When he returns Amanda's slow cooker, things slowly start cooking between the two of them.

Auctioned Off

by Freakalique

Alexa is kidnapped and auctioned off as a sex slave. When all seems lost, your hero appears!

Cuckold By Force

by Freakalique

Your wife has fantasies of fucking another man. After some steamy fantasy sex, she decides to go through with it. You're not consulted, so if you don't like it, then tough!

Birth of a Fiend

by Freakalique

After taking a Japanese weight-loss supplement, Adrienne grows a penis and feels compelled to use it on her friend Alessandra. After that, things start to get a little weird.

Be warned that the events in this...

A Bit Slutty

by Freakalique

You discover that a girl you're infatuated with is actually a bit of a slut, and you take full advantage. This all happens with the full encouragement of her friend, who happens to be my girlfriend.

To make things...

Tied Up Surprise

by Freakalique

The girl of your dreams is given to you as a present by your friends. The circumstances are a little suspicious (she seems quite annoyed to have been tied up naked to the bed) but you don't let that stop you!...


by Freakalique

You have a rare moment alone with your dream girl, but your wandering, lecherous gaze gets you into trouble!

A Huge Favor

by Freakalique

A guy can't satisfy his sexy girlfriend Aaliyah, so they ask his good friend Abe to help out...

Tribal - Explicit Edition

by Chuck James

Amateur photographer Chris is entering a competition, the theme is simply Tribal, so instantly he thinks of colourful beads against dark skin. He must find a suitable model, but time is running out fast and...

A Lapse Of Judgement - Explicit Edition

by Chuck James

"I felt her hand squeeze my wilted cock, I saw her smile, it didn’t improve her looks, it just made her chubby face look even fatter as her cheeks seemed to puff up." .. I thought I had taken an angel to my...

Exposure - Explicit Edition

by Chuck James

Millionaire playboy Dave and his best friend Tony have booked a special cleaner from an agency. Sexy and sultry Maria is supposed to arrive soon, and completely naked she is going to dust and scrub until the...


by Peter Marosi

3 is the the third ebook of Peter Marosi,an hungarian glamour/fashion photographer, with Barbara Bocsi as model.

Objects of Desire - The Eroticism of Touch

by Hans-Jürgen Döpp

Since humans first began thinking creatively - as opposed to merely procreatively - about sex, men and women have spiced up their love lives with this and that. Every civilization has come up with its own sex...

The Erotic Orient

by Hans-Jürgen Döpp

Since The Turkish Bath (1863) by the French painter Ingres, the Far Eastern woman has to many been a symbol of pleasures out of reach or forbidden. Seafaring explorers, military adventurers and simple travellers...