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The Lark Quartet: Poems by Elizabeth Smither

by Elizabeth Smither

A lovely new collection by a leading New Zealand poet. This is among her best work, moving through a range of attentions—gardens, friends, works of art—with great charm and unexpected and quirky wit.

The Drummer

by Ian Wedde

The Drummer is Ian Wedde's eighth collection and it is plump with exquisite visual images, lost faith in language, revelations of intense beauty and literary allusions (from the Romantics to the New Zealand...

The Gas Leak

by Anna Jackson

This thoughtful, disturbing, and darkly funny new collection explores the theme of uneasy domestic life in poems arranged in three sequences and narrated by a gas fitter, his wife, and their teenage daughter....

The Commonplace Odes

by Ian Wedde

A strong new collection from an important poet, his first in seven years. It draws inspiration from the odes of Horace (and Keats), shows a new reflective and sober mood, but also evokes the rich world of the...

The Blind Singer

by Chris Price

Drawing on a wide range of material, this compendium of poetry integrates science, legend, history, biography, and film into a fiery collection of verse. From melody and empiricism to skepticism and superstition,...

Star Waka: Poems by Robert Sullivan

by Robert Sullivan

Published on the cusp of the new millennium, Maori poet Robert Sullivan’s third book of poems, Star Waka, explores themes of journeying and navigation, moving back and forth in time and focus to confront colonisation,...

Snowing Down South: Poems by Janet Charman

by Janet Charman

This fifth collection of poems by a well-established poet is a vivid and compassionate evocation of ordinary domestic life. Unflinching realism about the situation of women gives her work power. Her handling...

Rapunzel, Rapunzel: Poems by Janet Charman

by Janet Charman

A substantial fourth collection from a feminist poet chronicling life in the suburbs in all its banal and joyous detail. Janet Charman writes with wit, irony and sometimes anger, about being a wife, a mother,...


by Anne Kennedy

This collection of poetry deals with the domestic life of a family, mother, father, and two small children, and in particular about the grueling experience of eczema from which the little girl suffers. Told...

Mirabile Dictu

by Michele Leggott

"Leggott continues to write complex lyrics, sampling thought and song, voice and vision." Charles Bernstein, Notable Books "There is a flow in Leggott’s writing that reminds me of reading Shelley: the same...


by Elizabeth Nannestad

Jump is the first collection from poet Elizabeth Nannestad, who has also worked as a doctor and forensic psychiatrist. These brief poems come to us in a singular voice, deceptively deft and simple. They are...

James K. Baxter: Poems

by Sam Hunt

Including 50 poems by revered New Zealand poet and social activist James K. Baxter, this unique and accessibly sized collection offers an insider's view of the man and his work from his longtime friend and fellow...

Husk: Poems by Chris Price

by Chris Price

This a lively and enjoyable first collection of poems by a writer who is well known in the New Zealand literary world and who has published widely in journals. It is a polished, elegant, and mature work. Chris...


by Jessica Le Bas

This engaging collection of poetry, split into six sections and written in an intimate and affectionate tone, is wonderfully diverse. The lyrical poems address issues that run the gamut from family, friends,...

Good Business

by Ian Wedde

From jaunty and self-deprecating to serious and nostalgic, the poems in this collection paint a vivid portrait of Wellington businesses and institutions. Quietly hilarious, the verse captures the essence of...

From the Word Go

by Murray Edmond

The poems in From the Word Go come in various shapes, sizes and styles. All make language work hard, are vivid and carefully crafted, and put the reader in contact with a lively, inventive mind. The verses are...

Fast Talking Pi

by Selina Tusitala Marsh

Touching on the poet’s community, ancestry, influences, and history, this debut collection of poetry lives up to the meaning behind the artist’s name—“writer of tales.” The featured verse is sensuous...

Fast Talker

by David Eggleton

This dynamic poetry collection combines punchy political and social awareness with tender observations of everyday life. Embracing a wide variety of subjects, these poems constantly shift in tone and rhythm,...

Fool Moon

by Murray Edmond

The four phases of the moon are the organizing theme of this poetry collection from a lively and irreverent New Zealand writer. Faraway places, conversations with friends, word games, theatrical elements, and...


by Paula Green

A sense of the romance in music, art, love, and landscapes permeates this lyrical collection from a sophisticated poet. The southern mountains of New Zealand and the towns and countrysides of Italy are among...