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Delusions, Etc.

by John Berryman

Mr. Berryman’s posthumous book of poems, Delusions, Etc., had been completed and was in proof before his death on January 7, 1972. The opening section, “Opus Dei,” is a sequence of eight poems based on...

Berryman's Sonnets

by John Berryman, Daniel Swift & April Bernard

A brilliant and fiercely pitched sonnet cycle about love: at once passionate, forbidden, and doomed

John Berryman was an unconventional poet, but he must have surprised even himself when, in his thirties, he...

77 Dream Songs

by John Berryman, Daniel Swift & Henri Cole

A wild, masterful Pulitzer Prize–winning cycle of poems that half a century later still shocks and astounds

John Berryman was hardly unknown when he published 77 Dream Songs, but the volume was, nevertheless,...

Sovereign at Sky

by Sai Krishna Yedavalli

this ebook is collection of nature poems vivid rays of sun sovereign at blue sky beguile at times described by me in these poems you can enjoy it thank you

Vast Sky

by Sai Krishna Yedavalli

this ebook is collection of nature poems vast sky expressed in beautiful words beguile sky in vastness you can enjoy this ebook

Fluxed Heart

by Laxmi Anasuya Yedavalli

this ebook is collection of poems on variety thoughts my feelings about society and god expressed in these poems i think you can enjoy it thank you

Whitman: The Mystic Poets

by Walt Whitman & Gary David Comstock

Offers insight into Whitman's quest for self-discovery, which involved an ongoing mystical experience of the world.

Poetry - Volume Two

by Dakota-Luise Wolf

A collection of various poetry from F to J about different emotions and feelings that I have felt at different times in my life.

The Beforelife

by Franz Wright

In this stunning collection, Franz Wright chronicles the journey back from a place of isolation and wordlessness. After a period when it seemed certain he would never write poetry again, he speaks with bracing...

The Year Is a Circle: A Celebration of Henry David Thoreau

by Victor Carl Friesen

Taking a series of quotations demonstrating Thoreau's philosophy, Victor Carl Friesen writes a poem for each and illustrates them with outstanding colour photographs.

When September Comes: And Other Poems

by Peter Jailall

Peter Jailall continues his search for "home" in his third volume of poetry, exploring the "open, dangerous" landscape of a post-September 11th world.

Weather Report

by Rhonda Batchelor

Batchelor's poems forecast the shifting patterns of a marriage. This work keens to the notes of a personal lament but emerges healed and ultimately blessed.

Purity of Absence

by Dave Margoshes

In Purity of Absence, Dave Margoshes explores love in its waxing and waning, the extravagance of its fullness, the agony of its departure. Like an explorer charting new territory, he casts his eye on the rhythms...

Helsinki Drift

by Donald B. Smith

In these poems Smith takes the reader on a kaleidoscopic journey through Amsterdam's antique streets and canals, Tuscany's sun-soaked landscapes, and more.

Growing Old Together

by Robert W. Nero

Poems in tribute to the author's wife, Ruth - and to "Lady Grayl," the great gray owl Nero adopted in 1984 and who lived with the couple until her death in 2005.

Copper Woman

by Afua Cooper

Afua Cooper's poetry brings mythic, historical, and present-day voices to life, all the way from Africa to the Caribbean to Canada and beyond.


by Miranda Pearson

Gritty and darkly humorous, Pearson's verses address modern myths head-on. British humour and psychoanalytic and feminist theory meet under the poet's steady gaze.

Iron Mountain

by Mark Frutkin

Of one of Mark Frutkin's previous books of verse, Poetry Canada Review said it provided "a supernatural fusion of the earthbound with the heavenly to forge the lightning of poetry." Divided into two sections,...

The Gift of Country Life

by Victor Carl Friesen

These poems, grouped into seasonal activities or observations, celebrate the rural world of 1940s farming.

The Alchemy of Happiness

by Marilyn Bowering

Bowering delivers poems that blend of personalities, times, and places that add up to an overall substance she sees as happiness.