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English Poetry of the Sixteenth Century

by Gary F. Waller

Explores the poetry of the Renaissance, from Dunbar in the late 15th century to the Songs and Sonnets of John Donne in the early 17th. The book offers more than the wealth of literature discussed: it is a pioneering...

A New Introduction to Chaucer

by D. S. Brewer

This new introduction to Chaucer has been radically rewritten since the previous edition which was published in 1984. The book is a controversial and modern restatement of some of the traditional views on Chaucer,...

Christopher Marlowe

by Richard Wilson

Christopher Marlowe has provoked some of the most radical criticism of recent years. There is an elective affinity, it seems, between this pre-modern dramatist and the post-modern critics whose best work has...

A Preface to Donne

by James Winny

Probably the most famous of the Metaphysical poets, John Donne worked with and influenced many of the leading poets of the age. This excellent introduction to his life and works sets his writing firmly in the...

Yeats The Poet: The Measures of Difference

by Edward Larrissy

This work addresses Yeats's "antinomies", seeing their origin and structure in his divided Anglo-Irish inheritance and examining the notion of measure. It then explores how this relates to freemasonry, Celticism...

In My Lifetime - Volume 1

by Kenneth E. Huff

A voice that no longer can stay silent. Awaken by the poet that roams freely inside. Emotions confronted by words, tell the story of love, relationships, and the desire to live each day to the fullest. The journey...

Inner Workings of an Insomniac

by Brianna Childres

A collection of short stories and poetry documenting the thoughts of an insomniac throughout the course of a single night.

Playing By Ear: A Collection of Poems and Short Stories

by Brandon Lamarr Basile

Playing by Heart is the first release by the Spoken Word Poet and Author Brandon Lamarr Basile. A hopeful romantic at heart this release is the much anticipated release culminating works from his youth through...


by Demond Stewart

A collection of poetry inspired by the awesome work of the blood of Jesus Christ combined with the author's God-given wisdom and encouraging words.

Through the Years of Inner Thoughts of Darkness and Light

by Christylin Marie Desmettre

These collection of poems, are my own personal thoughts and poetry throughout my years of growing up. I expressed my thoughts through my poetry, when I couldn't confide in others or feel comfortable talking...

The Light Blue Songbook

by Jeffrey.V Perry

The Light Blue Songbook is a collection of poems of the heart, the soul, and the spirit. It is focused on the Black male point of view, showing some of our very sensitive sides. In a world where we are looked...

Only My Thoughts for Company: A Book of Poetry and Prose

by Robin Long

So lonely to be me. All alone with naught- "Only My Thoughts for Company." A book of poetry and prose to run the full kaleidoscope of human emotions- from happiness and love to rage and loneliness.


by Tania Joyce

Stardust is the second collection of poems by Tania Joyce. This sci-fi and equality themed collection was written for the Can't Stop The Serenity 2014 Event in Leicestershire, England. Each verse is a lovingly...

A Morning Star Falls

by Tania Joyce

The first collection of poetry from Tania Joyce. A dark glimpse into fantastical worlds grounded in realities past and present.

Complete Works of William Shakespeare

by William Shakespeare & Michael A. Cramer

Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, King Lear, Hamlet, and Macbeth—the works of William Shakespeare still resonate in our imaginations four centuries after they were written. The timeless characters...

Selected Poems

by Kate Clanchy

Kate Clanchy's poems are much broadcast, translated and anthologised. This Selected Poems draws together her three prize-winning collections, Slattern, Samarkand, and Newborn, published between 1996 and 2004....


by Karen Chertok & Regina Szczypiorski


Teosinte began as a series of poems and then merged with the symbolism of Regina Szczypiorski's art. It is structured on the seven days and nights of the Mayan Underworld.

A parallel story emerged...

Ovid's 'Metamorphoses': A Reader's Guide

by Genevieve Liveley

Perhaps no other classical text has proved its versatility so much as Ovid's epic poem. A staple of undergraduate courses in Classical Studies, Latin, English and Comparative Literature, Metamorphoses is arguably...

Buffalo Yoga

by Charles Wright

The sun has set behind the Blue Ridge,

And evening with its blotting paper

lifts off the light.

Shadowy yards. Moon through the white pines

--"Landscape with Missing Overtones"

Never has Charles Wright's vision...

The Dark Side of My Mind - Volume 4

by Briana Blair

Explore the Dark Side of My Mind with this collection of poetry. These works cover a variety of emotions and poetic styles. Every volume is a new adventure into the life and mind of Briana Blair. Explore feelings...