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My Father's Hands

by Karen Shenfeld

My Father's Hands Spoke in Yiddish' is a powerful collection. Karen Shenfeld's poems are filled with passionate sensuality, triggered by dazzling memories of people and places. There are short lyric poems that...

Light and Time

by Michael Mirolla

Michael Mirolla's poetic world is one where a mirror, or any simple reflective item is tilted ever so slightly, providing an opening to places we never imagined existed. (One of them is his own birth, from the...

Floating Bodies

by Julie Roorda

Bodies float in rapture, and in death, transported by waves of pleasure, or lapped by failure, fallen, having flown too close to the sun. The poems in this collection are at once macabre and ecstatic, probing...

Exhale, Exhale

by Cristina Perissinotto

Exhale, Exhale explores the many facets of love, including nostalgia, separation, and newly-found happiness. These terse poems describe various passages of a love story unravelling between two continents, from...

The All Nighter's Radio

by M. Travis Lane

Lane is a pluralist in outlook and technique whose work, over the years, has explored civic space, domestic space, wilderness space, and interiorized psychic spaces. I've long enjoyed Lane's openness to idiosyncrasy...

The Man Who Delivers Clouds

by José|D'Alfonso, Antonio Acquelin

This selection of poems offers the reader a good introduction to a poet of oxymorons, the poet who brings light out of the darkness. Born and living in Montreal, José Acquelin is known to be a poet open wide...

Marimba Forever

by Jim Christy

The poetry in Marimba Forever is concerned with love and longing, which the author displays in all their multifarious guises. Many of the poems can be regarded as small films: nourish, action, farce or slapstick;...

Slender Human Weight

by Sue Chenette

In Slender Human Weight, Sue Chenette explores a world both familiar and mysterious. She finds, in her mother's attic, in the French countryside, and in her own home, the richness of physical objects as they...

Exploding Into Night

by Sandy Pool

In Exploding into Night, Sandy Pool delves into the heart of a grisly murder that took place in the Parkdale area of Toronto. With its dazzling turns and deafening silence, this narrative poem is a stark reappraisal...

Three Stations

by Antonella Anedda & Ann Snodgrass

Antonella Anedda (Anedda-Angioy) was born in Rome to a Sardinian family and studied Art History both in Rome and Venice. She has taught at the University of Siena-Arezzo, worked for the journal Il Manifesto,...

What We Pass On: Collected Poems: 1980-2009

by Maria Mazziotti Gillan

In What We Pass On: Collected Poems: 1980-2009, Maria Mazziotti Gillan weaves a tapestry of one woman's life - wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, grand-daughter, Italian American. Reading these poems in one...

The He We Knew

by Merle Nudelman

Courageous and astute, this collection of poems, written in varied styles, explores the emotional upheavals caused by the estrangement of a son. Weaving together complex layers of personal history, these poems...

Time Slip

by John Oughton

Drawn from the author's 60-year journey through the Middle East, Japan, and North America, this collection of poems offers a variety of engaging styles, ranging from sonnets to haiku to free-form experimentation,...

Orioles in The Oranges

by Melanie Janisse

Orioles in the Oranges is a collection of poems that tells the story of love and loss as they find common ground in a Metis legend and in modern times. The poems weave the contemporary voice of a young woman...

The Plural of Some Things

by Desi Di Nardo

Written with a probingly sensitive eye, this collection of poems illuminates the subtle and poignant moments in life-moments that cause people to grow and, occasionally, to digress as individuals. Greatly emphasizing...

Estonian Elegy

by Jüri Talvet & H L Tix

From one of Estonia's finest poets and literary figures, this new collection showcases the poetry of Jüri Talvet and represents the classic voice that has propelled him to the upper echelon of the medium. Providing...

Conjuring Jesus

by Brian Day

Provocative and alluring, Conjuring Jesus presents a disarmingly fresh portrait of the figure of Jesus. In poems disruptive and devotional, controversial and contemplative, it reveals a man moved by a persistent...

Changing Shores

by Nadine Ltaif & Christine Tipper

One woman's emotional and cultural journey is luxuriously illustrated in this moving collection, as she artfully recounts leaving Lebanon for a new life in Canada. In a voice that blends prose with poetry, she...

Slow Dancing

by Malca Litovitz & Elana Wolff

Showcasing the fruits of creativity from illness, this duologue and poetry collection addresses the last months of author Malca Litovitz's life and her devotion to writing. Life, love, and death are all reflected...

This Nothing's Place

by Pasquale Verdicchio

Revealing the instability of location and the illusory nature of identity, this poetry collection traces the edges where the multidimensional blends, blurs, and merges, envisioning a place where form is formless...