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Impressions and Reflections

by Peter Chapel

My song lyrics were a consequence of being a captive in my automobile twice a month from 1978 to 1981 while driving eight hours at a stretch, mostly at night. This opportunity to reminisce made me recall incidents...

A Selected History of Her Heart: Poems

by Carole Simmons Oles

"Through the lens of her singular and compelling life, Carole Simmons Oles guides us through our fractured, confused, violent century. At seventy, facing an increasingly fragile body, Oles crafts language that...

Love Poems for Dodie

by Joe Callihan

Love Poems for Dodie is an uplifting Love story. It is true, and based on a romantic and faithful love shared by two people, who realized God was the foundation for their love. The romance, beauty of love poems...

Water and Life

by Adolph (Adolfo) Caso

Adolph (Adolfo) has been writing poems since his high school days, in both English and Italian, depending on his mood or on the subject. He confesses to no knowing the language he is using until after the poem...

Our Higher Calling

by Sherrell Byrd

Are you experiencing hardship, trials and tribulation? Has tragedy struck your life? Do you feel like giving up and throwing in the towel? If so, you are not alone. The Bible reminds us in Psalm 34:19, "Many...

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

by William Blake

William Blake can rightly be described as one of the most important Romantic poets, but he is set apart from the likes of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley and Keats by his mysticism and radical social and...

Black Beetles in Amber

by Ambrose Bierce

Though he is today best remembered for his acerbic satire, American writer Ambrose Bierce had a surprisingly broad range as a writer. Black Beetles in Amber is a collection of Bierce's poetry, which ranges from...

Cobwebs from a Library Corner

by John Kendrick Bangs

This collection of literary-themed verse from satirist and man of letters John Kendrick Bangs is sure to please book lovers. Filled with allusions to authors and their works and characterized by a light, playful...

Poems by Currer

by Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte & Anne Bronte

Fans of the Bronte sisters should add this remarkable volume of poetry to their must-read list. Initially released in 1846, this volume was the first work published by any of the sisters. In order to protect...

Inflicted Poems

by Gary Oreilly

another one of my poetry books, hope ye like them, its strange poetry

Elaboration 2014

by Gary Oreilly

a couple of poems ive wrote and another one of my poetry books,very short


by Gary Oreilly

another poetry book, not many poems...but a few on coincidence

Insurity Poems

by Gary Oreilly

another one of my short poetry books...hope you like them but their strange

Four Necklaces

by Robert Martin

I hope you find my poems universal in its message. Universal in how it makes you feel more alive, more related, more connected, more whole. We are all laughing and crying over the same things. And if it is honest...

The Criminal Poem Saga

by Gary Oreilly

poems based on criminal ativity, and description of how it works

The Love of God

by Watson Jesuratnam

This book of poetry talks about the love of God, his wrath for those who forsake him, talks about life, our very existence and our very non-existence, which is the ultimate Truth in life. It talks about joy...

Seeing Her: Poems About Women

by Eugene S. Warr

A collection of poems that explore the strength and beauty of a diverse array of women.

Poems On Illness 2014

by Gary Oreilly

poems based on mental health and other subjects...describes the way a sufferer feels

Criminal Alliance

by Gary Oreilly

another one of my short poetry books, based on criminals, theres not many poems in this

Orion Rising

by Doug Rawlings

"Doug Rawlings' poems about the Vietnam War, full of anger, shame, suffering and solace, are hard to bear--as they should be. His poems about family life, children, the passing of friends since the war are honest,...