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In the Forests of the Night

by Shalaena Medford

A collection of poetry and short stories, ranging from frightening to enlightening. Do not wander the treacherous paths of the forests in the night, for you may not like what you meet in the darkness.

The Passing Show

by William Clifford

Over four decades, Chicago poet William Argyle Clifford published over 700 poems in local newspapers. This collection includes all of his published and many of his unpublished poems, as well as his personal...

Cool and Collected Poems

by Mois Benarroch

Hailed as one of the leading Israeli poets, Benarroch´s poetry has been published in a fifteen languages, including Urdu and Chinese. Julia Uceda considers that Benarroch holds the memory of the world in his...

Again and Again

by Daniel Blade

This body of work contains pages of living emotions and memories collected and kept alive by writ when much would have been forgotten. They are a glimpse of a fictional young life at the end of the 20th century...

Song of the Mantis: A Collection of Poetry

by Amir Clayton Powell

From the author of We Struggle Not Against Flesh & Blood comes Song of the Mantis. The poetry in this collection is playful in nature yet intensely reflective in some verses but at all times wildly fun and absolutely...

Those Roads All Travel

by Mr Ronald Kirkland

In the past I've written of things that charm, that awed or inspired. There is much indeed to prompt a sense of wonder in our world. Yet real life does not abide in those comfortable places long. There is much...

Small Poems

by David Jibson

A book of mostly short poems on a variety of topics with sections of general poems, poems inspired by classic literature, film noir and Lake Michigan.

Bricks: A Collection of Poetry (Spiritual Musings Series)

by Jerome Strong

Bricks Bricks is a collection of original poetry and the third volume of the Spiritual Musings Series. The poetry represents works written over nearly two decades. Inspired by a myriad of Muses, the poet attributes...

Something of the Mystical - In All Things Mundane

by Mr Ronald Kirkland

Seasons, often reflective of life, change in measured doses - or release in sudden fury. It is something to embrace in the end, or despair. I have in this volume written mostly of that in which I find delight....


by M.J. Rawls

In light of inspiration for albums such as Linkin Park's "Reanimation", I wanted to go deeper in the previous "Darkhorse" work. Written like a miniature poetry book, with an album style, Darkhorse: Redux is...

Poems 151

by Alexander R. Korponay

A colorful, fanciful, inquisitive, and all encompassing journey of rhyming poetry. Divided into 8 sections, this book is packed full of diversity and things the general audience will be able to and can relate...


by Murjani Rawls

The third book by Murjani Rawls, first in the Bucket List Traveling series, "Vegas", while written in a short time, embodied the synergy of traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada.


by Jim DuBois

This is a collection of previously published earlier poems by Jim DuBois, including themes of love, connection, the meaning of existence, sprituality, and space travel.

The Twisted Mind of Daniel Guyton (Poetry and Plays in the Dark Comedy Vein)

by Daniel Guyton

A collection of Dark Comedy Plays and Poetry by Daniel Guyton. Includes: SPAT!; MILO AND BARBARA; GEORGIE GETS A FACELIFT; ATTIC* (Winner of the Kennedy Center/ACTF New Play Award in 2004); I'M NOT GAY!; ROMANCE...

Poems 83+

by Alexander R. Korponay

The eBook version of my newly created 2nd book of PoemS! Also as a supplement to my first book PoemS 151. Dreams, the paranormal, and the occult are the main themes of this book. Enjoy by yourself, with family...

Poetry - Volume One

by Dakota-Luise Wolf

A collection of various poetry from A to E about different emotions and feelings that I have felt at different times in my life.

Philosophic Flights of Poetic Fancy

by Author John O'Loughlin

A roller-coaster ride through a poetico-philosophic landscape tinged by otherworldly yearnings and fancies that are more often grounded in some degree of logic and taken to new heights of ideological insight...

Collected Poems

by Risa Bear

These poems, collected for the first time, appeared in the books Desire for the Land and Lettuce in Winter, and in the journals Bellowing Ark, Sand River Journal, New Zoo Poetry Review, Lynx: Poetry from Bath,...

Maui Love Letters

by Jason Messinger

Maui, Hawaii was the inspiration for this collection of romantic poems, accompanied by original ink drawings. The island's beauty and the emotions that it inspires makes it beloved by couples young and old....

I'm Ready for the World, But is it Ready for Me

by Deion Lee III

A compilation of short story/poetry narratives gracefully combining ideas and opinions of life's most sensitive areas of introspection such as love, romance, passion, despair, guilt, and heartbreak. In addition...