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The Road to Emmaus

by Spencer Reece

Longlisted for the National Book Award

A moving, subtle sequence of narrative poems, from a sharp new poetic voice

Two strangers walk toward Emmaus. Christ has just been crucified, and they are heartbroken—until...

Accepting the Disaster

by Joshua Mehigan

One of The New York Times' 10 Favorite Poetry Books of 2014

An astonishing new collection from one of our finest emerging poets

A shark's tooth, the shape-shifting cloud drifting from a smokestack, the smoke detectors...

On My Gaydar

by Phil Cramp

A collection of humorous and painfully frank poems covering the various emotional aspects of the dating game - from giddy happiness and seething jealousy, to numbing anxiety and romantic optimism. Includes "Girls...

Poetry and Prose (epub)

by Gladys Dinnacombe

A short book of poetry and prose with original illustrations and photographs.

I Hope Something Falls On You

by Phil Cramp

A collection of humorous and painfully frank poems on heartbreak and bitterness. Includes "The Cure For Heartbreak", the tongue-in-cheek finger wagging of "Ode To A Slag" and the hopelessly optimistic "The 1%"....

Out of the Closet

by Phil Cramp

A collection of humorous and painfully frank poems detailing the emotional journey that is coming out of the closet - from the scary times to the downright fabulous. Includes "Vaginaphobia", the heated argument...

Open Heart Surgery

by Antonio Moretti

'Open Heart Surgery' is the latest accretion of poetry (480 poems) by retired academic Antonio Moretti (pseudonym). In this book of poems we find varying structures, forms, styles, spans and subjects. This variety...


by Author John O'Loughlin

'Supercontemplations' signifies a creative advance over the lower-case volume of abstract poetry entitled 'Contemplations' (1985), in that it combines upper- and lower-case monosyllabic words in the process...


by Author John O'Loughlin

Like 'Contemplations' (1985) and 'Supercontemplations' (1993), this volume of poetic word art, which bears the title 'Ultracontemplations', requires only to be contemplated, since it is composed of patterned...

The Omega Quartet

by Author John O'Loughlin

'The Omega Quartet', so-called because the contents are largely of an omega-oriented order of transcendentalism with ideological overtones, is comprised of four books of poetry written during the early 1980s,...

In Disguise

by Author John O'Loughlin

If John O'Loughlin is 'In Disguise' here it's because these days he does not see himself primarily as a poet but, rather, as a philosopher, if a self-taught one, who once wrote poems, many of which were of a...


by Author John O'Loughlin

This title is comprised of three books of so-called 'abstract poems' which might better be described as 'word art', since they are of a character that defies intellectual intelligibility and invites a certain...


by Author John O'Loughlin

John O'Loughlin's one and only collection of abstract poems, originally dating from 1983, can be read (in the main) like an ordinary or mainstream collection of free verse, except that the verse is somewhat...

The Modern Death

by Author John O'Loughlin

'The Modern Death' offers both a critique of the materialistic superficiality of modern life and a spiritually-oriented ideologica alternative to it in the form of Social Transcendentalism, which was first introduced...

Spiritual Intimations

by Author John O'Loughlin

The poetic sequel to 'Stressing the Essential', this 1983 collection of some thirty-four poems in free verse is even more ideologically homogeneous, as it strives to delineate and advance, within poetic form,...


by Author John O'Loughlin

Despite the seeming simplicity of its title, 'Trees' is anything but simple, since arguably the deepest and most politically radical of John O'Loughlin's collections of poetry, extending beyond as well as summing...


by Author John O'Loughlin

John O'Loughlin's only collection of prose poems originally dating from 1984-5 and partly inspiried by Baudelaire's utilization of this genre, 'Evolution', continues, in slightly more expansive vein, to focus...

Stressing the Essential

by Author John O'Loughlin

John O'Loughlin's second collection of poetry, written nearly ten years after 'Dosshouse Blues', is less formal overall and more orientated towards free verse whilst being consistently transcendentalist in relation...

Dosshouse Blues

by Author John O'Loughlin

A mixed bag of lyrical poems, rhymed poetry, free verse, prose poems, and poetic aphorisms which were amongst the first things John O'Loughlin ever wrote, back in the early 1970s, this heterogeneous collection...

Selected Poems

by Christina Rossetti & C.H. Sisson

First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.