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Paradoxically Speaking

by Mykel D. Myles

Here is a collection of poems that artfully blends the rhyme and rhythm of poetry with the wit and reason of 21st Century American life. This clever collection will move you to laugh, to think, and to wonder...

Impossible to Forget

by Julie Pujol-Karel

Poems dedicated to love, romance, family, God and diverse themes.

At the Other Side of the Ocean

by Julie Pujol-Karel

Poetry book dedicated to the Balseros of Cuba. Book has a variety of poems; romantic, family themes, lymricks and themes that touch our daily realities.

Equal Forces: A Collection of Poetry

by Patience Brooks

The poetry in this book is fun, sometimes a little dark, but mostly fun.

Biblical Secrets of Success: Wisdom from Proverbs

by Mike Wilson

Success Principles in the Bible? YES! The Bible is full of them - especially in the book of Proverbs. This class book is both a study of key topics in Proverbs and a "how to" manual of success in life as a godly...

Glimpses Within Life

by Patricia Annette Weir

Glimpses Within Life is a compilation of poems encompassing love, humour, sadness and joy, hope and comfort. Some poems are of a spiritual content, written to ease the suffering from grief. The book also contains...

Ecstacies and Elegies

by Paul Carter

The poems of Ecstacies and Elegies are as engaging and virtuosic in their range of styles as they are generous in their imagery. In his first full length volume of poems, a celebrated debut, we encounter a startling...

Around Us

by Kalyan Deb

A spontaneous pouring out of events around us stirred up the exalted feeling that turned out the six-liners every so often with ingenuous outpouring of words with no premonition or delusion of any breed save...

Juniper's Daughter: War Is Obsolete - Futility And Hope

by Nick Armbrister

This is Nick Armbrister's new volume of poetry/short stories covering light/dark topics. From horror fiction to Cold War views and love poetry to war in the sky Nick has brought together a varied collection....

Apocalyptic Survey

by Brian McIlvaine

Apocalyptic Survey tells the story of a boy chosen by the dead, to become the leader of the mythic lands. The ten part poem follows the boy as he is abandoned by his family, take by the dead and builds an army...

Empty Spaces

by Joshua Quarrell

Second book in a three part series of poetry. More poetry for the soul. The ups and downs of the world brought forth in writing for the world to enjoy.

Wisdom Still Burns Deep

by Mark Cisper

This volume of poetry is selected poems from the works of Mark Cisper. The selections are of his smaller pieces and those that that are his very best as well as his personal favorites; at least in his very own...

Adore Love Adore

by Sai Krishna Yedavalli

this is a poetry on love. there are 25 poems in it. expressed agony of love .agony of adore. this is dedicated to true lovers

School Tryouts

by Elias Sassoon

Interesting collection of poems. Autobiographical in nature, arising from the time I made the decision to switch careers from writer to full-time teacher. I was burned out writing for major corporations. There...

Flopping on the Deck

by Matt Kavan

A collection of 160 songs and poems about travel, water, experiences, struggles, drinking, jokers, myths and dreams, random thoughts, and writing.

Sassoon's Work Burn: The Collected Poems

by Elias Sassoon

Everybody does it; everybody has to do it; everybody has to live through it. Whether you're born of wealth or into poverty, you cannot avoid it! Work, as in going to work, that's it. Work, it's the crux of the...

Strumming Through Middle Age

by Elias Sassoon

So what's middle age anyway except a state of mind that some struggle to get through and overcome. Here's a collection of poems that deals with the everything that come with it. The book opens with: STRUMMING...

Her Name is Hope - Life Force

by Nick Armbrister

This is Nick Armbrister's third collection of poems and his fourth book. It has poems that didn't make his first two collections due to a variety of reasons. He didn't think some of his early poems were up to...

The Rantings of a Damaged Mind - A Collection of Thoughts, Poetry and Verse

by Nick Armbrister & Mel Grobler

THE RANTINGS OF A DAMAGED MIND: A Collection of Thoughts, Poetry and Verse is Nick Armbrister's new poetry book jointly written with poetess Mel Grobler. Poetry includes light and dark work covering human emotions...

Fractured Prose

by Brian Waddell

A book of "Fractured Prose" meant for readers of all demographics. Everyone needs a little fractured prose in their lives. Poems from the mind of a teenager finally put to print by the actions of an adult.