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Sugared Three: The Collected Poems

by Elias Sassoon

A poetry collection about juvenile diabetes? Yes. It is about a family of sufferers, a mom, dad, and son dealing with the onslaught of a disease that takes no prisoners. It is an honest look at diabetes taken...

Sassoon's Work Burn: The Collected Poems

by Elias Sassoon

Everybody does it; everybody has to do it; everybody has to live through it. Whether you're born of wealth or into poverty, you cannot avoid it! Work, as in going to work, that's it. Work, it's the crux of the...

Strumming Through Middle Age

by Elias Sassoon

So what's middle age anyway except a state of mind that some struggle to get through and overcome. Here's a collection of poems that deals with the everything that come with it. The book opens with: STRUMMING...

Times of Nonchalance

by Jimmy Boom Semtex

Madness abounds in this new book by Jimmy Boom Semtex, Times of Nonchalance. Poems like A Bit of Delight about a stern woman into shady things and Blue Religion about a man seduced by a mermaid, everything is...

Her Name Is Hope - Life Force

by Nick Armbrister

This is Nick Armbrister's third collection of poems and his fourth book. It has poems that didn't make his first two collections due to a variety of reasons. He didn't think some of his early poems were up to...

Wow! Tattoo My Butt - More Mad Poems and Verse by Nick

by Nick Armbrister

Nick Armbrister is a writer from the Grim North. He writes gritty and funny poetry on many topics. This new ebook includes work on illness, romance, death, life and tattoos. His interests include alternative...

The Rantings of a Damaged Mind - A Collection of Thoughts, Poetry and Verse

by Nick Armbrister & Mel Grobler

THE RANTINGS OF A DAMAGED MIND: A Collection of Thoughts, Poetry and Verse is Nick Armbrister's new poetry book jointly written with poetess Mel Grobler. Poetry includes light and dark work covering human emotions...

Wow! Tattoo My Butt Part 2 - Where Do You Think We All Will Be Tomorrow?

by Nick Armbrister

This is Nick Armbrister's new poem book and follow up to his first WOW! TATTOO MY BUTT poem book. This collection is equally shocking, interesting and funny. Poem topics include alternative gals, the Syrian...

Fractured Prose

by Brian Waddell

A book of "Fractured Prose" meant for readers of all demographics. Everyone needs a little fractured prose in their lives. Poems from the mind of a teenager finally put to print by the actions of an adult.


by Donald W. Moore

Poems about life, love, friends, family, death, time, and faith

Music for End Times

by Kelcey Wells

An experiment in poetry and prose that uses multiple styles and perspectives to re-evaluate the personal, cultural and existential currents shallowly buried beneath the surface events of the year two thousand...

You Say My Poetry Lacks Spice

by Jessica Winkler

In her poetry chapbook You Say My Poetry Lacks Spice, Jessica Winkler draws on her knowledge and love of modern and medieval poetry to create a sort of poetic dialectic between the writers of the past, the reader,...

Psychological Poems of a Manic-Depressive

by Joshua Quarrell

Poetry is a way of conveying emotion through words. This is a poetry book about the emotional journey I went through from 2001 To 2009. Not only that but the never ending change in feelings. Remember that the...

Heart of the Order: Baseball Poems

by Gabriel Fried

Nearly 100 poems about that most literary of sports: baseball. An anthology of classic and contemporary poems by some of America’s top authors—in a beautifully designed, portable edition that will be treasured...

One Hundred More Poems from the Chinese: Love and the Turning Year

by Kenneth Rexroth

An assemblage of delicate Chinese verse which delicately explore the worlds of love, nature, and meditation. Love and the Turning Year includes a selection from the Yueh Fu—folk songs from the Six Dynasties...

Women Poets of Japan

by Ikuko Atsumi & Kenneth Rexroth

From early as the seventh century up to the present day, no other has had so many important women poets as Japan. In this collection (originally published by The Seabury Press in 1977 as The Burning Heart, Kenneth...

Greatest Poems of the Early 21st Century: Volume One

by Douglas Gilbert

These are the greatest poems of the Early 21st Century as determined by a consensus of the author's alter egos. The most obscure fictional critics who have appeared in the pages of the Great American Novel have,...

Songs of Innocence

by William Blake

The first and most popular of Blake's famous "Illuminated Books," in a facsimile edition reproducing all 31 brightly colored plates. Additional printed text of each poem.

The Raven: Tales and Poems

by Edgar Allan Poe & Guillermo Del Toro

A new six-volume series of the best in classic horror, selected by award-winning director Guillermo del Toro

Filmmaker and longtime horror literature fan Guillermo del Toro serves as the curator for the Penguin...

Out of Context

by Thom Kudla

Armed with the passion of the heart, the rationale of the mind, and the transcendence of the soul, "Out of Context" takes what we are accustomed to - what we take for granted - and transforms it into something...