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Pierre Reverdy

by Pierre Reverdy, John Ashbery & Mary Ann Caws

The great Pierre Reverdy, comrade to Picasso and Braque, peer and contemporary of Wallace Stevens and William Carlos Williams, is among the most mysteriously satisfying of twentieth-century poets, his poems...

Making Certain It Goes On: The Collected Poems of Richard Hugo

by Richard Hugo & William Kittredge

The definitive collection of a major American poet’s work. Richard Hugo was, in James Wright’s words, “a great poet, true to our difficult life.” Making Certain It Goes On brings together, as Hugo wished,...

Selected Poems

by Richard Hugo

The poems in this volume were selected by the poet in 1978 from his first three books—A Run of Jacks, Death of the Kapowsin Tavern, and Good Luck in Cracked Italian—and from his three more recent books,...

New and Selected Poems 1974-1994

by Stephen Dunn

Justly celebrated as one of our strongest poets, Stephen Dunn selects from his eight collections and presents sixteen new poems marked by the haunting "Snowmass Cycle."

The Local World

by Mira Rosenthal

"Mira Rosenthal's The Local World incorporates deeply lived experience and mystery in a fluent shape-shifting that can take you anywhere- and bring you back, changed. The poems are beautifully crafted narratives...

Fourteen Stories: Doctors Patients and Other Strangers

by Jay Baruch

"These edgy, heartfelt, wryly humorous stories, told from the authentic viewpoints of both young doctors and a wide canvas of patients, are wonderfully engrossing. They tell us what it's really like to doctor,...

The Lonely-Wilds

by Elizabeth Breese

"Traveling from her pastoral America to Neruda's Chile and the Ireland of St. Kevin, Elizabeth Breese sings the lonely-wild lyric of ditch flowers and raw honey, tornados and radios, broken birds and sailors...

Tethering World

by Jody Rambo

"Jody Rambo's poems push and pull, travel and rest, occupy and set free. Her 'tether' both holds her fast to the facts and words that make up our world, but at the same time it liberates her to roam and travel,...

The Best American Poetry 1995

by David Lehman

The Best American Poetry 1995 once again highlights the dazzling spectrum of style and subject matter to be found in the art today. Guest editor Richard Howard's accent is on discovery and surprise, and he has...

Silent War

by Haley Morrow

These writings are from a young woman who has had to face obsticles no person should have to. She has put her feelings into her writings for people going through similar experiences. Silent War gives readers...

The World Underneath

by Richard Tayson

An intimate second book of poemsRichard Tayson's second book of poems, The World Underneath, concerns birth, motherhood, explorations of the feminine in a world scarred by war, environmental crisis, and violence....

Inscribing My Name: Selected Poems: New, Used, and Repossessed

by Herbert Woodward Martin

Selected poems from a respected African American poetVisit our Events page for details about the Kent screening of the new film Jump Back, Honey: The Poetry and Performance of Herbert Woodward Martin.Herbert...

The Poetry of Nursing: Poems and Commentaries of Leading Nurse-Poets

by Judy Schaefer

A gathering of nurse's voices"The fourteen major nurse poets here, born in different geographical locations and with different clinical backgrounds, have been poets since childhood. They all carry journals or...

How to Paint the Savior Dead

by Jason Gray

"Jason Gray's How to Paint the Savior Dead rethinks the complex traditional connections among women's bodies, spirituality, and art. Gray is not afraid of hard work, hard thought, and big vision just because...

The Dead Eat Everything

by Michael Mlekoday

"This book is a document of a particular world, real, wrenched from the poet's life, as if written with a gun to his head or a spike through his heart. Reading it is like opening a damp newspaper wrapped around...

Regaining Paradise Lost

by Thomas N. Corns

Paradise Lost is not merely the masterpiece of John Milton (1608-74) but a turning point in style and form, which had a profound influence on the poetry of the following century. Divided into two parts, this...

Victorian Women Poets: An Annotated Anthology

by Virginia Blain

There has been a huge revival of interest in Victorian women's poetry in the last ten years, and it has led to a major reconfiguration of the English poetic landscape of the nineteenth century. This title offers...

Thoughts Along the Way

by Sybil T Chapman

Sybil T. Chapman comes from a long line of painters and artists, stretching back many generations, and art in its many forms has been important to her throughout her life. In Thoughts Along the Way she expresses...

Death of a Naturalist

Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize 1968

by Seamus Heaney

Death of a Naturalist (1966) marked the auspicious debut of a universally

acclaimed master of modern literature. As a first book of poems, it is

remarkable for its accurate perceptions and rich linguistic gifts....

The Sweet Breath of Life: A Poetic Narrative of the African-American Family

by The Kamoinge Workshop, Frank Stewart, Kamoinge Workshop & Ntozake Shange

Words and images come together in this inspiring collaboration between renowned poet Ntozake Shange and Kamoinge Inc., a group of acclaimed photographers whose work documents and celebrates the African-American...