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Needs Improvement

by Jon Paul Fiorentino

Poetic experiments that include rewriting of teaching material, verse influenced by city mottos, diagrams and more.

The Bird Catcher

by Marie Ponsot

In 1998, Marie Ponsot was awarded the National Book Critics Circle Award for poetry, confirming the praise that has been bestowed on her by critics and peers--among them Eavan Boland and Carolyn Kizer (who are...

The Best Spiritual Writing 2011

by Philip Zaleski & Billy Collins

"A trove of well-wrought, luminous, soul-bracing gifts." -Thomas Lynch (on the 2010 edition)

With selection chosen from a vast range of journals and magazines, The Best Spiritual Writing 2011 gathers the finest...

Come, Follow Me: Story Poems About Jesus Christ And The People Who Chose To Follow Him

by Shirley Amendt

COME, FOLLOW ME is a volume sixteen story-poems. These stories are drawn from incidents related in the New Testament about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Each poem tells a story about someone who meets...

New Time

by Leslie Scalapino

The latest collection of poetry from one of the foremost American avant-garde poets.

Somebodies and Nobodies

by Brian Turner

Honest and insightful, this memoir is a revealing picture of our recent past, of sport and poetry, the spirit of New Zealand's south and its distinctive people.This is the story of a typical Dunedin childhood,...

Poems of Love and Life for Virgo

by Derek & Parker

Virgos, ever wondered what the Sun-signs tell you about love and life? This unique anthology of poems for love and life relates directly to your Sun-sign, Virgo. If you were born between the 24th of August and...

Poems of Love and Life for Capricorn

by Derek & Parker

Capricornians, ever wondered what the Sun-signs tell you about love and life? This unique anthology of poems for love and life relates directly to your Sun-sign, Capricorn. If you were born between the 22nd...

Poems of Love and Life for Pisces

by Derek & Parker

Pisceans, ever wondered what the Sun-signs tell you about love and life? This unique anthology of poems for love and life relates directly to your Sun-sign, Pisces. If you were born between the 19th of February...

By The Balls

by Les Murray

The rags to riches memoir of a football tragic. Football veteran Les Murray is the face and voice of soccer broadcasting in Australia and is one of our nation's most influential people in sport. In this tell-all...


by Anne Waldman

A fascinating new work from an internationally renowned poet

Anne Waldman's new investigative hybrid-poem explores the nuances of inter-species communication and compassion. It draws on animal lore, animal encounters...


by Emilia Phillips

Signaletics pits the measured against the immeasurable, the body against identity, and the political against the personal. With a defunct 19th-century body measurement system of criminal identification as a...

Dear Mr. Longfellow: Letters to and from the Children's Poet

by Sydelle Pearl

If you were attending school in the late-nineteenth century, it's very likely that your teacher would have taught you to memorize lines from "The Village Blacksmith" by renowned poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow....

The Glance: Songs of Soul-Meeting

by Jalaloddin Rumi & Coleman Barks

In 1244, the brilliant poet Rumi and the wandering dervish Shams of Tabriz met and immediately fell into a deep spiritual connection. The Glance taps a major, yet little explored theme in Rumi's poetry-the mystical...

Egyptian Tales and Romances: Pagan, Christian and Muslim: Pagan, Christian and Muslim

by E. A. Wallis Budge

Sir E. A. Wallis Budge (1857-1934) was Keeper of the British Museum's department of oriental antiquities from 1894 until his retirement in 1924. Carrying out many missions to Egypt in search of ancient objects,...

The Complete Poems and Translations

by Christopher Marlowe & Stephen Orgel

The essential lyric works of the great Elizabethan playwright--newly revised and updated

Though best known for his plays--and for courting danger as a homosexual, a spy, and an outspoken atheist--Christopher...

I've Been Collecting This to Tell You

by Lisa Ampleman

"In the old story of love and loss, Lisa Ampleman's I've Been Collecting This to Tell You cuts to the core of the matter with concision and subtlety. Hearts are laid bare, dissected, even grown anew. Masterfully...

Aimless Love: New and Selected Poems

by Billy Collins


“America’s favorite poet.”—The Wall Street Journal

From the two-term Poet Laureate of the United States Billy Collins comes his first volume of new and selected poems in twelve...

Kipling: Poems

by Rudyard Kipling & Peter Washington

Beloved for his fanciful and engrossing children’s literature, controversial for his enthusiasm for British imperialism, Rudyard Kipling remains one of the most widely read writers of Victorian and modern...


by Anne Michaels

Prior to her stunning first novel, Fugitive Pieces, Anne Michaels had already won awards and critical acclaim for two books of poetry: The Weight of Oranges (1986), which won the Commonwealth Prize for the Americas,...