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Migrants and the Courts: A Century of Trial and Error?

by Geoffrey Care

Written in a lively and engaging style from the perspective of a leading immigration judge, this book examines how states resolve disputes with migrants. The chapters reflect on changes in the laws and rules...

The Arab Spring and Arab Thaw: Unfinished Revolutions and the Quest for Democracy

by John Davis

What were the unifying principles or strategies that governed the protest movements that swept the Middle East and North Africa in the spring of 2011? Who were the protestors and how did the different authoritarian...

Eu Policies in a Global Perspective: Shaping or Taking International Regimes?

by Gerda Falkner & Patrick Müller

Recent decades have seen a rise in the significance of governance layers beyond the nation state and even Europe. Nonetheless, few efforts have been made thus far to systematically examine the EU's interaction...

Law Morality and International Armed Intervention: The United Nations and Ecowas in Liberia: The United Nations and Ecowas

by Mourtada Deme

International law is often manipulated in the debate about humanitarian intervention. The Liberian case provides an opportunity to challenge the UN and The Economic Community of West African States' (ECOWAS')...

ASEAN and the Security of South-East Asia

by Michael Leifer

Problems of internal and external security in South-East Asia have persisted as one set of competing global alignments has been succeeded by another, with major impact on regional relationships. This book, first...

A Citizen's Guide to American Foreign Policy: Tragic Choices and the Limits of Rationality

by David Patrick Houghton

American foreign policy often looks like a trail of man-made debris and disaster. Of course, the explanations for many poorly-made decisions are rather complex. In this brief and cogent analysis, Houghton shows...

Controlling Small Arms: Consolidation, Innovation and Relevance in Research and Policy

by Peter Batchelor & Kai Michael Kenkel

This edited volume takes stock of the state of research and policy on the issue of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW), ten years after the UN first agreed to deal with the problem.

The end of the Cold War originated...

Historical Tales and National Identity: An introduction to narrative social psychology

by János László

Social psychologists argue that people's past weighs on their present. Consistent with this view, Historical Tales and National Identity outlines a theory and a methodology which provide tools for better understanding...

United States - Africa Security Relations: Terrorism, Regional Security and National Interests

by Kelechi A. Kalu & George Klay Kieh

United States-Africa relations have experienced four major cycles. The first cycle was during the Cold War(1960-1990). During this period, the U.S. developed a one-sided relationship with various African states...

Memory and Trauma in International Relations: Theories, Cases and Debates

by Erica Resende & Dovile Budryte

This work seeks to provide a comprehensive and accessible survey of the international dimension of trauma and memory and its manifestations in various cultural contexts.

Drawing together contributions and case...

Democracy in Eastern Asia: Issues, Problems and Challenges in a Region of Diversity

by Edmund S. K. Fung & Steven Drakeley

With the 'Asian Century' now upon us, bringing with it many profound economic and political changes to the world order, it is very timely to assess the state of democracy in the Asian region. Focusing on Eastern...

Gender Politics in Global Governance

by Mary K. Meyer & Elisabeth Prügl

This volume draws together a wide range of exciting new research that looks at the gendered nature of the institutions, practices, and discourses of global governance.

The Road to Balcombe Street: The IRA Reign of Terror in London

by Steve Moysey

Learn the story of the infamous 1975 standoff between the London Police and the IRA

The Road to Balcombe Street: The IRA Reign of Terror in London is the highly detailed account and analysis of law enforcement...

Women Navigating Globalization: Feminist Approaches to Development

by Jana Everett & Sue Ellen M. Charlton

This up-to-date text offers a clear and cogent introduction to women in development. Assessing the global structures and processes that impede or support the empowerment of women, Jana Everett and Sue Ellen...

Rethinking Private Authority: Agents and Entrepreneurs in Global Environmental Governance

by Jessica F. Green

Rethinking Private Authority examines the role of non-state actors in global environmental politics, arguing that a fuller understanding of their role requires a new way of conceptualizing private authority....

Restoring the Lost Constitution: The Presumption of Liberty

by Randy E. Barnett

The U.S. Constitution found in school textbooks and under glass in Washington is not the one enforced today by the Supreme Court. In Restoring the Lost Constitution, Randy Barnett argues that since the nation's...

Conversations in Tehran

by Jean-Daniel Lafond & Fred A. Reed

This book documents the fall of Mohammad Khatami’s reform movement through candid conversations with Iranian artists, journalists, and political activists.

Conversations about Energy: How the Experts See America's Energy Choices

by James E. Goodby, Jeremy Carl & George P. Shultz

Drawn from the Hoover Institution's Shultz-Stephenson Task Force on Energy Policy January 2010 conference, this book discusses critical energy issues including, energy and synthetic biology, cap and trade and...

Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover's Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath

by George H. Nash

Herbert Hoover's "magnum opus"—at last published nearly fifty years after its completion—offers a revisionist reexamination of World War II and its cold war aftermath and a sweeping indictment of the "lost...

Cultivating Confidence: Verification, Monitoring, and Enforcement for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons

by Corey Hinderstein

Ten expert contributors present a blueprint for actions future government leaders will need to guide policy making to reduce nuclear dangers. The authors identify the key technical, political, and diplomatic...