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Naval Operations of the Campaign in Norway, April-June 1940

by David Brown

This is the official Naval Staff history of the Norway campaign, originally published internally in 1951. It covers the period from early April 1940 to the completion of operations in June. The operation involved...

Peacebuilding and Police Reform

by Espen Barth Eide & Tor Tanke Holm

The contributions here discuss the issue of internationally assisted police reform in transitions from war to peace. They include theoretical insights and informed case studies and a discussion of the trend...

Boundaries, Territory and Postmodernity

by David Newman

Contributions to this collection seek to determine the extent to which states and boundaries have, in fact, disappeared, or are simply changing their functions as we move from an era of fixed territories into...

Allied and Axis Signals Intelligence in World War II

by David Alvarez

The importance of codebreaking and signals intelligence in the diplomacy and military operations of World War II is reflected in this study of the cryptanalysts, not only of the US and Britain, but all the Allies....

The Un, Peace and Force

by Michael Pugh

Restoring and maintaining peace within war-torn societies is a relatively new task for the United Nations. This book examines the options for the UN in the use of force to secure peace, and the extent to which...

A Restless Mind: Essays in Honor of Amos Perlmutter

by Benjamin Frankel

Amos Perlmutter has devoted his academic career to the study of comparative politics, international relations and modern authoritarianism. He has written 14 books and more than 70 articles in academic journals....

Command or Control?: Command, Training and Tactics in the British and German Armies, 1888-1918

by Dr Martin Samuels & Martin Samuels

This is a comparative study of the fighting systems of the British and German armies in The Great War. Taking issue with revisionist historians, Samuels argues that German success in battle can be explained...

Aviation Terrorism and Security

by Paul Wilkinson & Brian Jenkins

First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Stability and Security in the Baltic Sea Region: Russian, Nordic and European Aspects

by Olav Fagelund Knudsen

The book examines the security puzzles posed by the remaining legacies of dominance and conflict in the Baltic Sea region as governments seek to integrate the three Baltic sates in a more stable system of cooperative...

If War Comes Tomorrow?: The Contours of Future Armed Conflict

by General Makhmut Akhmetovich Gareev & Jacob W. Kipp

Military affairs have been affected by major changes in recent years. The bipolar world of two superpowers has gone. The Cold War and the global military confrontation that accompanied it have ended. A new military...

Nothing Sacred: Nazi Espionage Against the Vatican, 1939-1945

by David Alvarez & Revd Robert A., SJ Graham

Nazi Germany considered the Catholic Church to be a serious threat to its domestic security and its international ambitions. In Germany, informants provided intelligence, but in Rome, German attempts to penetrate...

The Nili Spies

by Anita Engle

An extraordinary tale, much-neglected by historians, of courage, bravery and eventual tragedy which took place during the First World War in the Middle East. It is the story of a small group of people, of whom...

The New Parliaments of Central and Eastern Europe

by Philip Norton & David M. Olson

What role have parliaments played in the dramatic changes occurring in Eastern and Central Europe? Adopting a common research framework, the contributors analyse in detail the role and operations of parliaments...

Airpower: Theory and Practice

by John Gooch

The nine contributors to this volume study the rapid development of airpower during the twentieth century as well as the methodological problems involved in assessing such change.

Singapore 1941-1942: Revised Edition

by Louis Allen

Winston Churchill described the loss of Singapore as the greatest disaster ever to befall British arms. Louis Allen analyzes the remote political causes of the Japanese campaign, gives an account of the events...

The End of the Cold War

by David Armstrong & Erik Goldstein

Giving an overview of the origins and history of the Cold War, this work considers whether the Cold War is truly over, and what the effects have been on Europe, and the former Soviet Union, as well as US foreign...

The Soviet Conduct of Tactical Maneuver: Spearhead of the Offensive

by David Glantz

First Published in 1991. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Holy Wars: The Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism: The Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism

by Dilip Hiro

To some, Islamic Fundamentalism means the restoration of a true religion. To others, it is a politics that stands apart from capitalism and socialism. To many Westerners, it has come to constitute a threat to...

Ukraine: Movement without Change, Change without Movement

by Marta Dyczok

Ukraine has surprised many international observers. Few anticipated its declaration of independence in 1991 or its determination to move out of Russia's shadow. Dyczok redresses the continuing dearth of information...

Green Liberalism: The Free And The Green Society

by Marcel Wissenburg University of Nijmenge & Marcel, Wissenburg

This is an agenda-setting exploration of the relationship between green politics and liberal ideology. Ecological problems provide unique challenges for liberal democracies.; This challenge is examined by the...