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Jews in American Politics: Essays

by Ira N. Forman, Sandy L. Maisel & Joyce Antler

Both analytical and anecdotal, the essays in Jews in American Politics offer deep insight into serious questions about the dilemmas that Jews in public service face, as well as humorous sidelights and authoritative...

The Garden and the Wilderness: Church and State in America to 1789

by David Dean Bowlby

The Garden and the Wilderness examines church and state in the colonial and early national periods up to the framing of the religion clauses of the First Amendment by the First Congress. Throughout, the book...

Writing the Arab-Israeli Conflict: Pragmatism and Historical Inquiry

by Jonathan B. Isacoff

In Writing the Arab-Israeli Conflict Jonathan B. Isacoff constructs the nature of historical knowledge by deftly examining the multiple histories of the Arab-Israeli conflict written by generations of Israeli...

Bomb Power: The Modern Presidency and the National Security State

by Garry Wills

A groundbreaking examination of how the atomic bomb profoundly altered the nature of American democracy.

In Bomb Power, bestselling author Garry Wills presents a blistering critique of excessive executive...

Times of Crisis: What the Financial Crisis Revealed and How to Reinvent our Lives and Future

by Michel Serres

For Michel Serres, economic crises are earthquakes caused by societal tectonic plates. The current crisis erupted because of the widening discrepancy between major social changes and institutions that have remained...

Humanity at Risk: The Need for Global Governance

by Daniel INNERARITY & Javier Solana

Humanity at Risk compares diverse approaches to the theme of global threats using the tools of philosophy, critical theory, and political thought alongside more practical, socio-political observations. By defining...

Local Government in Central and Eastern Europe: The Rebirth of Local Democracy

by Andrew Coulson & Adrian Campbell

Advocates of democratization in Central and Eastern Europe before 1989 placed great emphasis on community self-government as the basis of civil society and democracy. After the 'Velvet Revolutions' of 1989 and...

Reconstructing Post-Saddam Iraq

by Sultan Barakat

Previously published as a special issue of Third World Quarterly, this volume seeks to analyze to what extent the controversial US policy of democratizing the Middle East with pre-emptive invasions was justified...

Austro-Hungarian Naval Policy, 1904-1914

by Milan Vego

This unique account describes the interplay of factors in the emergence of the Austro-Hungarian Navy from a coastal defence force in 1904 to a respectable battle force by the eve of World War I.

Securing Africa: Local Crises and Foreign Interventions

by Toyin Falola & Charles Thomas

Africa has been and currently is the site of numerous conflicts and crises. Authors previously wrote of these as specifically African problems or the problems of Europeans in Africa, but newer scholarship on...

British Colonial Policy in the Age of Peel and Russell

by W. P. Morrel

First published in 1966. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Congress of Berlin and After

by William Norton Medlicott

First published in 1963. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Schooling and the Politics of Disaster

by Kenneth J. Saltman

Schooling and the Politics of Disaster is the first volume to address how disaster is being used for a radical social and economic reengineering of education. From the natural disasters of the Asian tsunami...

Deciphering the Global: Its Scales, Spaces and Subjects

by Saskia Sassen

Employing ethnographies from the United States to continental Europe, Asia, and South America, Deciphering the Global exemplifies the next wave of globalization studies and lays the groundwork for a new school...

National Identities and Socio-Political Changes in Latin America

by Antonio Gomez-Moriana & Mercedes Duran-Cogan

This study frames the social dynamics of Latin American in terms of two types of cultural momentum: foundational momentum and the momentum of global order in contemporary Latin America.

Gender, Religion, and the Heathen Lands: American Missionary Women in South Asia, 1860s-1940s

by Maina Chawla Singh

Seeking to extend existing scholarship on gender and colonialism and on women and American religion, this cross-cultural study examines the work of American missionary women in South Asia at several levels....

People & Politics in Urban America

by Robert W. Kweit & Mary G. Kweit

First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Political Change and Environmental Policymaking in Mexico

by Jordi Díez

This book explores environmental policymaking in Mexico as a vehicle to understanding the broader changes in the policy process within a system undergoing a democratic transformation. It constitutes the first...

Problems of Protection: The UNHCR Refugees and Human Rights: The UNHCR, Refugees, and Human Rights

by Niklaus Steiner, Mark Gibney & Gil Loescher

First Published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Waning of Major War: Theories and Debates

by Raimo Väyrynen

This book is a systematic effort by leading international scholars to map the trends in major-power warfare and explore whether it is waxing or waning.