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Hunting Down Saddam

by Robin Moore

This authoritative and gripping narrative plunges the American public into the real and personal story of the United States forces in Iraq, and their successful maneuvers in capturing one of the most vicious...

The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World's Most Wanted Man

by Luke Harding



What followed was the most spectacular intelligence breach ever, brought about by one extraordinary man....

Diaries of an Unfinished Revolution: Voices from Tunis to Damascus

by Robin Moger, Layla Al-Zubaidi & Matthew Cassel

An English PEN Award–winning collection of personal testimony from participants in the Arab Spring


As revolution swept through the Arab world in spring of 2011, much of the writing that reached the West came...

The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class

by Fred Siegel

This short book rewrites the history of modern American liberalism. It shows that what we think of liberalism today—the top-and-bottom coalition we associate with President Obama—began not with Progressivism...

Imagining World Politics: Sihar & Shenya, A Fable for Our Times

by L.H.M. Ling

This book offers a non-Western feminist perspective on world politics and international relations. Creative, innovative, and challenging, it seeks completely to transform contemporary Eurocentric and masculinist...

Contemporary Kemalism: From Universal Secular-Humanism to Extreme Turkish Nationalism

by Toni Alaranta

The nature and content of Kemalist ideology in Turkey during the last twenty years is analysed in this book. In order to place the current manifestations of this Turkish official modernising ideology in the...

Carbon Politics and the Failure of the Kyoto Protocol

by Gerald Kutney

Carbon Politics and the Failure of Kyoto charts the framework and political evolution of the Kyoto Protocol negotiations and examines the ensuing failure of the international community to adequately address...

The European Union and Occupied Palestinian Territories: State-building without a state

by Dimitris Bouris

This book analyses the present European Union (EU) approach to state-building, both in policy and operation. It offers a review of the literature on peace-building, EU state-building and conflict resolution,...

The Politics of Gender Culture under State Socialism: An Expropriated Voice

by Hana Havelková & Libora Oates-Indruchová

Though there has been much research on the incomplete emancipation project of state socialism in East and Central Europe, very little has been published on how the state and its institutions conceived of gender...

Conflict, Security and the Reshaping of Society: The Civilization of War

by Alessandro Dal Lago & salvatore palidda

This book is an examination of the effect of contemporary wars (such as the 'War on Terror') on civil life at a global level.

Contemporary literature on war is mainly devoted to recent changes in the theory...

Ngos in India: The Challenges of Women's Empowerment and Accountability

by Patrick Kilby

By examining how NGOs operate in Southern India in the early 2000's, this book discusses the challenges faced by small, local NGOs in the uncertain times of changing aid dynamics. The key findings focus on what...

Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation: Towards a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World?

by Sverre Lodgaard

This book examines the current debate on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, notably the international non-proliferation regime and how to implement its disarmament provisions.

Discussing the requirements...

Civil Society and International Governance: The Role of Non-State Actors in the Eu, Africa, Asia and Middle East

by David Armstrong, Valeria Bello & Julie Gilson

Structures and processes occurring within and between states are no longer the only - or even the most important - determinants of those political, economic and social developments and dynamics that shape the...

Consumer-Citizens of China: The Role of Foreign Brands in the Imagined Future China

by Kelly Tian & Lily Dong

This book presents a comprehensive examination of Chinese consumer behaviour and challenges the previously dichotomous interpretation of the consumption of Western and non-Western brands in China. The dominant...

Competitive Elections and Democracy in America: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

by Heather K. Evans

Competition seems to be an inevitable part of present-day elections in the United States. However, recent publications have debated whether we should encourage or discourage competitive elections. In Competitive...

The United Nations and Collective Security

by Gary Wilson

The role of the United Nations in collective security has been evolving since its inception in 1945. This book explores collective security as practiced within the legal framework provided by the United Nations...

Queer Necropolitics

by Jin Haritaworn, Adi Kuntsman & Silvia Posocco

This book comes at a time when the intrinsic and self-evident value of queer rights and protections, from gay marriage to hate crimes, is increasingly put in question. It assembles writings that explore the...

States of War since 9/11: Terrorism, Sovereignty and the War on Terror

by Alex Houen

This multidisciplinary edited volume explores how the spread of the 'War on Terror' has entwined matters of state sovereignty and states of war into mutually affecting relations.

Pre-emptive attacks on terrorist...

International Relations: The Key Concepts

by Steven C. Roach, Martin Griffiths & Terry O'Callaghan

'To attempt such a difficult task requires ambition, confidence and skill. All three qualities are evident in this impressive reference book. It deserves a prominent place in all International Relations libraries'....

E-Think: Iran the Bomb

by Vincent Gabriel

A new president is elected. This new president has not been described in the western media as a liberal or even a moderate but at best a realistic observer of the present day and long-term prospects of the politics...