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Race, Politics, and Community Development Funding: The Discolor of Money

by Marvin D Feit & Michael Bonds

Learn how racial and political bias often contribute to the misuse of funding and affect low income and minority communities!

Share an insider’s view of how race and politics impact the distribution of city...

The Life of William Pitt, Volume 1: Earl of Chatham

by Basil Williams

This impressive study of the life of William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, was first published in 1913 when it achieved instant recognition as a brilliant appraisal of Pitt's career. It is a book with many outstanding...

The Life of William Pitt, Volume 2: Earl of Chatham

by Basil Williams

This impressive study of the life of William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, was first published in 1913 when it achieved instant recognition as a brilliant appraisal of Pitt's career. It is a book with many outstanding...

Latino Politics in Massachusetts: Struggles, Strategies and Prospects

by Carol Hardy-Fanta & Jeffrey Gerson

First Published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Oman Under Qaboos: From Coup to Constitution, 1970-1996

by Calvin H. Allen & W. Lynn Rigsbee II

This is an examination of the political, economic and social development of Oman from the accession Sultan Qaboos in a palace coup in 1970 to the promulation of the basic law of 1996. The book argues that the...

Twenty-First Century Weapons Proliferation: Are We Ready?

by James M. Ludes & Henry Sokolski

Leading US security practitioners fromt he Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton administrations, plus other experts on proliferation, clarify the weapons proliferation threats that the US and its allies will...

Managing Domestic Dissent in First World War Britain

by Brock Millman

The author argues that the way the British Government managed dissent during World War I is important for understanding the way that the war ended. He argues that a comprehensive and effective system of suppression...

Identity and Territorial Autonomy in Plural Societies

by Ramón|William, Safran Máiz

Focusing on autonomy in countries whose societies are marked by ethnic diversity, this work examines the effects of territorial solutions to the safeguarding of cultural identities. Contributors distinguish...

Opposition and Democracy in South Africa

by Roger Southall

This collection examines the nature, scope and prospects for political opposition under African National Congress political dominance.

New Europe, New Germany, Old Foreign Policy?: German Foreign Policy Since Unification

by Douglas Webber

This work examines the extent to which German foreign policy and European policy has changed since German unification. Despite significant changes on specific issues, most notably on the deployment of military...

Geopolitics, Geography and Strategy

by Colin S. Gray & Geoffrey Sloan

Geopolitical conditions influence all strategic behaviour - even when cooperation among different kinds of military power is expected as the norm, action has to be planned and executed in specific physical environments....

Ideas and Think Tanks in Contemporary Britain: Volume 1

by Michael David Kandiah & Anthony Seldon

This study looks at the influence of ideas and think tanks in Britain, contemplating how ideas have shaped politics and society. The purveyors of ideas for change - the think tanks - are examined, and academics...

The Revival of Right Wing Extremism in the Nineties

by Peter H. Merkl & Leonard Weinberg

Most studies of the radical right concentrate on movements in a single country, neglecting to some extent the international dimensions of right-wing extremism. Here, Merkl and Weinberg adopt a comparative perspective,...

Financing European Local Government

by Richard Batley & John Gibson

First Published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Federalism, Unification and European Integration

by Charlie Jeffery & Roland Sturm

This is an assessment of how an established, federal constitutional framework can adapt to meet the challenge posed by the achievement of German unity and the deepening of european Unity.

Post-Communism and the Media in Eastern Europe

by Patrick H. O'Neil

This investigation of the media in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, seeks to outline the legacies of communism confronting media reform, and how interaction between the media,...

Writing in the Shadow: Resistance Publications in Occupied Europe

by Harry Stone

The first complete national and international survey in the English language of the clandestine newspapers and books published in the occupied countries of Europe during the Second World War.

A man with earphones...

Spies of the Kaiser: Plotting the Downfall of England

by William Le Queux

Le Queux was the first and most prolific of all British spy writers, but Spies of the Kaiser was not just another tale of scheming foreigners and plucky British heroes, for this paranoid tale of German secret...

Germany and Israel: Moral Debt and National Interest

by George Lavy

In 1952, the Federal Republic of West Germany concluded a treaty with Israel whereby the Germans had to pay three billion Deutschmarks in compensation for the Holocaust. However, the Israelis felt that Germany...

A Forgotten Offensive: Royal Air Force Coastal Command's Anti-Shipping Campaign 1940-1945

by Christina J.M. Goulter

The "forgotten offensive" of the title is RAF Coastal Command's offensive against German sea-trade between 1940 and 1945. The fortunes of the campaign are followed throughout the war, and its success is then...