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Conventional Idiocy: Why the New America is Sick of Old Politics

by Rick Sanchez

CNN anchor and TV news social media pioneer Rick Sanchez cuts through the bull to fearlessly share what Americans are really thinking.

It's time for the conventional idiots to wake up—because Americans have...

Diaspora & Citizenship Sutherland

by Claire Sutherland & Elena Barabantseva

This collection of papers discusses the impact of diasporas on the articulations and practices of legal, political, cultural and social citizenship in their country of origin. While the majority of current citizenship...

Cohesion Policy & Multi-Level Gover

by Ian Bache & George Andreou

This book considers the extent to which EU cohesion policy and related pre-accession instruments are contributing to the development of more compound polities in south east Europe and, specifically, promoting...

Promoting Party Politic in Emerging

by Peter Burnell & Andre W. M. Gerrits

This book offers a critical and comparative examination of international support to political parties and party systems in emerging and prospective new democracies in several world regions. It combines the insights...

Somalia, Too Dangerous, Too Importa

by Brian J. Hesse

The situation in Somalia today embodies some of the most pressing issues in international relations. How should the international community deal with the collapsed state that is Somalia? From the presence of...

The European Union, Russia and the Shared Neighbourhood

by Jackie Gower & Graham Timmins

The conflict in South Ossetia in the summer of 2008 and the Ukrainian energy crisis in early 2009 served to highlight the tensions that continue to influence EU-Russia relations in regard to the region comprising...

Regional Organizations African Secu

by FREDRIK SODERBAUM & Rodrigo Tavares

The African continent is plagued by some of the most brutal and violent conflicts in the world. At the same time that warfare is changing, so has the state's capacity to provide security and political stability...

Global Ideologies and Urban Landscapes

by Manfred B. Steger & Anne McNevin

How do political ideologies and urban landscapes intersect in the context of globalization? This volume illuminates the production of ideologies as both discursive and spatial phenomena in distinct contributions...

Nigeria at Fifty: The Nation in Narration

by Ebenezer Obadare & Wale Adebanwi

Nigeria, Africa's most populous and biggest democracy, celebrates her fiftieth year as an independent nation in October 2010. As the cliché states, 'As Nigeria goes, so goes Africa'. This book frames the socio-historical...

Democracy & Violence: Global Debates and Local Challenges

by John Schwarzmantel & Hendrik Jan Kraetzschmar

Illustrated most dramatically by the events of 9/11 and the subsequent 'war on terror', violence represents a challenge to democratic politics and to the establishment of liberal-democratic regimes. Liberal-democracies...

The Politics of Biofuels

by Saturnino M. Borras Jr., Philip McMichael & Ian Scoones

This book addresses key questions on biofuels within agrarian political economy, political sociology and political ecology. Contributions are based on fresh empirical materials from different parts of the world....

Lit, Migration & the 'War on Terror'

by Fiona Tolan, Stephen Morton & Anastasia Valassopoulos

This is a major new collection of essays on literary and cultural representations of migration and terrorism, the cultural impact of 9/11, and the subsequent 'war on terror'. The collection commences with analyses...

War, Peace and Progress in the 21st Century: Development, Violence and Insecurity

by Mark T. Berger & Heloise Weber

The history of development is one marked by insecurities, violence, and persistent conflict. It is not surprising, therefore, that development is now thought of as one of the central challenges of world politics....

Progress' in Zimbabwe?

by David Moore, Norma Kriger & Brian Raftopoulos

Zimbabwe's severe crisis - and a possible way out of it with a transitional government, and the new era for which it prepares the ground - demands a coherent scholarly response. 'Progress' can be employed as...

Ethnic Party Bans in Africa

by Matthijs Bogaards, Matthias Basedau & Christof Hartmann

In Sub-Saharan Africa, the spread of democracy since the 1990s has been accompanied by the proliferation of bans on ethnic political parties. A majority of constitutions in the region explicitly prohibit political...

Economic Patriotism in Open Economies

by Ben Clift & Cornelia Woll

The recent financial crisis has demonstrated that governments continuously seek to steer their economies rather than leaving them to free markets. Despite the ambitions of international economic cooperation,...

Arab Revolutions and World Transformations

by Anna M Agathangelou & Nevzat Soguk

Stories about institutions and regimes that have failed us are echoing worldwide. This book critically engages the multiple uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) following the self-immolation...

Reflections on 1989 in Eastern Europe

by Terry Cox

This book presents a selection of recent research on the events and developments of 1989 in Eastern Europe. It offers a mix of detailed examinations of the events of 1989 in Eastern Europe, thoughtful and considered...

Development Policies of Central and Eastern European States: From Aid Recipients to Aid Donors

by Ond?ej Horký-Hluchá? & Simon Lightfoot

The states from Central and Eastern Europe that joined the EU in 2004 and 2007 provide a fascinating series of case studies for scholars interested in politics, IR and development studies. The interest comes...

Intersections of Crime and Terror

by James J.F. Forest

During the last ten years an increasing number of government and media reports, scholarly books and journal articles, and other publications have focused our attention on the expanded range of interactions between...