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World Cities and Urban Form: Fragmented, Polycentric, Sustainable?

by Mike Jenks, Daniel Kozak & Pattaranan Takkanon

This book presents new research and theory at the regional scale showing the forms metropolitan regions might take to achieve sustainability. At the city scale the book presents case studies based on the latest...

To America's Health: A Proposal to Reform the Food and Drug Administration

by MD, Henry I. Miller

A government monopoly over drug regulation is not sacrosanct. This hard-hitting book describes the current regulation of drugs by the FDA and proposes a model for fundamental, yet workable, reform—including...

The Collapse of Communism

by Lee Edwards

Experts continue to debate one of the most important political questions of the twentieth century—why did Communism collapse so suddenly? These essays suggest that a wide range of forces—political, economic,...

History of Urban Form Before the Industrial Revolution

by A. E. J Morris

Provides an international history of urban development, from its origins to the industrial revolution. This well established book maintains the high standard of information found in the previous two editions,...

Ireland since 1800: Conflict and Conformity

by K. Theodore Hoppen

The second edition of this bestselling survey of modern Irish history covers social, religious as well as political history and offers a distinctive combination of chronological and thematic approaches.

Peacekeeping and the UN Agencies

by Jim Whitman

This book is a long overdue assessment of the role of the UN specialized Agencies in peacekeeping operations. Special emphasis is given to that most vexed category, 'complex emergencies', invloving entrapped...

Questions and Answers on Immigration in Britain

by Farid Raymond Anthony

This guide to immigration to Britain uses a question and answer format to provide information in simple English. It ranges over: visitors; professional workers; students; business people; working in the UK;...

America's Political Class Under Fire: The Twentieth Century's Great Culture War

by David A. Horowitz

First Published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Liberal Tradition in American Politics: Reassessing the Legacy of American Liberalism

by David F. Ericson & Louisa Bertch Green

First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Case Against a Democratic State: An Essay in Cultural Criticism

by Gordon Graham

The history of the last two hundred years is a story of the immense and relentless growth of the State at the expense of other social institutions. We are now so familiar and accepting of the State's pre-eminence...

Justice by Lottery

by Barbara Goodwin

This book is about the virtues and social justice of random distribution. The first chapter is a utopian fragment about a future country, Aleatoria, where everything, including political power, jobs and money,...

The Snake That Swallowed Its Tail

by Mark Garnett

Liberal values are the hallmark of a civilised society. Yet they depend on an optimistic view of the human condition, Stripped of this essential ingredient, liberalism has become a hollowed-out abstraction....

Price of Honor: Muslim Women Lift the Veil of Silence on the Islamic World

by Jan Goodwin

In recent years, the expanding movement of militant Islam has changed the way millions think, behave, dress, and live, but nowhere has its impact been more powerfully felt than in its dramatic, often devastating...

Forces of Fortune: The Rise of the New Muslim Middle Class and What It Will Mean for Our World

by Vali Nasr

Leading authority on the Islamic world and influential advisor to the Obama administration Vali Nasr shows that the West’s best hope of winning the battle against Islamic extremists is to foster the growth...

Listen Up, Mr. President: Everything You Always Wanted Your President to Know and Do

by Helen Thomas & Craig Crawford

Helen Thomas has covered the administrations of ten presidents in a career spanning nearly sixty years. She is known for her famous press conference closing line, "Thank you, Mr. President," but here she trades...

High Rise Stories: Voices from Chicago Public Housing

by Audrey Petty

In the gripping first-person accounts of High Rise Stories, former residents of Chicago’s iconic public housing projects describe life in the now-demolished high-rises. These stories of community, displacement,...

The Wastrels of Defense: How Congress Sabotages U.S. Security

by Winslow T. Wheeler

In this damning expose, a veteran senate defense advisor argues that since Sept 11, 2001, the conduct of the U.S. Congress has sunk to new depths and endangered the nation's security. Winslow Wheeler draws on...

Middle East Patterns: Places, People, and Politics

by Colbert C. Held & John Thomas Cummings

Continues to be the most comprehensive and authoritative geographical study of the Middle East

Critical Issues in Homeland Security: A Casebook

by James D. Ramsay & Linda A. Kiltz

An essential casebook that critically examines real-life situations in homeland security. Including terrorism, emergency management, and environmental security.

Congress in Context

by John Haskell, Sara Grove & Marian Currinder

A clear and student-friendly introduction to Congress that uses “Congress as board of directors” to explain Congress’s roles.