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Holy War, Inc.: Inside the Secret World of Osama bin Laden

by Peter Bergen

On September 11, 2001, the world in which we live was changed forever. The twin towers of the World Trade Center came crashing down, one side of the Pentagon burst into flame, and more than six thousand men,...

Surrender Is Not an Option: Defending America at the United Nations

by John Bolton

With no-holds-barred candor, the straight-talking former ambassador to the United Nations takes readers behind the scenes at the UN and the U.S. State Department and reveals why his efforts to defend American...

The Supreme Court and the Constitution

by Charles A. Beard

A thorough analysis of the early history and development of judicial review, this book by a preeminent scholar ranks among the most cited and highly regarded texts on law and government.

Congressional Government: A Study in American Politics

by Woodrow Wilson & Walter Lippmann

This remarkable work of scholarship addresses the difficulties inherent in the American Constitution's separation of legislative and executive powers. The future president's first book contains the essence of...

The New Terrain of International Law: Courts, Politics, Rights

by Karen Alter

In 1989, when the Cold War ended, there were six permanent international courts. Today there are more than two dozen that have collectively issued over thirty-seven thousand binding legal rulings. The New Terrain...

Propaganda and Intelligence in the Cold War: The NATO Information Service

by Linda Risso

This book offers the first account of the foundation, organisation and activities of the NATO Information Service (NATIS) during the Cold War.

During the Cold War, NATIS was pivotal in bringing national delegations...

The China Model and Global Political Economy: Comparison, Impact, and Interaction

by Ming Wan

Since the beginning of China's phenomenal rise in the international system, our knowledge of the country has grown rapidly. But those who have debated the China issue in policy circles mostly focus on the implications...

Rural Policy Implementation in Contemporary China: New Socialist Countryside

by Anna L. Ahlers

At the turn of the millennium, the disparities between rural and urban livelihoods, underdevelopment and administrative shortcomings in the Chinese countryside were increasingly seen as posing a manifest threat...

Public Sector Performance and Reform in Developing Countries: Pockets of Effectiveness in Developing Countries

by Michael Roll

It is widely believed that the state in developing countries is weak. The public sector, in particular, is often regarded as corrupt and dysfunctional. This book provides an urgently needed corrective to such...

The Selection of Political Party Leaders in Contemporary Parliamentary Democracies: A Comparative Study

by Jean-Benoit Pilet & William Cross

This book explores the ways in which political parties, in contemporary parliamentary democracies, choose their leaders and then subsequently hold them accountable. The authors provide a comprehensive examination...

Private Foundations and Development Partnerships: American Philanthropy and Global Development Agendas

by Michael Moran

This book explores the influence of private United States (US) philanthropic foundations in the governance of global problems. Through a close scrutiny of four high profile case studies of public-private collaboration,...

Democracy or Alternative Political Systems in Asia: After the Strongmen

by Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao

From the 1980s onwards, a tide of democratization swept across the Asian region, as the political strongmen who had led since the end of World War II began to fall. Although it is generally assumed that once...

The Politics of Arctic Sovereignty: Oil, Ice, and Inuit Governance

by Jessica M. Shadian

Interest in Arctic politics is on the rise. While recent accounts of the topic place much emphasis on climate change or a new geopolitics of the region, the history of the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) and...

The Politics of Compassion

by Michael Ure & Mervyn Frost

This book provides a critical overview of the role of the emotions in politics. Compassion is a politically charged virtue, and yet we know surprisingly little about the uses (and abuses) of compassion in political...

Portugal in the European Union: Assessing Twenty-Five Years of Integration Experience

by Laura C. Ferreira-Pereira

This book examines the involvement of Portugal in the European integration process since the country signed the Accession Treaty in 1985.

The volume elicits how Portugal has grasped opportunities and challenges...

The Organizational Politics of Interest Groups: Designing Advocacy

by Darren R. Halpin

Interest groups form an important part of the development of political and social systems. This book goes beyond current literature in examining the survival and 'careers' of such groups beyond their formation....

Strategic Studies: A Reader

by Thomas G. Mahnken & Joseph A. Maiolo

The second edition of Strategic Studies: A Reader brings together key essays on strategic theory by some of the leading contributors to the field. This revised volume contains several new essays and updated...

A History of International Thought: From the Origins of the Modern State to Academic International Relations

by Lucian Ashworth

International thought is the product of major political changes over the last few centuries, especially the development of the modern state and the industrialisation of the world economy. While the question...

Performativity, Politics, and the Production of Social Space

by Michael R. Glass & Reuben Rose-Redwood

Theories of performativity have garnered considerable attention within the social sciences and humanities over the past two decades. At the same time, there has also been a growing recognition that the social...

Bill Clinton: Building a Bridge to the New Millennium

by David H. Bennett

In 1993, William J. Clinton began his eight year stint as forty-second president of the United States. A key figure of change in the Democratic Party, Clinton's political and personal actions ensured his lasting...