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China's Foreign Relations since 1949

by Alan Lawrance

First published in 1975.

This volume presents the documentary evidence for understanding the evolution of China's foreign relations since the inauguration of the People's Republic in 1949. Over seventy documentary...

Confucian China and its Modern Fate: Volume One: The Problem of Intellectual Continuity

by Joseph R. Levenson

First published in 1958

These volumes analyze modern Chinese history and its inner process, from the pre-western plateau of Confucianism to the communist triumph, in the context of many themes: science, art,...

Health Care and Traditional Medicine in China 1800-1982

by S. M. Hillier & Tony Jewell

First published in 1983.

Beginning with the period of the early expansion of Western missionary medicine, this account covers the chaotic years of Nationalist rule to the foundations of the People's Republic...

The Political Philosophy of Confucianism: An interpretation of the social and political ideas of Confucius, his forerunners, and his early disciples.

by Leonard Shihlien Hsü

First published in 1932.

One of the most astonishing features of the Confucian teaching to the modern reader is its anticipation of the Spencerian formula of evolution and its adaptation of this to a programme...

People's War: The Conditions and the Consequences in China and in South East Asia

by J. L. S. Girling

First published in 1969.

The 'consequences' in this book refer to Peking's policy on people's war and to US counter-measures; and the effect of these in South East Asia. The author argues that, on the whole,...

Chuang Tzu

by Herbert A Giles

First published in 1889. This re-issues the second, revised edition of 1926.

Chuang Tzu was to Lao Tzu, the author of Tao Tê Ching, as Hui-neng, the sixth Patriarch of Zen Buddhism, was to Bodhidharma, and...

The Spirit of Chinese Philosophy

by Fung Yu-Lan

First published in 1947.

The Spirit of Chinese Philosophy covers the major philosophers and philosophical movements in China from Confucius to the middle of the twentieth century including: Confucius, Mencius,...

Welfare & Competition

by Tibor Scitovsky

Dealing with general economic theory, other than employment theory, the book discusses the theory of pure and monopolistic competition - with a special emphasis upon welfare aspects. Beginning with an analysis...

Political Arithmetic: A Symposium of Population Studies

by Lancelot Hogben

Encompassing the areas of economics, sociology, social biology and genetics, and drawing on studies from the UK and Australia, this volume charts and analyses the factors affecting population growth.


Keynes, Beveridge and Beyond

by Tony Cutler, John Williams & Karel Williams

Presenting a coherent interpretation of the development of economic and social policy in Britain since 1945, this book analyses the political assumptions underlying post-war economic policy. It traces these...

Essays in Economic Management

by Alec Cairncross

The papers in this volume cover the following areas:

* Government and Industry

* The Managed Economy

* Monetary Policy

* Fiscal Policy

* Economic Forecasting and Economic Planning

* Economists in Government

Principles of Public Finance

by Hugh Dalton

'Dalton has succeeded in expressing general economic concepts in simple language' The Economist.

The 1971 edition of this famous textbook includes recent material to the general survey on the theory of taxation,...

The Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

by Thomas Lane, Artis Pabriks & Aldis Purs

Since the end of the Cold War there has been an increased interest in the Baltics. The Baltic States brings together three titles, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, to provide a comprehensive and analytical guide...

International Relations Theory: A Critical Introduction

by Cynthia Weber

International Relations Theory: A Critical Introduction is an innovative new textbook, which introduces students to the main theories in International Relations. It also deconstructs each theory allowing students...

The Logic of International Restructuring: The Management of Dependencies in Rival Industrial Complexes

by Winfried Ruigrok & Rob van Tulder

There is within the corporate world an evolving international restructuring race,between industrial complexes,that is set to intensify over the coming years.An industrial complex consists of suppliers,distributors,governments,financiers...

The Discourses of Niccolo Machiavelli

by Father Leslie J. Walker

Previously out of print for three years, this classic translation by the late Father Leslie J. Walker has long been acknowledged as the best English language version of this seminal work in political theory....

Japan's Re-emergence as a 'Normal' Military Power

by Christopher Hughes

Is Japan re-emerging as a normal, or even a great, military power in regional and global security affairs? This Adelphi Paper assesses the overall trajectory of Japan's security policy over the last decade,...

Somalia: State Collapse and the Threat of Terrorism

by Ken Menkhaus

This work explores Somalia's state collapse and the security threats posed by Somalia's prolonged crisis. Communities are reduced to lawlessness, and the interests of commercial elites have shifted towards...

Muslim Travellers: Pilgrimage, Migration and the Religious Imagination

by Dale F. Eickelman & James Piscatori

Pilgrimage, travel for learning, visits to shrines, exile, and labour migration shape the religious imagination and in turn are shaped by it. Some travel, such as pilgrimage, explicitly intended for religious...

Science at the Cross Roads (Routledge Revivals): Papers from The Second International Congress of the History of Science and Technology 1931

by N. I. Bukharin et al.

The papers given by the Soviet Delegation to the Second International Congress of the History of Science and Technology in London in 1931, headed by N. I. Bukharin, exerted a profound influence on Western historiography...